Halloween pre party

It’s Halloween and you’re all invited to the present sale of my book It Was All A Dream available officially available as a Kindle E Book.

A twisted romantic thriller about love between two worlds.

I’m excited to share it with you.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and check out my book today. 🎃

Xoxo Kandee

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Who loves books?

I do!

Saturday’s are made for relaxing with a good book and cool vibes. May you all have love and relaxation in your part of this planet.

Happy Saturday loves!


Xoxo Kandee


Hey friends! It’s bright and early on this amazing holiday. Prayers for a safe 4th of July for all of you🙏🏽. Since today is in the spirit of gratitude I want to display my gratitude for all of you. I’m giving away my newly released book now through Saturday. Just click the link in my bio to get your copy. Xoxo #happy4thofjuly #newbook #giveaway



Went to the library today. 

Foggy day with with beautiful clouds. Cold with a bite of Winters’s chill behind it. Excited because the season of Autumn has approached us. 

Caught the bus to downtown Lancaster. Enjoyed the small shops that I passed by and made a stop at the library there. I found some interesting books. 

The one I’m reading today is giving me information on a positive way to say no. To assert myself with out having a spasmodic attack of some sort. Or falling into the trap of avoiding the core issues that are making me uncomfortable. 

I’m very grateful for the information being given. 

At times the want to be is very strong. Want to be this ________. Well you can fill in the blanks of whatever the craving is. Whether it’s spiritual,creative,emotional, or physical. There are effective ways to put yourself first and still chase your dreams. 

Good information will find it’s way into your lap when you ask the universe a question. Call it the law of attraction or just the divine way of life giving you what you need to elevate further.

C.L Cunningham 

Living loving learning 🌻📚


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