February 5, 2019

My son lost his friends. Rest in peace to his childhood.

Death and violence is preventing young men from seeing another day.

Stopping young women from seeing the future.

Holding us back.

An attack has been launched on this place.

Still we thrive in the sadness of it all.

Standing tall in our light makes us strong. The shadows will forever hold our past. We walk away from them pushing forward to etch our lives in truth of it all.

C L Cunningham

📷 Daniel Vazquez




Life is meant to be lived

And my heart is in your hands

But the demands that are on this situation are a bit extreme 

Even by my standards


Did you come here to loved or worshiped?

My naive-ness is a choice

I choose to ignore… ignorance 

So I’m supposed to admire you from afar 

While I get f**ked up close and personal?

I’m not gonna play with you in this moment 

I thought our love was going to stop traffic and open doors

Cross oceans and climb mountains 


Now I don’t know what to think 

I was under the impression that ready meant more than a head-start

I assumed that when the gun sounded we would be headed to the finish line

Instead I guess I found out that there was a silencer on the end of the gun

Painting our love would be magic

But after years of tragic stories and the need to feel someone other myself I don’t have much use for loyalty 


Money has never actually float my boat

And love is actually turning out to be for suckers 

All I have is me

If that’s not enough to get you off your ass and in the car then I don’t have shit else to give

I want you 

I need you

You’ve given you to the world but can you give you to me?

C.L Cunningham 


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Art Army 


In life there is the ideal of two sides to a coin. In my case two sides to a story or situation. 

Many of our struggles have two sides. Winning or losing.  One day you might have a great day and one day it feels like,the weight of the world is on top of you. 

They teach us to be good sports. Not to be sore losers in school. But what about in life? 

How do we be good losers in day to day situations?

You turn on the news and you hear the things we are taking a loss on daily.  Loss of life. Loss of finances. Loss of resources. Loss of relationships. Loss of hope.

And everybody has a loss in their lives at some point. This world isn’t always full of kindness. 

When you go to work and you got looked over for that promotion. When you have a disagreement and it’s not looking good for your viewpoint. When a business deal crumbles. When you want something that you can’t have. When you have something stolen from you. 

These types of loss aren’t considered things that we should be viewing as loss. These things are supposed to be glanced over and forgotten. But there are a lot of people who don’t forget. The feeling of losing is being stored up and tallied instead. The aftermath of loss could be damaging to the soul.

Today I ask for peace in my losing situations. To still put a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. To not be a sore loser, but a way maker even when I don’t see the way. 

The sun is always shining somewhere. And sometimes what looks like a loss may actually be a win.

C. L Cunningham 

Using my loses as stepping stones 


Nobody wants this pain 
As a country we needed to do better before Obama became president

But we had a glimmer of hope then

But then we started being pushed by the media to fear and to hate

And when we spoke out nobody acted as if they could relate

Going on with their daily lives as if they didn’t have eyes that could see

Now today is a new day of sadness mixed with fear and it’s happening before our eyes 

The end is near

If we’re going to make it through lead with your heart 

And don’t let the media pull this country apart
C L Cunningham

Late night pet peeve

Why in a world full of dicks do men offer you dick first? You complain about anything and the first thing they offer is dick. “So your having trouble at work huh?” “Well that’s ruff would you like my dick in your mouth?” I mean it’s like they think dick is the answer to our problems. “Hey I heard your man isn’t treating you right.” “I have some dick for you if you want it.” No Sir I don’t want your dumb ass dick. I never said he had any problems with his dick. I said he’s acting like a dick and right now so are you. 
I would like some simple conversation that does not require an exit strategy. Some funny jokes and a refreshing candor. Some ” hey are you alright?” and they really meant it. Then they go on about their business without trying to push their dick on me like an info commercial upgrade. 
Here’s to men that think their dick is the worlds greatest. It probably isn’t the greatest and it definitely is not the answer to my problems. Most likely if I take your offer I’ll have more problems and a sore vagina. Neither of which I needed. 😏
C L Cunningham 

I hate

I hate death. I hate that people have to die; need to die. To teach us a lesson that we as humans aren’t indestructible. But still I hate it. It takes good people even bad people away from their family friends and loved ones without any regard to those it affects most. Leaving you stuck in sorrows path and if you don’t get off it it will take you to deaths door too. I hate death you took my cousin you took my grandmas you took my grandpas you took my unborns. All you do is take and leave us pain. Replace happiness with sadness and after sadness gives us anger. I hate I hate I hate you
C L Cunningham


I’ve been so unhappy this week. For some strange reason I couldn’t seem to shake it. So I started to cry for what felt like no reason at all. But then I started to ask myself questions about what could be making me feel so unhappy. And finally it hit me. I don’t know what to do with myself. 

I searched for answers every where but inside myself. I keep trying to measure up to what others think is successful in my relationships, body, career and life that I have lost track of who I am. Maybe it’s time to put down the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and find out who and what I want to be for me and let that be enough. 

Maybe privacy is where I’ll feel free. 

By C L Cunningham 

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