February 5, 2019

My son lost his friends. Rest in peace to his childhood.

Death and violence is preventing young men from seeing another day.

Stopping young women from seeing the future.

Holding us back.

An attack has been launched on this place.

Still we thrive in the sadness of it all.

Standing tall in our light makes us strong. The shadows will forever hold our past. We walk away from them pushing forward to etch our lives in truth of it all.

C L Cunningham

📷 Daniel Vazquez


Why are you scared?

Rethinking the past two days with sadness and sorrow. I’m pushed to understand the magnitude of a violent behaviors. It’s the preview to hurt or even death. But it’s been made the norm.

From the Three Stooges (which I enjoyed growing up)to today’s vines. Showing fights between kids and teachers. To between each other on school grounds with little being done to stop them. Adults fighting on the streets and to the views of hundreds or thousands. Tv shows with the commercial for the highlight of an episode being an argument or a brawl. 

I do it. Be violent when my anger reaches a non shut off point. I’ve been involved with domestic violence and abuse. It’s learned behavior for the most part of my knowledge. So why is it so promoted in our everyday viewing experience. Why is our quiet time and enjoyment so filled with violence but we are scared of it?

Because if we weren’t scared of violence we wouldn’t need police. We’d be a society full of chaos with no need for government or laws because at that point we’d fully be savages.

I guess that paragraph implies that we aren’t.

Thank God for peaceful beings. For shows that still promote non violence. For schools,parents,and children who have zero tolerance for it. Thank God for me finding the error in it and being ready for a better outlet for my anger. I’m learning everyday. I’m grateful for that. It has always seemed hard for me to change but I presume that when it’s the main thing that I’m trying to do it is completely worth it. 

Tv is just a television 📺. The shows and entertainment are for our viewing pleasure. We have choices for doing right even when we it’s available to do or watch what’s wrong.

I haven’t nixed it completely in my life and if anyone has any cool techniques for calming down please put them in the comments below. Or if you follow or know of some YouTube channels or social media that have very gentle peaceful souls also I’d like to check those out as well. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you love and enlightenment ✨

Gone mad

I tend to have an argumentative spirit. If someone says something annoying I get annoying too.

I argue so much I’ll argue with my thoughts or feelings because I don’t trust if they are real.

I argue with people because they don’t feel how I feel. 

Some names from my past came to my mind yesterday. My uncle LeRoy came to mind. I remember yelling “uncle peanut uncle peanut I learned karate today” I kicked him in the balls and ran away. He laughed and let me get away. He died when I was around 14. Shot by two teenagers over an argument in Kansas City.

My homegirl Chucky. Me and her we danced on the Omaha project streets. And that’s where she died over a parking spot arguing until her defeat. She was 14.

My homie Mike was a Lomas. He was the coolest comedian I knew. He got shot at the mall and that night was our last goodbye talking on the phone, 3 way with Nani right before he died. He wasn’t much older than 16. And his light just went out.

I got reminded of these people to get control. Don’t just let go. Peace is right there for the soul. A peaceful way can be had. If I stop letting myself get so ridiculously mad.

C.L Cunningham 

Praying for inner peace🙏

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