Hate and Love it

I’m sitting here trying to get my nerves up to go on this trip to Arizona. Im planning on driving the whole way. I have the worst case of bubbles right now. Seriously I’m silently freaking the f**ck out. I’m not the best driver and having no cell phone right now isn’t the smartest way to go. I’m using a gps and I hope it’s up to date, because gps systems can send you to some very scary and weird places. I’m speaking from experience. Considering the fact that I’m confused with most directions away.

I normally leave the distance driving to others. 

Is it wrong to secretly hope there’s another option? Like for real. I’m sure that most people don’t mind long rode trips and things that take time. But the people who love me know that I’m not like that. I’d rather fly and I like to go Ricky Bobby fast. I read all signs like this:

  Today I’m in love with the idea of the journey. I’m excited to see if I can push myself to get there. If I’m able to handle whatever life throws my way. If I can get everything done. 

I hate the fact that I’m not sure of what it is next. I constantly feel like I’m grasping at straws. Just looking for a stable environment. Just hoping that something actually comes out good with no hiccups or confusion. 

This year has been a lot of firsts. A lot of changes have been made. All while I’m trying to stay positive and focus on the good. The truth is life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to save yourself let alone anyone else and I have children to be there for. Good or bad I HAVE to figure it out. 

Please send me your prayers. Positivity and blessings. I’ll be blogging about Love for the month of February. This way I’ll look for it all month long. 

Today I’m in love with the ideal of heading to Arizona. Wish me luck because I’m gonna need it.
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 

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Road Trip Babe Raglan


Got up and went back to sleep. It’s a lazy Friday morning. I have a few things on my to do list. I’m really hoping that I can do them all electronically. Trying to hit the easy button on life today. Like the staples commercials.

School’s out for a mini holiday. I’m thinking about taking my boy to lunch. A Mommy n me lunch date.

I found a few prospects for a place. Praying and putting positive vibes toward those thoughts. The thoughts of a place to belong sounds so wonderfully amazing.

Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off because I misplaced the IPad. I was actually more concerned with the hidden images on this thing more than anything else. I’m glad I found it. One less thing to worry about.

Isn’t it strange? How one simple problem or situation can blow your whole mood. Like come on already self. Find your zen and hang on to it for dear life. It’s the repetition of a mindset that decided it no longer needs to panic. But panic it does anyway.

 I’m just happy it’s not as often as it used to be.

Growing and changing. What a good feeling to have. To see oneself as a better version. Life can get so cluttered with things and thoughts that aren’t going to serve your happiness in the end. Letting go of worry brings the peace back to my core. Centers my mind and calms my soul.

C.L Cunningham

Hitting  the easy button on Friday 🚨

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Art Army

The concrete jungle is now middle class in a quiet meadow. The picture isn’t so pretty everyday. Stiff bones and aching hearts. Cohabiting and going different directions. 

The real gets a little too real. The mistakes actually look like mistakes down here in this part of consciousness. To be brutally honest life kinda looks the tv show on showtime. 

When days of pit stops and miscommunication are continuously on the horizon and growth needs to have a growth spurt but temporary situations become bumpers cars on Vaseline. Slippery slopes to I don’t know and wtf. 

Spirituality not quite out the door and essentially the only thing keeping you connected to a higher pattern of thought so you don’t get lost in the sauce of staying alive and picking a exit out to nowhereland in a somewhereland near you.

I’m going to finish listening to music. Worry about my list of things to do in a world where my tweets don’t pay the rent and I couldn’t be happier that they could. I love the fact that this is life but a life that’s making me remember there’s still more to grow from. 

C. L Cunningham 

Smokey the bear road

Today has been filled with twist and turns. Currently on a road called the grapevine. 

Lots of curves on this road and in this day. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Encountered some pit stops. An occasional rest stop or gas station to refuel our stomachs as well as empty our bladders. 

Enjoying kindness of the faces we don’t know. Appreciating the view. Game day was today. Huskers got a win 🌽. Excited for the state. Every now and then it’s nice to have something to cheer about. 

Cruising down the highway and winding up the night. Almost a new day and the sun will shine in the morning. 

C. L Cunningham 

On life’s highway 🛣

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