Love Letter no. 1


What you doing? Better yet. How you doing?

I’ve missing your smile seems like a long time I thought I was the one making you smile like that.

I feel like I’m the blame for the way things went.

I’m not able to commit.

I have a habit of running away.

With the promise that I came to stay.

I’m sorry. For not knowing my truth. I just realized it myself…

I mean everything I say. It’s just takes me awhile to see what I’ve done. I loved you. The thought of you and the way my imagination clings to you.

I think we’re more different than I thought but still closer to the mirror than I planned.

You were my mirror image. My twin flame. The more I wanted you the more I’d say your name.

I hope your doing good. I think that you are. From time to time I check from afar.

I have a lot to say but alot on my mind. But tonight I need to sleep because I have work.

If you’re not busy tomorrow I’ll write you again. Maybe if these letters reach you. You’ll know how much you meant to me and still do.

C L Cunningham

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Just another day 

Day before Valentine’s Day and I feel alone. Let me clarify that I do have a Valentine. So I will be spending at least part of the day with someone that I love and care about, but not the way I want to. Not doing the things I would like to do not having the fun I would like to have. Not feeling the type of way I would expect to feel. 

It’s just another Valentine’s Day that goes every way but my way…
C L Cunningham 

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