Boxed Thought

Imagine hearing the sadness of your struggles showing up as a voice of anger.

Danger. We’re in danger.

We are no longer mad at our oppressors. We’re mad at ourselves for letting them put us against us.

C L Cunningham

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Realizing reality 

My son decided to have a dancehall battle with his headphones on early this morning. I woke up to the footwork over my head from upstairs. Thinking that it was eight in the morning I run up the stairs only to find out that it’s 10 am Nebraska time. 


I’m unfortunately still on California’s time zone and my brain wants me to go back to sleep.

I probably will.

After I catch up on my reality Tv. 

Saturday morning and I’m at peace. Looking forward to veggin and strolling timelines. It’s actually difficult for me to stay on social media without long breaks. Maybe it’s anything that points out another’s flaws.

Everything is front and center. Virtually at our fingertips. News about politics, social injustices, and opposition. What are they fighting for? I’m losing track honestly. Has anything changed in 2017, besides our attitudes toward the mess?

The millennial generation are more invested than most. As the saying goes the children are the future. It’s just jacked up that even they don’t have the answers just more attentiveness is being given to the issues. I’m starting to feel like it’s enough coverage and not enough changes in the actual laws. 

People voted a week or two ago and they were still disappointed.

Is life a disappointment?

Am I supposed to be discouraged?

Peacekeepers are a blessing. 

The amount of physical pain in this world may very well be connected to our thoughts.

I’m not trying to waste mine on things that will taint my pleasant thoughts. I’m also prepared to be real. When it comes to making a stand I am ready to stand up or sit down to help the next generations. I believe doing so is paying it forward,but I know that we haven’t figured out the problems fully. So we haven’t had the right solutions.

Sadly it starts to erase all the beautiful things in this world when we only point out the evil. Good is amongst the issues. We are the answers. Our hearts are filled with the answers. We just have to dig deeper to find them.

Today I look forward to a good day. One with family surrounded around me. 

C.L Cunningham 

Happy 🌺

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