Brown unicorn

Brown Unicorn…. I came in love.

Late Nite Note Series volume 2

My new book is coming soon as well as the Late Nite Note Series podcast.

As I grow in my journey I have found a doorway to growth and development. Gratitude for all who have helped along the way.

I grow as an artist who has been through the lakes to find my valleys.

Thankful each day.

It’s a Friday night in and I hope your having fun.

Xoxo Kandee


Did anyone say podcast?


Okay maybe it was just me thinking 💭💬

I’m proud to say that I’m not going to allow my introvert mind stop me from speaking to you all with a renewed sense of life and the love of the universe coming out to play.

So I’m announcing the new podcast coming soon!

Late Note Note Series the podcast is manifesting itself and I hope you all like it.

Have a cool Friday and a great weekend.

Xoxo Kandee

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Grateful little stories 

Early morning and time again for a subtle change. Winter storms and days enjoying cold fronts are becoming my new normal here in Nebraska.

A vast difference from the heat of the West coast. 

I’m thinking of all the stories that have touched my life. The stories that have given me insight and inspiration. Stories that made me think and pushed me in one way or another. 

One story stands out in my mind today. 

It’s the story of the princess and the pea. In that story the princess was lost and seeking shelter. That while she was sleeping if she could feel a pea under her mattress. She would wake up bruised and actually be considered a real princess. It’s been told all over the world. Changed into new versions and made into parodies.  

The reason that I’m so grateful for this story is that as a young girl I would express my sensitivity to someone and they would just blow me off. I’ve always been very sensitive both physically and mentally. I bruise easily. This story allowed me to speak my truth. I thought if that girl could feel a pea underneath a bunch of mattresses and actually be telling the truth then I could speak up when something was hurting me. I still refer to the story to this day. If I’m uncomfortable sleeping I just say ” well I could literally feel a pea under there if you put it. ”

The amazing thing is as an adult I finally realized that I am what is called an empathetic person who is actually hyper sensitive. Go figure. 

Stories have a way with helping find out my strengths and weaknesses. I’m grateful for the story tellers and writers who have helped me get in touch with who I am. Unapologetically so.

Day 22 of grateful January and the question is what story are you grateful for? Feel free to chime in. I love all the comments that I receive. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 

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After the storm 

He leans over at me and says I’m sorry for everything that I did to contribute to us being this down… and I touched his back and said shit happens we’ll be alright. 
Sometimes a downfall happens when you think your having fun. Or maybe your so focused on having fun your not even paying attention to the things that are falling apart. Until they’re gone or untouchable. 
I made the same mistakes he did. Not in the same way but I let the allure of something else look bigger and better than what it was. I definitely was bitter of his audacity to go out and enjoy himself with no regard to our relationship. I knew it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart or fell in my lap to handle and I got out and on to something different. 
Now we’re at the crossroads of doing it together. I don’t know if it means being together forever or just doing it side by side until we’re both in a spot okay enough to move on. 
We’ve always been able to put our feelings aside and build each other up. We strengthen each other and after we messed up apologizing to each other and at least trying to repair the things that we hurt. 
I’m happy that I still have my friend. That under all the bs we can have a better understanding of each other. I’m hopeful for the future but I’m still healing from the past. Growth is coming in a series of steps for now…and I’m okay with that. 🌞
Wishing you love light and happiness 

C L Cunningham 

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