Listen for the applause 

Listen for the Applause By C L Cunningham 
The eyes are the windows into the soul but what if I don’t have one anymore?

I believe I gave it away the day that my demons came to hunt to me.

The day I screamed for you but nobody was there.

The day I cried for love and received regret. 

No humor is found when all that’s left is a mouth that’s bond and a heart left a wreck.

Check for my pulse if you dare to care to see if I’m alright.

I’m alive in the flesh but dead in the spirit so I seem to be floating on air. 

Praise be to the most high elevations of the collective mind power.

For twisting the words of the book to make pretty pictures in the sky.

Pretty words for pretty girls with good girl demeanors and vixen thoughts. 

Blessed be us that are sacrifices for the imaginations of the sadist storytellers of our time.

Why wine when you are fine. Nothing on you is touched beyond the reach of rainbows and sunshine, so smile.

You’re on the biggest stage of your existence and you know you belong where the audience is bigger and the gifts are supposed to be the rewards. 

Peace be with you on the journey for strength and conformation.

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How wondrous 

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

Wherever this is gracing your screen I say that it’s a wondrous day to embrace the beauty of this grand space around us. 

It’s Friday! For those of you who have to hustle and bustle outdoors this leads into your vacation time hopefully. Those of you who don’t get the much needed weekend off this may be when you can sneak a little time in with friends and family who don’t have work or school. For those of us who work from home today may be the day to put down the work and enjoy the weekend. 

Take any moments that you can to squeeze out a hug or two. I’m a fan of physical therapy. Physical therapy can be different ways for different people, but human connection is the greatest of them. Sometimes the exchange of energy quiets even the most restless soul.

Today I am grateful for the sound of birds chirping. Sometimes I just sit and listen to them conversating with each other. Wondering what they’re talking about. I love music that includes them for meditation and relaxation purposes. Nature has many calming sounds and birds happen to be my favorite. 

Day 5 of grateful January. What sound are you grateful for. Feel free to tell me your sound of gratitude in the comments below and I send you all peace and blessings. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Friday y’all 

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30 days of Gratitude 

Hurray! The new year has begun and there’s so many things to be grateful for. 

January is normally known as a month for new beginnings. New resolutions as many put it. A time to start a fresh 365 days with a better outlook than before. 

I decided to give my new year a cheerful spirit. 


I found this chart for 30 days of gratefulness. I instantly fell in love with the idea of finding something new to be grateful about daily. Day 1 is a smell that I am grateful for. 

I love the smell of warm apple pie. That smell gives me memories of family and holidays. I love that smell as a candle and even air freshener.

Something about it reminds me that comfort is inside of my thoughts and mind. Plus apple pie is definitely one of my comfort foods. It has apples and those are healthy right? 

Here’s to being grateful for life as it comes and enjoying the journey as it unfolds. 

Happy New Year 2018! Let’s make it beautiful.

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing everyone a delightful 2018

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Peaceful journeys and pandora’s box

Bright and sunny morning outside. The wind smells fresh and cool enough to bring tears from the chill. I’m being thankful. 

Monday sweet Monday oh how I adore you. 

Listening to Christmas music and playing a couple of hands of digital spades I refresh my spirit. Off tune and lip singing I groove to the beat.

Checking out my social media and trying to be helpful to my fellow writers I embrace the day. Uplifting is a soul filled with kindness. I’m not always the kindest of the kind. (I think I made that word up lol 😂) (nevermind google searched it and it’s a word double 😂 😂)

I stroll and enjoy the thoughts of others. Shake off any negativity and keep it pushing. There’s more important things to think about. I pray quietly for myself and others turn my thoughts to a positive radio station so I can focus on the beauty of this day. 

Yes my mind tends to remember the past like any other human my memories can grab a hold of my heart and twist it tight if I allow it to. The trick is to kick those thoughts ass before they can have a pity party. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for myself than sadness. It’s time to live. Not that the love has faded or that the pain is gone. Those things remain. The only thing that changed is the want to receive the awesomeness that I am being given everyday. It’s available if I want it. 

I have to grab hold of smiles and laughter. I have to reach out and say good morning to a stranger. I have to be willing to send peace and blessings out to the universe to receive it back so that’s what I do. 

Hello universe I love you! 

I know that you love me back 😉 

Today I’ll let bygones be bygones and reach outside of my Pandora’s box grab hold of my sanity and unlock the mindset that keeps me captivated by the unnecessary. Dance in the rain of the storm kick off my shoes and open my soul up to gratitude because I made it through another day. Awoke today to happiness and the calmness of life.
C.L Cunningham 

Have a happy Monday y’all we earned it! 💋🌺


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Artist David Garibaldi


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Gentle soul 

Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Laughing at all the punch lines. Cracking jokes makes life a little more easier for an Ethel like me. (That’s a lil inside joke) . Some things you just hold inside because the explanation is too long.

Chilling mo chilling is the mood. I’ve already had enough drama for one night. Thank goodness it’s a new morning. Well at least in this central time zone it is. 

Wonderful. For things to be laughed off and taken lightly. Hardy har har.

Music plays and the holiday is in full swing. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so excited. Waiting for the Macy’s parade and eating family soul cuisine. Food made from the soul. With a little love in it.

Thankful for days like this. Happy times with friends and family. Coworkers and our own network of social friends. It’s a time to let things go and the flow of positive energy in. 

Feels good to always have a little peace in the world. Today I’ll try to be a little quieter with my spirit and a little more gentle with my approach.


C.L Cunningham 

Sending you love and kindness 🌞🍁✨

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 

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Mood at midnight 

Puffs of quick smoke. Mood is relaxed and healthy. No problems for me in this moment of time. Amen.

Thoughts tend to wonder between what could have been and what is. Thoughts of kisses shared between friends. Yes there’s other things on my mind. Finally I have more important things to think about. 

Writing words to form into a book. Something else to pour my soul into. Work work work. Tempo is easy on the ears. Flow is a vibe with soft tendencies. Ah. The good kind. 

Peace of mind is a gift and today I’ll try to take it as such.

Visions of zen tend to have sin mixed into it. Guess I might wanna work on that. Maybe not today day though. Oops is that wrong 🤔. I don’t want to know. I’m just letting this flow control my thoughts of quiet peace of mind.

From our house to yours enjoy your Wednesday it’s almost the holiday y’all 🦋🌞✨

C.L Cunningham 


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Fight for the voice to speak truth on days when happiness is far from the reach of thirsty needs.

Power in realizing how to move forward.

Controlling my emotions is as hard as find a needle in a trash bin of left over metal….. hard.

This time isn’t to be taken for granted. Wake up and feel the winds changing the past. The future is around the corner and I’m sure it will be storybook with a hint of wtf. 

Enjoy these days when life seems uncertain. Focus on what sends light your way and smile through the darkness. 
C. L Cunningham 

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Days with you on my mind connect this galaxy to my spirit. 

Just when giving up and ascending past this planet take over my current views,thoughts continue to bring me towards you.

I don’t belong here. 

I’m a misplaced dot on the painting called this life and I’m careful to remain still.

Here is where you are.

I just want to make you proud to be standing beside me when I can’t even get imagine the night without you. I’m strong enough to make it through. Somehow I’m also too weak to not need you. 

How long is too long?
Actions are supposed to speak louder than words but all we have is keyboarded reactions to real life situations.


Together. We are in this together. Right?

Feeding into your desire to design a new way to be I’m caught up in your eyes. I crave for more of you. Waiting is building a library of feelings I can control….why should I?

I love you but can’t tell nobody. 


I’m yours. Mr. Wrong feels like my Mr. Right and I’m thankful that I found a place that feels like home away from home.
C. L Cunningham 

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Photograph by Alexi Hobbs

African American Romantic Artwork

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Father may I?

Peeking through the skylight is the sunshine of another magnificent Sunday. 

Ah yes. I’m awake. My mind is still intact and the energy between us has become therapeutic. 

Friendship has brought us back to a familiar spot. Getting along. Hanging out. Keeping in touch. Watching from both near and far. Wondering how to handle inner conflict with self control and respect. Not pointing the finger at one another. Ready to move toward a goal completely free of past judgment. 

Being spiritual and having understanding of right and wrong I feel compelled to speak and act as I’m holy. To be a good example for others. I know the truth according to how I’ve seen it. Learned it and my belief system has geared me up to proclaim that knowledge. 


What now? I’m sure that there’s a little more to the puzzle than that. How many times have I heard of a big name pastor putting out massive amounts of spiritual information. Only to be crucified in the media for being human. Making a mistake has become a fatal flaw in the religious sectors. 

Truth be told. Making a mistake has become a flaw in the views of society.

Is there a God? 

Father is that you?

I believe that it is a divine energy force bigger than myself. I have felt the healing spirit. I have harnessed my soul’s nature and held it out for the world to see. But still I am me. 

My wants haven’t been forgotten. My need to go after something so unconventional it has angered others. Brought me judgment in a neat papier-mâché flower bouquet.

Right or wrong I will follow through this journey. It’s humbling to tell yourself that the consequences of your decision could bring you pain. Then force yourself to sit in those decisions and examine your thoughts.

What I’ve done in the past few years hasn’t brought me happiness. 

Father of secret lifelines and parallel spaces… may I be myself? Completely agree to make a mess of my current life and become the new being that I’ve seen in my visions. Take on a new form and let go of views of this world. 

I may have heaven etched into my destiny but for right now I want love to be grounded into my soul.
C.L Cunningham 

Choosing to be grounded in love 🌻🌞

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