Flowers are a bloom

Scattered seeds of my mind.

My heart reaches out of the foggy mist of precipitation to reach for love once again.

Mended fences. Deep conversations about political parties and how far the ocean reaches.

The miles between us and our day to day hoopla.

All just planting seeds of the beautiful things that will bloom of our love affair.

Leaving us to envision flowers blooming and grace leading us peacefully to each other.

C L Cunningham

Happy Wednesday everyone

Xoxo Kandee


Bus stop California

Coming from 3 hour bus rides and a good thigh boosting hills I find myself looking up.

I spend a lot of time wondering how things come to be and I realized that it’s my focus.

So I try to focus on something good.

Happy Sunday everyone …

Xoxo Kandee

Namaste is the way to zen


Pumpkin 🎃 patches and unicorn kisses

Forget me nots and a will to illuminate the sky….

The days are giving up orange hues and brisk winds of winter. Up in the mountains it becomes colder than the rest of California. I enjoy the peace a lot of the time. Of course I’d prefer a more populated area but for now it reminds me of my peaceful Arizona existence.

My poetic heart keeps giving way to my logical thinking. Seeing people come and go. Keeping mental data by pure accident. Hazards of an over active and over stimulated mind. It’s fine for me for now. To sink my power into positive energy and phantasy of a story I’ve always wanted.

Today is a bit of a historic day. People are standing up for injustice and as normal there’s those who don’t care, don’t know, don’t understand or miss the point. Sadly I’m in the middle on some of it myself. The right to fight. The right to sit or to stand. Seems to have been a tug of war between the two for centuries. Wonder if we’re ever going to work it out? Can we patch it back together?

I would like to at least work together. 

Blue energy flows freely today. Another sunny day with built up emotion. Bringing us memories to rekindle and love to explore.

C.L Cunningham 



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