Coffee or tea or something like that

Scrolling down my timeline and there’s nothing I want to focus on.

Looking forward to seeing a post from that favorite feed only to get no rejuvenation.

Feeling better today than yesterday. So I search for something bigger.

Something stronger. Something out of the norm.

I like wet dreams and things that steam mirrors. But when my heart is weary and body is aching from sickness what I want is compassion.

The rat race has made it’s way to the internet and no-one has to drive a car for 9 to 5 thinking.

Rain, sleet, or snow. The pretend job has us going clockwork orange.

When all I really need is a hug and a cup of coffee. I can get both from the internet too yet neither will taste the same.

It’s Tuesday night and I’m in the middle of a snow storm.

Til we meet again.

Xoxo Kandee

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This time of day

“When neither is attended,and I think the nightingale if she should sing by day when every goose is cackling-Amelia Bassano aka William Shakespeare… (The merchant of Venice-Act V, Sc.1

I stumbled upon a cup of tea in the mournings light and found her name in the stars amongst the God’s of then when love was written with a pen covered by blood ink -C L Cunningham/ Amelia Bassano

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Pleasantly peaceful 

This Christmas playing lighting in the background as I lay and write by the dim light of this IPad.

Poetic poetry and honest dialogue about truthful information.

The world isn’t always what it seems. Jumped into parallels between love and light. Found hidden behind judgments put together by faith. 

It is what it is has been my motto for most of my days on this here earth.

December 23rd.  I woke up….thank goodness. Today wasn’t promised. Good thing I didn’t leave the 22nd on a bad note.🎵

The need to be present is important. Stay too close to the past and continue past mistakes. Stay too far in the future and miss today’s miracles altogether. 

The day is young as it’s just begun. I’m pleasantly peaceful. Sending positive thoughts your way. 

Enjoy this day enjoy the notion that it will be whatever you make it. 

I’m making mine marvelous. 

The weather is cold and maybe not enough snow for me on the ground but I’m still thankful for any hints of winter. 

Have a happy Saturday and hopefully a good Dec 23rd.
C.L Cunningham 
Sending you love and light 
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Hey there Wednesday 

Sleepy tired. 

Double entendre. I’m sleepy and my brain is tired. Sleepless nights and days at this point have become my weekly norm. 

I literally prayed for sleep at 3 something this morning and guess who was back up at 6. Yep. Fell back to sleep for approximately 1 hr. Oh yeah my mental alertness is at a zero percent. This blog is writing itself lol.

Thank goodness I have someone who drops me hints of jokes early in the morning. I just have go on a goose hunt to find them…

Hopefully everyone is up and motivated this Wed-nes-day morning. I actually breakdown the word in my head so I figured I’d share a little teaching humor with everyone. I was taught to say it like that in grade school and when I teach from time to time I pass on the phonics to a new generation. 

That’s the beauty of sharing stories and nifty little things that make you smile on to others. You never know what will spark a memory. What will bring laughter or what will heal a soul. 

The pieces that make up ourselves may not seem like much to us but mean so much to someone else. 

Today I’m thankful for another day. I’m thankful for the people who shape my world and I’m thankful for the blessings that seem so small but are so special. 

Happy Wed-nes-day everyone ✨enjoy!
C.L Cunningham 

It’s almost Christmas y’all 🎄

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Gentleness of life

Gentleness of a days breeze. Magnificence of the morning sun. Pathway to two hearts becoming one. It’s the tiny trinkets of life that moves spiritual balance. I’m sending out positive energy from within to this glorious Tuesday 💋🙏🏼.

Speak translucent words of life, love and kindness into your spirit and those words will start to shape your life’s vision. 

Life is actually a time to enjoy and experience the art from above. Colors surrounding life are vibrant, spectacular and a blessing to all who look for them. 

I hope that today shows you stories about light and love. 

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you all peace and blessings 🦋

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Broken wing

I’ve always dreamt of flying high. My visions had height in them. Goals to reach and hearts to touch. 

I just wanted someone to love me. You know the movie kind of love. I thought it was possible I guess it still is. 

The world looks cloudy today. The sun hasn’t even come up and it’s darkness all around. I asked one too many questions. I guess that’s reason enough to hurt me. Shame me. Show everyone just how tough it is  to never bow down. 

They tell you to be strong and laugh at your strength when they take everything you have left in your heart. I’ve been beat before so I know how to take a hit.

My journey is leading me to travel and I guess that’s what I’ll do. I don’t know where tomorrow leads. I’m tired of trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s time to run as fast as can anywhere there’s smiling faces. 

Can I be real. I feel embarrassed. I can’t really explain why. For a girl who loves her privacy it’s a bit much to be put on display in a way that’s contrary to everything I know. 

Ringingly brothers has come to town and I’m the clown with the popped balloons and the sideways halo. The angels with broken wings forget how to soar. I don’t want to be one of those. I don’t know what I want to be. I keep shedding tears like I shed my persona… daily.

The world still turns and I’m still alone but I’m alive so that’s gotta count for something. 

Three special people have birthdays this week. So happy birthday to them. I’ll have a drink to that later. 

Sorrow rears its head for anyone who has the time for it. I’m outta time for that. 

I’ll find my joy. I always do. Even fighters lose fights. I’m not beneath losing. I’m just too strong to be counted out. 
C. L Cunningham 

Flying with a broken wing is still flying as long as I keep my feet off the ground. 🌞

Wishing you all peace and blessings 

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Ego post

Aye listen up very closely universal watch dogs of the planetary orbital system. Fuck you, fuck this, and fuck that.

Let me clarify. 

I’m sitting around minding my business like I said I would and boom. Houston we have a problem.

I start to notice that my hard earned work is becoming the center stage to some negative energy. Uh. What? Who goes there? And why in the hell are there reasons to bother me? I’m chilling mo chilling on a Monday. Enjoying my family and friends with a smile on my face and a techno beat in my heart. 

Arrogance tends to be a weapon for those who prey on the weak. Funny how it’s unwanted when the weak are having fun and pushing forward through the storm. Coming from a heritage of the beat down, let down, and stole from I welcome life to send my reparations. Won’t get them though. Nevertheless I strive for greatness on my own back, I didn’t ask for the favors I’m writing for my piece of the universal pie. And I’m happy to do because I’m good at it. It’s my gift from above and I’m blessed to have it. 

Can’t stop won’t stop like Charlie Murphy on Dave Chappelle’s comedy show. Enjoying a laugh along the way. Embracing challenges as they come. You get what you get and don’t throw a fit. I’m sure that applies to everyone. Including those with power beyond what is necessary. If getting hit below the belt is a talent then I’m talented asf. 

Live life as unexpectedly as long as you fall in line. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m gonna let someone else be a cadet because I’m a writer and that requires no filter. 

It’s starting to look a lot like hypocrisy at it’s best and ain’t nobody got time for that. (Let the church say amen) Amen. 

I’m thankful for laughs instead of tears. Fun instead of fake mess and happiness that keeps me going on this journey of life. 

C.L Cunningham 

Do you because ain’t nobody gonna do it for you.

Have a good night y’all and shine on!✨ (twinkle twinkle)

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Sound of the alarm

Have you ever been in a room full of strangers all minding your own business and then a fire alarm goes off. Now I picture everyone’s first reaction is to run. Frantically looking for the exit. Moving semi-sporadically outdoors to safety.

Let’s change the picture. It’s now a room full of strangers and a gun goes off. BOOM.

 Did you run? Did you picture yourself waiting to react? What did your boom look like?

Sometimes mine is a tiny firecracker. Powerful small words performing a light show of fireworks. Sometimes it’s a catastrophic blow. Melting on impact.

There’s times. Times when it’s better to put the flames out before they can ever get started.

Hmm. What will make or break my moments of boom? Will it come down to doing as the crowd does? Will there be a second for clarity?

Dazed and confused.

Keeping us all dazed and confused. The sobering part of society is that there isn’t one to begin with.

The way to be.

Society is a preconceived way to be.

Acting accordingly. Studiously following suit. To the tune of the big drum. Beating like fist pounding on chest. With every direction pointed towards success.

I tend to be melodramatic on days of pure emotions.

Today was most definitely filled with ups and downs. Epiphany of the day. Say more than a whisper but never try to out beat a drum with pounding your fist.

You’ll never win that way.

Life doesn’t want you to win that way. At least that’s what I hear.


 I hear fear.

Fear of understanding. As if more understanding gives you peace of mind.I sure used to think so. I’m not so sure anymore.

My life turns on at the beginning of my morning breath. Hits snoozed on the alarm and ignores the headlines.

My life leans on the kindness of others. Having a spark here and there of impatient energy.

It’s hard to stay quiet when things have hit the fan and a response is over due. I turned in three library books today all over due. There was a charge to me for being late. I wonder if there’s a universal charge for it? Being late is a reflection on your character. We get judged on our lateness and character all the time. Yet nothing around us seems to live up to the standards set before I was even conceived. I have to be frank. As in frankly I don’t… well anybody who has heard of phrase knows where this is headed.

There are no boundaries caging me in. The bars of strife and unwanted channels trying to cover up everything that makes a human being be real.  

Honest. Real honesty is that I’m living in a world where damned if I do turns out worst than damned if I don’t. 

Today I say there’s no reform better than that of a misfit. Everybody loves an underdog….until they are standing on top of you. 

To conquer my destiny is the dream. I’m going to achieve it and push for growth from the past and better way in the future. 

I’m damn sure going to color outside lines while do it. 

Secretly I hope that you’re all messy scribblers too.🖍

Here’s to the future. 

May we stop and smell the flowers, stand up and fight the good fight with truth. Make decisions in our lives, that not only change our historical views. But  also changes the historical storyline.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you rays sunshine ☀️ 


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Twenty-four hours

“If everything is dipped in gold then baby it never growwwww”…Jhene’ is once again speaking to my soulful endeavors.

Days turn to weeks and life moves on.

Minutes on the clock tower chime in through accurate occurrences.

24 hours in a day. Just 24. 

Just enough.

To be better, more efficient, top of the line. 

What line?

The line to heavenly places no doubt…..sure. 

I’ll see you there then, hell it’s a date with destiny then…..😉


Let today be magical and kiss 💋the sky with your thoughts.


C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you all a safe All Hallows’ Eve 🎃
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