Later on that day…..

I’ve always wanted to write a Latin soap opera. I spent days of hours wasted after school. Watching the Latin American channels on Cox Cable.

Watching the music videos and learning the culture. I’m always amazed by how different people do things differently.

Excited to have a better attitude right now. It took some doing. I got up and took the advice of a fellow blogger by getting some exercise.

Yes yes. The sculpting process of my body is in full effect. Every little bit counts. 

Planning some cool sights to see this weekend. I hope it’s as beautiful as on the movies.

But if it isn’t. I promise to at least find one positive about it. Cross my heart and hope to….fly. Better than dying isn’t it?
The gift of the night came with a better appearance than the morning so I’m happy for that and hopefully I’ll keep this good vibe going. 😉
C.L Cunningham 

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Image of my imagination 

Yes I’m up thinking about you. Wondering what your doing. I imagine that your sitting by yourself relaxed on the couch. In my head you have a blunt in one hand and your head leaned back up against the arm rest. I wonder if your stressed. If you need someone to rub your neck or if you need to release your endorphins for lil bit. 

I think of all the things I would say or not say in your presence. I don’t seem like your type. When you interact with people you rarely do it with chicks like me. I know I’m a regular chick. As far as looks average even. But I don’t care. I don’t want you to just see me with your eyes or just feel me with your touch. I’d like to consume your senses. Make you feel everything at once. 
C.L Cunningham 
Art Army

Life as is

Goodness gracious. 

My days of trying to get my life in order has gone from an amazing feeling of zen to bytch please. 

Completely thrown of my high horse and placed in the humblest of situations I’m signing up and looking for all the help in sight. I spent a cool 4 hrs yesterday at health and human services only to walk out without what I needed because what they need to impute into the system out weighs my hunger.

Uploading documents that haven’t been received. I wait. 

Life seems to keep me in a holding position in certain ways. As always I have to trek through this version of my story. 

Watching people work at places they obviously don’t want to work at keeps me thriving at pushing through. My joy and passion for expressing myself makes me optimistic for the future. Creatively thirsting to see more and learn from those who have walked this road before me. 

Welcoming my right to speak on certain things that burn my fire and also passing on engaging with anything that steals my peace. Venting and then letting go is a must for me right now. I can’t hold on to a lot of negativity even though it’s readily available if I choose to do so. 

I’m happy for writing games and friends to chat with. For healthy enough children and a place to sleep. 

C.L Cunningham 

Looking away from the downward spiral and trying to climb the staircase.

Wishing you a gorgeous Tuesday 


Sunshine peering through the window. Once again I’m laying here with head phones on. 

In this parallel universe I get to return to me. 

A simple chic. With lavish flava if I can say so myself. 

Once lonely but not alone. I have found my corner of the world. 

For now…

A writer but my future still isn’t written in stone. It is etched into the memories of a past. 

Forever grateful for the mind movie that brought me here…

I’ve always dreamt of happy endings. And I’m sure that if I believe I’m in one…then I will be.

C.L Cunningham 

Just me being me…and that’s enough 

Let you shine through!💛


I saw something today saying International day of purpose. Which is such an awesome ideal. Especially when you’re looking for what your purpose is. This gives a reason to continue looking.

Even if you’ve found your purpose the thought of sharing it with the world is amazing!!

So today cast your worries to the side for a while and share a bit of your purpose today loves….

C. L Cunningham

Wishing you all 🌐Peace and transparency

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