Brown unicorn volume 2

I’m proud to say that I’m on book six. It’s been an uphill battle with lots of failure and hopes.

I’m grateful for the road to being a writer,poet,and author.

I would love to share a few of the poems from the book with all of you.

Live via Instagram from Arizona on April 12,2019

Come hang out with me online and chat about the book.

Happy Monday everyone

Xoxo Kandee

Thrown away

Crumpled paper and incomplete thoughts.

Looking for all the love that was lost .

Forgiving leads to forgetting the bad times as well as the good.

Trying again in a different direction may just be the thing that she needs.

Left behind for the last time, it’s time to search for more.

Hell anything has to be better than lying in a puddle of her own blood smeared on the dance hall floor.


C.L Cunningham 


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Art Army 

Today’s surprises 

 She walked through the door and looked out for signs of the future. “Hey there mystic gurl I heard that you were looking for me “the future said. She smiled and whispered “yes…why yes I was”. ” Grab a hold I’m about to show you something amazing ” ….well hell let’s go make history then”.💋✨. 
Hello Wednesday morning. How are you? Tuesday night was a bit of a doozy so I’m sending positive vibes to today. 

Cosmic adventures and ascending energy pushed past the point of steady returns I lay down my head and listen to gentle tunes.  I’m happy again. Against all odds I’m still here. Thankful I send out peaceful blessings to the universe and my family plus friends. 

Today has its surprises ready. 

So ready or not here they come. Best thing to do is love each moment and take mental snapshots of all the good stuff . A selfie or two doesn’t hurt either.🦋

Have a great Wednesday everyone 

C.L Cunningham 

Peace and blessings ✨🙏🏼

Photo courtesy of Instagram @avinavinkris 

Fair shared 

Art Army 


Have you ever been in a 7hr fight? In a 7hr fight everyone in the house is included even the dog. It’s a long drawn out process. Especially when the fight is with the strongest person in the house. Everyone is on edge and whispering and tip toeing around that person. Until you have no choice but to say something to end their tyrant. As a collective group we let it be known we weren’t going to stand for it. But we all feel sorry for the one person that we basically have to gang up on. Like an intervention or something. The person is literally acting like a caged lion and we all have to be prepared for what to do next. 

It’s tiring and draining and abusive. For everyone involved. 

Nothing comes out of a 7hr fight but clarity that the time has come and it’s time to get away from each other and move on. 

C L Cunningham 


Nobody wants this pain 
As a country we needed to do better before Obama became president

But we had a glimmer of hope then

But then we started being pushed by the media to fear and to hate

And when we spoke out nobody acted as if they could relate

Going on with their daily lives as if they didn’t have eyes that could see

Now today is a new day of sadness mixed with fear and it’s happening before our eyes 

The end is near

If we’re going to make it through lead with your heart 

And don’t let the media pull this country apart
C L Cunningham


Pain has a funny way of changing you. What I mean is that pain sneaks up on you. It starts small like a little nagging feeling. And then that feeling gets bigger and more intense until it’s starts to take over you. You may start to tell people that you don’t feel good but we all know how everyone hates bad news so you stop telling people about how you don’t feel well. After a awhile you start to just sit in that pain. And you deal with it. You start faking out in public and crying out in private. God why me? Why now? When will it stop? Over and over until you start to believe your crazy and you NEED to get over it? 

But how do you get over pain? How do you not feel it? How do you just calm down and shut the f*ck up for everyone else’s sake but your own? And it’s not until you crack or you break that people care. No one cares until your in the hospital or you stop answering calls or until you end it all. Nobody cares until it effects them. Until they’re tired of hearing it. 

I care about you. Your soul is connected to my soul and your fight is my fight. Because we fight the same fight. To everyone struggling we won’t be in darkness forever…even hell has light. 
C L Cunningham

Then now and always 

I got married to the man I thought I’d spend forever with. I loved his smile and his scent. I loved the way he looked at me and the way he touched me. I loved how excited he was to be married to me. 
I noticed the change . I noticed that he felt out of place in his new home with his new kids and his new life. I wanted to make it easy on him I tried not to nag to much or push to hard. I opened the door for his children’s mothers to meet me and became the go between for his kids. I wanted a happy family a blended family. I always wanted ten kids and I got blessed with eleven. I wanted to be happy. 
He acted out like a child. Hell he still acts out like a child. But I never wanted him to be anything other than himself. A better version of himself would come with time I thought. It would get better, he would be better because he told me so. 
Time keeps moving along and I’m the one that’s changed. I’m angry and sad. I’m starting to be mean. I’m trying not to let it change me but the damage is done and I’m losing the fight, I’m losing myself, and I’m losing him. 
 I cry every time I think of leaving him. I worked so damn hard to get this. I’ve worked so hard to maintain it. Every time I try to go something keeps pulling me back. I hear his cries and see his pain but it’s not enough he’s not hurt enough. And I don’t want to see it when he does finally feel the pain. Because I don’t ever want to see him hurting even though I know I have to be the one to hurt him. I loved him then I love him now I’ll love him always. 

By C L Cunningham 

Undo it 

I see it hit the floor you see hit the floor I pick it up. The plastic feeling of it shocks my system like touching a hot pan on the stove. Is this what I think it is? After all the I’m sorry’s and the I promise I’ll change talks. Now this. It’s like a slap in the face with wet hands. I take off running because I want to hurt you I want to run away from this situation. I want to unsee it. 

I hear your reason it seeps through my ears like white noise from a TV. It’s too many times too many reasons and  they never matter. Your quicker on your toes now. The words just fall out now. You stutter less and lie more. I wish I didn’t hear it. 

Yesterday I loved you. I had locked away all the times before and returned my heart to you. I’ve given you the pass to redemption to mend my broken pieces and put them back together only for them to be scattered around like a child throwing a fit. Is this your fit? When you don’t get your way is this how you get back at me? How you control me? How you punish me? And then you just want me to hold my pain inside you don’t want me to speak it. So I go quiet around you because if I open my mouth I’ll spit it out like word vomit. Let the pain flow out like watery bile from inside me and fill up a cup of years of disgust so you can drink it. But I know you won’t drink your the artful dodger of despair and I am your wife. Linked to your chain as it drags me around lifeless ,hopeless , loveless.

C L Cunningham  

art by @heylovas on Instagram  

Too busy 

It’s hard to explain your hurt when you are too busy running from it. Never giving it time to heal. Never giving it time to grow or fade for that matter. Just continually pushing it down trying to stand on top of it to bury it. But your pain shouldn’t be a secret or a weakness. Let it start to fester. Let it make you angry. Let the tears roll. Let it make you accountable. And then maybe just maybe you can let go. 
C L Cunningham 

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