Coming home 

Little Simz vibe with my mind at ease.

It’s easy to please with my fingertips vibrating on the main screen of your mind.

But can you find time to understand my ever flowing stream of desire for you?

Come with me through this facade that we’re playing.

Another day to stay away from the truth.

Shadow of what we used to be yet still beginning to find our way home.




Summer of 2018

The Summer of 2018
By C L Cunningham 


Methodically the summer breeze sets my mindset at ease as I lay in this chair. Legs up and messy pineapple puff I type away with thoughts of you. 

I don’t know what you’re doing right now or even if you’re alone. Yet all I want to do is be next to you.

Light touches and a warm embrace. If life is a race into those arms I’m in first place as I reach for your love to pull me towards you. 

My dinner date for two as hours turn into weeks and weeks into months as I wait for the universe to bring you to me or me to you. 

Some would call me foolish for hoping but hoping is better than dreaming so why shouldn’t I love you at my best?

I’ve seen you search for me even when you didn’t know what you were searching for and still our hearts found one another.

We are beyond magic.

We are infinite and that’s all we’ll ever need.

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The Monday


It’s the Monday before work…..meh

No, seriously.

I’m very excited to get back to a paycheck and all the beautiful little smiling faces of a pre-k classroom. 


And of course there’s a but.

I’m sad to see the summer vacation fade away from my grasp.

I would say a bunch of stuff about next year and what plans I have for adventure. And if I had any plans I might have touched on it.

I think I’ll play next summer by ear. And enjoy this gorgeous sunshine of a Monday sweet Monday.

C.L Cunningham 

Hoping everyone enjoys this day🌻

It was all a dream pt.2

Mr.Big shot walks over to staircase and smiles a Chester Cheetos smile. Trying to stay cool and look unamused I smirk and say “where have ya been all my life big head?”

He gets his bass in his voice and says “who you calling big head? Your head is bigger than mine”. I instantly begin to laugh loud. A little too loud. Trying to not look completely foolish I offer him a hit of my smoke. He tells me “nah I’m good ” and reaches for my hand.

Me being me I slap it away and say “stranger danger, where are you trying to take me?” He looks at me sideways like he’s not used to hearing no and points upward. I’m thinking “he’ll no, not upstairs we’re not”. But I instead say “oh” “well put out your hand again then.” This time he laughs and replies “f*** that”. Both laughing I grab his arm and stand up.

He’s much taller in person and less intimidating than I imagined. I step to the side and say “lead the way ol wise one”. Shaking his head he leads me upstairs to a quiet room. The room has big curtains on the wall and fancy crap all around it. I keep my elbows in as if I’m a child on a field trip to the museum. 

He must see that I’m a little uncomfortable and ask what’s wrong. A little embarrassed I say “well you’ve got some pretty expensive stuff in here. He shakes his head vigorously. “Not my sh**, I rented the house for the party.” 

Feeling a little better I say “well what if I break something?” He responded “if you break it I bought it, so try not to break sh**” I give him a soldier salute and say “sir, yes sir”. We both laugh and he motions for me to sit on the couch. 

Now if this was high school I would’ve belly flopped on that thang. But since it isn’t my smart ass sits in the chair next to the couch. He makes a face and ask “so you scared of me”. I reply “oh yeah buddy, I done heard all the media gossip and the jury is out and they say you a hoe”. He looks me straight in the eyes and says ” I am, but I’m not trying to be tonight.”

I think oh wow the one time he should be he’s not going to be…great just my luck.

C.L Cunningham 

To be continued….

Summer time

Sitting out in the night heat. Feeling that warm summer breeze blowing in my ear. I look at the sky and remember how it felt to be young. When school’s out and summer break had kicked into swing. Everybody couldn’t wait for night time on the block. The scorching heat had gone away and that nice breeze set in. Kids riding bikes and girls double butching on the sidewalks. We’d fill up water balloons and throw them at each other for that refreshing relief of cold water spraying your skin. 

Laughter filling the streets while the street light lets out a glow. It felt good to be young and still carefree from all of life’s problems for a moment. Just running for what felt like no reason while playing ditch um. But really it was just to let off all that energy you had built up all day relaxing.

I can still hear my momma yelling out the window for one of us to bring her something. The kids telling jokes and calling names not to be mean but just for fun. I would always climb the tree in the front yard to disappear and just soak in the vibe. It’s summer time again and it doesn’t feel like it did then. I wish I could go back just for a while so I could enjoy it one more time. 
C L Cunningham

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