I love Fridays 

The drive here was mentally hard. Yet rewarding. I’m loving my stints with family and friends. It really is great to see everyone.

Much needed time to catch up.

When I get back to Nebraska I’m going to be happy that I made the decision to come. Right now I’m just preparing my for this new day to drive.

It’s Friday everyone and I hope you all have plans to enjoy some of it. It’s too good to go to waste so if you can get in some fun doing the things you love with as many limited restrictions as you can. 

You only have one life and the time clocks don’t stop for plans. Hopefully you’ll get to spend it enjoying life in the moment.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you peace and blessings 

Happy Friday y’all 

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Just woke up and it’s already a day for victories. I had a mommy moment of happiness. I always feel wonderful when one of my kids elevate themselves. I don’t always know if the information that I’m pumping into them is received and today I got confirmation! 


Sleepy and tired still I’m feeling the want to rest. Yesterday I was running on 3 1/2 hrs sleep so the snooze button is still in my soul at this time. 

It’s Tuesday the 5th which means my birthday is in 4 more days…..yay…meh.

I’m old as ever but still a sassy pants… go figure. I keep getting older and more spicy 🌶 el caliente if I do say so myself. That’s a figurative collar pop lol. 

It’s Thankful Tuesday. So I’m going to share something that I’m thankful for. 

I’m thankful for family and friends. Strangers who send us a universal message and love that keeps me sustained. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this life. I’m definitely trying to enjoy mine.
C.L Cunningham 

Namaste is a way of life 🌞

Happy Tuesday y’all 

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