August 26th 2018

Today a mystic thought came to mind and therefore I searched for it’s reply.

At 5:55 am the word paradigm popped into my existence so I searched Goggle. I wasn’t looking for it in language form. I was searching for a scientific connection.

And “presto migicgo” there it was…

A Theory emerged.

There are 2 universes


Are there more?

“A paradigm shift (a radical theory change) a concept indentified by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996), is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practice of a scientific discipline.

Wonders of the universe come to me in the darkness. They reveal themselves in the light.

Happy Sunday everyone


Xoxo Kandee


Wikipedia cited information paradigm

What is the science of my life ?

Everything around me is energy moving systematically. 

The universe is reflecting back my thoughts my wants and my dreams. 

The things I love that I like that I have are all in one. Exactly at the edge of my finger tips and within my reach. 

The science of  life seems to be ask and you shall receive. 

Perception is the key. 

I asked for gratitude. I was given reasons to be thankful. I asked for strength and I was given reasons to be strong. I asked for love and I was put in situations that required me to be loving. 

The qualities of the universal song is to open the mind to all possibilities. Well that becomes too large and to big to measure. 

I needed to shut my mind and listen to what was searching for me as I was searching for it. 

The answer I got was everything. Everything that I am searching for is literally searching for me. If I receive it with an open and loving positive heart. Then that is exactly how it would look.

My mission is to do just that. Allow life to be beautiful. To flow peacefully from one moment to the next. To open myself up to the mystical mysteries of this world and to enjoy the ride.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday y’all 

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Sitting here reading about nature’s strength and might.

And I’m shocked by the ability to recreate something so beautiful and spiritual with a misjudgment of purpose. 

This world was a gift. And once again we have smeared the already blurred lines between human intelligence and sheer Dr. Frankenstein type madness behind our science. 

I’m praying that the man-made storms in our lives are fewer and farther in-between. 

I’m praying for those encountering storms in reality. For your families and friends. Humanity is still present. And we can all report to duty when anyone is in need of help.

C. L Cunningham 

Peace and Blessings 🌻


Walked up to the mothership and tapped on metal the window. ET answered the door and told me that I was finally home. #scifisat 

C.L Cunningham 👾

What can be done?

Sometimes I see an article or post that makes me think. Depending on the subject I decide if it means something to me emotionally. Sometimes I just come up with reasons why things are the way they are.

My old boss John came to mind. I worked at the city library and he was a great boss. He and his husband went on vacation out of the country.  John was one of the many  people who died from bird flu. 

Right after I had that thought I go on Twitter and Bill Gates tweets a Time article about a new bird flu. (Go figure). So of course I read it and start thinking about ways to control it.

I get all these ideals and I start doing research on how and why they would or won’t work. Looking at pathogens and particles. I think science is still boring so I try to cut it to the biggest issue. Air…every flu virus is traveled by air at some point. (I assume) So I think start cleaning the air. Purify it right. Did you know Beijing has already started this? 

How fun to think of ways and things to fix problems in the environment. Even though I think science is still a snooze fest. I might have a future in it if I can get inspired enough. 

How many of us are waiting for inspiration to do something? How do we test out what can be done if we just don’t go and start searching? 

C. L Cunningham 

Future scientist (maybe)


Being a kid on the playground I would find all kinds of things. Cool rocks and the pretty little flowers. Once a kid found a caterpillar. Another kid seen that kid looking so that kid went over. That continued until there were a group of children looking at this gross looking insect.

We are all saying “eww look at it.” Next thing I know one kid gets a stick. I’m sure you can guess what is about to happen. Yep. That kid pokes it. Starts bothering it. As if the caterpillar isn’t already having a hard-enough time. Of course, an adult comes and saves it and tells us to all go play.

Years later I have a science class and we are going to study butterflies. I looooove butterflies. I was super excited. See I hated science. It was a snooze fest. Too much reading and too many questions. But for once I couldn’t wait to learn. We were going to the zoo to learn about butterflies.

The teacher tells us to follow along and begins to read and teach about how a butterfly becomes a butterfly. She goes into metamorphosis and I find out that caterpillars 🐛 ugly icky caterpillars are butterflies in the making. Talk about plot twist. I learned so much that day and I got to see all kinds of beautiful butterflies and moths.

I learned that day to one not bother things that I didn’t understand. If it is not hurting me or itself to just leave it alone. But two, I also had a new found respect for caterpillars.

To this day if I see one away from nature I try to move it closer to a tree or grass without my hands so it can go be great. So it can go from crawling slow to flying high.

C. L Cunningham

Lover of butterflies 🌼

The science of my past

I am on the journey to self discovery. There’s some things in my past that I would like to uncover the meanings of.

Today that journey lead me to the need to look up quantum physics.

I go in the library and I make my way over to the information station. There’s a young gentleman there and we exchange pleasantries. When he asked me for what I was looking for I said  “I need to find books on quantum physics”. He paused for a second and said “wow quantum physics. Thats above my pay grade”. I smile and wait for the numbers to that section of the library.

So I begin reading on what I need to know and all the information is leading me to look for something on the fifth dimension.

I gather all the books up and put them back on the shelves. I go back to the information desk. This time there’s a silvered-hair lady at the computer.  I tell her I’m looking for something on the fifth dimension.

She looks me up and down and asked if that was some sort of singing group?  I made a face on accident or maybe on purpose so she then she added ” or are you looking for the actual fifth dimension? ” I say that I want the actual fifth dimension. She gives me the number to the section and I look up the book she suggested.


C. L Cunningham

Trying to uncover something from my ancestors 💫

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