Tis the season

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and I decided to pick up a positive attitude for it.
Yesterday I got a couple of my Christmas presents and roamed the mall doing yoga and enjoying the vibes.
I’m grateful for another day to become better again and again.
So today I am going to shower you with a few cool places in my hometown.

These are some of my life’s pictures yet each place is special.
From Tacos and Margaritas to the Westroads Mall. Omaha has a lot to see. We love to watch football as a family and the Capital District is the perfect place for that. With a Wide Screen TV outside.
I’m excited for this holiday season and I hope this year will be better than the last.
Happy Tuesday everyone
Xoxo Kandee

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And C L Cunningham

Vegas strip

I ran the Vegas strip. “Zoom” (I can hear the Flintstone footwork👣 in the background of my mind.)

It’s 2:29 am and we are finally reboarding the Greyhound that is taking us back to Nebraska.

I started the journey off happy which slowly turned into sadness. When I think of the things that I didn’t get to see and do. Who I’m going to miss is probably the hardest.

As Doris Day would say “K Syrah Syrah. What will be will be.” I hope she was right.

My life definitely leads me to the things that I say that I want. Good bad or indifferent. I said that I would make it back to Vegas. To my surprise it’s happening. Not quite the way that I envisioned but hell at this point,nothing has turned out how I fantasized it would.

So much for fantasies.

Today me and the children will be spending our day on the bus. Traveling from the West coast to the Midwest. From hot to cold. I think my story has a sense of humor. At least I get to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in years.

It’s holiday time. So I’m going to stay in a festive persona. I may be in transition and my heart hurts much more than I expected. Still I can say this is only a ride. I’m along for the ride life has seemed to direct me to. There may be some bumps. There may even be some delays,but I’m having faith that things will turn out right.

C.L Cunningham
Happy Thursday 🌺

Art Army


Aww it’s the wee hours of the morning and I’m wide awake.

Finding motivation from unlikely places. It’s always good to find the right little piece of the puzzle.

Inspiration for Saturday is fun. From any angle or perception.

If you’re ideal of fun is inward then spend today looking inward. If you’re ideal of fun is outward then get outside and enjoy some activities.

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl some days. So I may or may not venture outside.

The one thing I will for sure be doing….dancing!

C. L Cunningham

Enjoy your weekend🌻

Dudes Twerk Out with Lexy Panterra | LexTwerkOut: http://youtu.be/ayreeFRu7zg

Art Army

Book of…

I’ve seen many images. Visions of both good and bad. I’ve prayed for relief from the storm. Not realizing that there was no storm to begin with.

Handed a book and a list. Handed a pen and a pad. Solved problems that weren’t my fault and it still made me sad.

Gifted love to the masses. Tried to calm down the fear. Washed away my own worries so happiness could appear.

Peace amongst the uncertain. Finally got my post. The assignment I was given is the most amazing sence of hope.

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you all love and light 💚🌻


Coming home 

I finally hit my breaking point. 

I’m ready to head back to my home town. I’m ready to move on to a new chapter of my life. 

I tried to be everything to everyone. I’ve grown tired.

The love I want doesn’t seem to want me again. The future isn’t looking the way I planned it to look.

I’m saddened by all the obstacles that keep making themselves my acquaintance. 

I’ve tried walking away from my purpose. Repeatedly. And it keeps calling me home.

Destiny seems to want me to bring light into darkness but sometimes people fall in love with the dark.

I called my parents and told them I was ready to come home. I talked to God and prayed and welped. I feel like I hit rock bottom. 

I’m once again weary. I’m once again leery of what’s ahead of me.

But I’m at peace with my decision. 

I am at no means holy or ordained. I smoke. I drink wine. I cuss when annoyed or angry. Hell I cuss just to cuss.

But I know that when I find my place in this world, this universe, this milky way.  The Lord and his angels are always gonna be right by my side. And I know everything will be alright. 

I’m gonna leave you with a song. Maybe it will give you peace of mind. Maybe it will bless you.  Maybe it will allow the Lord to ask you to come on home closer to him. If not that hopefully it will brighten your day. 

C. L Cunningham 

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