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I love it!


Driving from state to state has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve come up with. I’m sure for other people road trips sound fun. I’m usually one of those people, but baby. Let me tell you when I say I wasn’t ready for what I thought was gonna happen….I’m understating it.

Day one it’s snowing. I mean a whole snow storm. I decide that we’re going anyway. I’m grateful that didn’t stop me right off the back. I go to the rental place and they don’t have a car for us. So they upgraded me to my dream car. Oh yes, it’s a mustang!!!!!

I make a promise to stop complaining. 

Til I met the mountain top that almost took out every good nerve that I had left. 

I’m afraid of heights yet I love to be high. Go figure. 

Turns out that you can drive the mountains and survive. I’m independent enough to drive over 1000 miles in 30 hrs. And yes oh yes I am strong enough to succeed when I set goals that test all my boundaries. 

I can make a trip to handle business fun and see the sights. 

I love that I pushed through when my anxiety told me to turn back. I’m thankful for the blessings of calm in my journeys. 

It’s Wednesday everyone and I hope yours as beautiful as mine. 


C. L Cunningham 

Sending you love and light 

Musical strength 


Music can heal. It can express how someone feels and it can give light in dark times. 

I often have my headphones on and I allow myself to get lost in a song or a station on Pandora. 

I use music to mediate and to drown out the world around me. 

I’m grateful that it is Day 21! It’s gratitude January and today’s question is what song am I grateful for? 

The song I’m for is Trouble of the world by Mahalia Jackson. I heard it first from my great grandma. It officially became my favorite song after watching the movie Imitation of Life. 

I’m thankful for another Sunday and I hope everyone is having amazing blessings and positivity filling their minds. 
C.L Cunningham 

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Grateful for you


To my dearest friends and family I am grateful for you. You make me laugh and bring truth to my days and live to my nights.

You keep me up to date and you keep me in check. You’re my light in the darkness and my thoughts are with you every single day. 

To the strangers that have leaned me a hand. Who have shared kind words with me. Who have given me stories to grow from. I’m grateful for you. 

Attitude of gratitude has been my 20 day journey so far for January 2018 and I’m excited to say that it feels good to focus on the positive energy surrounding this life. 

What person or people are you grateful for. Feel free to chime and give me your thoughts. 

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday 🌞

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Chakra of my life 


2 something in the am and meditative heart music humming in my ears.

I am calm. 


In a chaotic world where mood swings and bullsh*t corner the market I continuously have to find my zen.

I’m not sure where I belong I just know that I’m focused on forward movement. Slow. Steady. Movement. Not too much not too little, just enough to put my mind at ease to deal with anything other than my inner peace.

I value my peace for than anything in this life. 

I’m thankful for another day. I’m thankful for the people close to me. I’m grateful for the grace and mercy that I receive from above. 

Blue also known as Azul is the color of my dominant chakra. Creativity is my gratitude color. I’ve always been in love with the color blue. For me it symbolizes triumph. It symbolizes my mood when I’m down. It even symbolizes the way I express my thoughts. Blue is beautiful. The color of clear water in the mist of a wave. The color of morning dew in a glistening haze. The color of hope for things unforeseen. 

I return to gratitude everyday. No matter what mess or annoyance has happened in the past tense. I purposely focus my intentions on gratitude for the things that bring me out of a negative headspace.

If all I can do in this life is express how small I am and how incredibly big this universe and celestial divine energy is then here I am screaming out from inside my soul. I am nothing but a source of gratitude. A sign pointing upward. A roadmap away from confusion and into a space of silence. 

Today I am grateful for this life and my favorite color….blue. 

C.L Cunningham 


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Mood at midnight 


Puffs of quick smoke. Mood is relaxed and healthy. No problems for me in this moment of time. Amen.

Thoughts tend to wonder between what could have been and what is. Thoughts of kisses shared between friends. Yes there’s other things on my mind. Finally I have more important things to think about. 

Writing words to form into a book. Something else to pour my soul into. Work work work. Tempo is easy on the ears. Flow is a vibe with soft tendencies. Ah. The good kind. 

Peace of mind is a gift and today I’ll try to take it as such.

Visions of zen tend to have sin mixed into it. Guess I might wanna work on that. Maybe not today day though. Oops is that wrong 🤔. I don’t want to know. I’m just letting this flow control my thoughts of quiet peace of mind.

From our house to yours enjoy your Wednesday it’s almost the holiday y’all 🦋🌞✨

C.L Cunningham 


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I don’t like drama.

I’m dramatic enough for the world that I need to occupy my time with anything but that. 

I want to write. Everyday I think about the things I could write about. Usually open and available for new concepts I would just give my honest opinion and leave the rest to discussion . Giving the world keys to fill me up with understanding of all points of view.

The lines of the free to be is getting blinded by headlines. 

But is it wrong to worry about who has our best interest at heart?

I decide to be a hermit at times. To close myself off from anything that doesn’t fuel my chakras and burns up my  physical energy.

Be cautious of too much drama. It’s okay to zone out and relax. To release the pressure put on you by you. And to let go of pressure put on you by others. And please don’t forget that it’s cozy blanket and hot cocoa weather. Flannel pjs and snuggling with a good book or a great love. ♥️💜

C.L Cunningham 

Enjoy your night and may your witching hour be beautiful 🌙🌻



Yay for today 


3:10 in the A. M and I’m up writing. 

Started with a tweet. Six word poetry. Life unexplored stays dark and unspoken. By yours truly.


Anyway. I’m up with just the brightness of this screen shining through shadows of gray and the silence of night. Even though it’s morning. What better way to compose? 

Searched high and low for nothing yesterday. It did my body good to focus on nothing. Of course life’s daily hang ups had to be handled such as food and water lol. I over ate and ended up knocked out sleep before 10 pm. 

My beautiful child showed up after 12 days of not seeing her I felt excited and happy to see her. Her and her friend came in with loud chatter and funny stories. It brought comfort to an uncomfortable situation.

It’s one of my all time favorite days of the week. Aww yes it’s Friday. With so much effort to make the weekend seem appealing I tend to fall into getting weekend vibes. Not as if this day is more important that the next I just like the way the world chimes in on a break in the system. Well at least for those who get a break. 

Kicking off covers and feeling hot and aware of the time. I should go back to sleep or maybe listen to some music to put my mind at ease. Fortunately I have minor plans for this day . The sooner I handle business the quicker I can go back to relaxing. Or at least looking like I’m relaxed.

C. L Cunningham 

Friday is a yay for me and hopefully a blessed day for us all

Namaste 🌞