Halloween pre party

It’s Halloween and you’re all invited to the present sale of my book It Was All A Dream available officially available as a Kindle E Book.

A twisted romantic thriller about love between two worlds.

I’m excited to share it with you.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and check out my book today. 🎃

Xoxo Kandee

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I’ve seen more death than the average. I come from witchcraft and gangsters. I grew through religion and strife.

I walk amongst demons and spirits. I try to help along the way. I whisper prayers of thanksgiving and for those who want. I whisper for them to return home…wherever that may be.

I’m a light bearer in dark spaces. I heal when I can. I touch the hearts of the innocent. They bring me strength and joy. They pass me their smiles and laughter. I thank them for not letting me suffer alone.

I can be a whisperer of life or death. I know my tongue. It can be a double edged sword or It can be sunshine in the middle of rain.

I know my ways. I can bring love or I can bring pain.

I’m here to do work. To do my share. To tell you the wrong ways or maybe it’s to tell you the right. Maybe it’s just to tell you…that way you decide.

C. L Cunningham

StoryTeller of life 💫

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