1:36 Am

Sounds of loneliness creeping in. Reminding me of years past.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m where I should be… Home.

Learning to listen to my inner goddess and opening up my soul to the truth and it’s becoming more real than I ever wanted to feel.

Happy Saturday everyone in the world.

Xoxo Kandee

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Who loves books?

I do!

Saturday’s are made for relaxing with a good book and cool vibes. May you all have love and relaxation in your part of this planet.

Happy Saturday loves!


Xoxo Kandee

What is the science of my life ?

Everything around me is energy moving systematically. 

The universe is reflecting back my thoughts my wants and my dreams. 

The things I love that I like that I have are all in one. Exactly at the edge of my finger tips and within my reach. 

The science of  life seems to be ask and you shall receive. 

Perception is the key. 

I asked for gratitude. I was given reasons to be thankful. I asked for strength and I was given reasons to be strong. I asked for love and I was put in situations that required me to be loving. 

The qualities of the universal song is to open the mind to all possibilities. Well that becomes too large and to big to measure. 

I needed to shut my mind and listen to what was searching for me as I was searching for it. 

The answer I got was everything. Everything that I am searching for is literally searching for me. If I receive it with an open and loving positive heart. Then that is exactly how it would look.

My mission is to do just that. Allow life to be beautiful. To flow peacefully from one moment to the next. To open myself up to the mystical mysteries of this world and to enjoy the ride.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday y’all 

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Small things 

Wake up and the alarm rings. Thank goodness for it be without it I would probably sleep through the whole day. 

Turn on the television and watch a show. Thank goodness for it because it is entertaining when I want to zone out. 

Walk into the bathroom and brush my teeth. Who ever made toothbrushes are the best because what kind of world was there when breath was funky. 

Obviously I joke about curtain things, but what a gift it is to have the little things in life. Things that I barely think about being grateful for. 

Day 27 of grateful January and what daily thing do I use that I’m grateful for? I’m grateful for my comfy blanket. It keeps me warm and wraps me in softness. Lawd knows that I love softness.


C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday everyone enjoy the day 
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Grateful for you

To my dearest friends and family I am grateful for you. You make me laugh and bring truth to my days and live to my nights.

You keep me up to date and you keep me in check. You’re my light in the darkness and my thoughts are with you every single day. 

To the strangers that have leaned me a hand. Who have shared kind words with me. Who have given me stories to grow from. I’m grateful for you. 

Attitude of gratitude has been my 20 day journey so far for January 2018 and I’m excited to say that it feels good to focus on the positive energy surrounding this life. 

What person or people are you grateful for. Feel free to chime and give me your thoughts. 

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday 🌞

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Rooted Flow 

Sometimes in life things do not go my way. 

I have often tried to force situations. Pray for situations. Lie to make a situation go the way I wanted it to. 

Finally I’m at a place in my life where my ability to go with the flow has brought me through some tuff times. It has opened my eyes to different points of view. It has been a pain in my rear end but it has also been a gift from above. 

I’m grateful that by allowing myself the room to breakdown my barriers and climb over my on doubts. I have been able to see the world in a with a renewed state of mind. 

I’m more flexible with life. I’m more open to the beauty around me and I have become incredibly thankful for this gift. I probably wouldn’t have tried a lot of the things that I’ve tried. I would have closed myself off to the world and climbed into a mindless consciousness.

I can handle myself better now. I owe a lot of that to my ability to flow. To move freely,to move forward. To bounce back from fear and mistakes. To enjoy the highs and the lows. I’m still figuring out life. As I do I feel blessed and less stressed. There were days were I spent time just speaking negative thoughts to myself. Days where I couldn’t see myself being anything to anyone. Let alone a blogger to an online community. 

I didn’t know I had a voice. I didn’t know that I would matter to anyone else. I’m thankful for the opportunity, the path and the peace of mind. I’m grateful for all of you. For your comments ,for the likes and for just allowing me to have a voice on this earth.

Day 13 of grateful January and the question is: What abilities are you grateful for? I’m grateful for the ability to change, to grow and to be my most authentic self reflection. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday 
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Life’s gentle flow 

In the stillness of night. I awaken the soul within me. I let the sounds of water and waves soothe my thoughts and my emotions. I embrace the things that I cannot change. 

Subconsciously I wish for a life a little different from now. But earnestly I’m hoping that realness prevails. 

Things aren’t always what they seem, yet I go with the current anyway. I can’t change anyone other than myself so, I’m changing. 

Life will send me anything that I believe in. Thank goodness I still believe in love. 

Today is one day before the end of this year. Just like any other day it’s meant to be cherished. 

It’s the weekend y’all! Enjoy it . Live it . Love it. The day is yours do with it as you please. Hopefully you choose to do good with it.
C. L Cunningham 


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Art Army 

Pleasantly peaceful 

This Christmas playing lighting in the background as I lay and write by the dim light of this IPad.

Poetic poetry and honest dialogue about truthful information.

The world isn’t always what it seems. Jumped into parallels between love and light. Found hidden behind judgments put together by faith. 

It is what it is has been my motto for most of my days on this here earth.

December 23rd.  I woke up….thank goodness. Today wasn’t promised. Good thing I didn’t leave the 22nd on a bad note.🎵

The need to be present is important. Stay too close to the past and continue past mistakes. Stay too far in the future and miss today’s miracles altogether. 

The day is young as it’s just begun. I’m pleasantly peaceful. Sending positive thoughts your way. 

Enjoy this day enjoy the notion that it will be whatever you make it. 

I’m making mine marvelous. 

The weather is cold and maybe not enough snow for me on the ground but I’m still thankful for any hints of winter. 

Have a happy Saturday and hopefully a good Dec 23rd.
C.L Cunningham 
Sending you love and light 
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Art Army 

Communication gap

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m at a place of zen. Probably because I had a grown woman’s moment and released some tension. Yasss. 

Mystical and very aware of my sensual side keeps me from going bananas.

I’m kicking back and enjoying myself. Staying nonjudgmental about other people’s lives is the key to not getting caught up in nonsense. 

I’ve expressed my thoughts as openly as I can. I’ve gone from one man to the next. I’m going through a divorce and it’s muy difficult.

 My heartaches from a love story that can’t seem to find an ending. Not my ex but the supposed next. I constantly say what I want. For some reason my language of love is misunderstood.  Blatantly sending the answers to my heart and completely ignored. It’s a little frustrating. Mostly because I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or a complete accident.

My Moms used to say absence doesn’t make the heart grow stronger it’s just absent. I can kinda see her point. Effective efforts need to fit both sides. I’m literally leaving the last over the same exact problems.

I first heard of this through an Instagram account of a young lady dating a known musician. I became very intrigued and wanted to learn more.

My love language looks like words of affirmation,quality time,acts of service, physical touch then last on my list receiving gifts. 


I’m very invested in my future. The law of attraction tells you to believe in what you want. See it exactly the way you want it. I don’t recall it saying be prepared to compromise on half of it. I wonder if what I thought I want comes with compromising that much is it actually mine?

I’m not worried about doing my part I’m worried about not getting what I need to feel appreciated and loved in a new relationship. I want to be valued so that I’m so valuable to my man that he doesn’t cheat on me. That he lifts me up in spirit and light. That he’s my superhero as well as my love affair. A man that can guide me by actually learning to speak my love language and not just wanting me to learn his. If I’m speaking English and he’s speaking Latin we still have to combine our languages to communicate. I thought this was obvious but maybe that’s harder said than done. 

I want to give my affection and love. Listen attentively and show passionately my heart without any restrictions. Hold my person tight and tell them how extremely amazing they are. Marvelously mesmerizing . Intellectually and sexually gorgeous.

It’s almost Christmas and there absolutely no barriers stopping life from happening except the ones we’re placing there. I want my Christmas present in a 6’4 box. I wonder if I’m going to get it or if I’m getting a box of socks instead. 😂  

Saturday is meant for good vibes and that’s what I feel. I’m not in the mood for joy stealers, finger pointers or folks with bad juju. 

Positivity is the way to be so be it. 

Happy Saturday y’all 

C.L Cunningham 

Hope you enjoy it because I’m damn sure enjoying mine. 

Namaste 🦋
This song is my jam. 

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