An August Sunday Morning

Woken up to a soft melody of love and affection. I decided to sing songs of the Divine goodness bestowed upon me, with prayer and worship.

I have a full day of family time mapped out in my mind today. I must say that it is a beautiful one indeed. The picture above definitely makes up our family as a whole.

What do you and your family like to do on Sunday’s. I love to be cuddled up with thoughts of my man, because I’m his biggest fan.

Wishing you and yours peace and blessings.

Xoxo Kandee

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Pleasantly peaceful 

This Christmas playing lighting in the background as I lay and write by the dim light of this IPad.

Poetic poetry and honest dialogue about truthful information.

The world isn’t always what it seems. Jumped into parallels between love and light. Found hidden behind judgments put together by faith. 

It is what it is has been my motto for most of my days on this here earth.

December 23rd.  I woke up….thank goodness. Today wasn’t promised. Good thing I didn’t leave the 22nd on a bad note.🎵

The need to be present is important. Stay too close to the past and continue past mistakes. Stay too far in the future and miss today’s miracles altogether. 

The day is young as it’s just begun. I’m pleasantly peaceful. Sending positive thoughts your way. 

Enjoy this day enjoy the notion that it will be whatever you make it. 

I’m making mine marvelous. 

The weather is cold and maybe not enough snow for me on the ground but I’m still thankful for any hints of winter. 

Have a happy Saturday and hopefully a good Dec 23rd.
C.L Cunningham 
Sending you love and light 
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6:03 am

6:03am. Let me say that again. It’s 6:03am.

Why in these here Americas am I up this early on a Sunday morning.

Answer: I didn’t go to sleep. Okay I guess I had like a 45 min siesta. 

We still have cookies to make to take to my sister’s house. Probably shouldn’t have drank my wine before all of the batch was done. Meh 

I’m sure that I’ll be able to fall out soon. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed 🤞. Pray for me. For real. Seriously.

I tend to over extend myself and still be up when most of the world is in a beautiful slumber. I guess I find it peaceful. The slowing down of the world’s energy. Calmness is intoxicatingly addictive.

Hopefully everyone enjoys today. Embraces your challenges and loves just to love. Spread a little sprinkle of kindness and blow kisses to the wind. 
C.L Cunningham 

Happy Sunday morning 🌞

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Well well 

Went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for the first time last night. It’s hilarious how excited I get over the little things . I ate all the samples I could get my hands on. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I didn’t eat lunch 😂.

I noticed that my face was getting red while in the store. It started itching on the way home. By the time I looked in the mirror I realized that I was having an allergic reaction. Damn.

I told my gurl Tam that I’m allergic to the planet earth 🌏. She laughed at me, but seriously I break out at the thought of breaking out. 

Woke up from my Benadryl induced nap and ate the equivalent of nothing. Yogurt that is. I needed a quick boost of energy because I was definitely woozy. 

Now I’m up and checking my timelines. I finished some editing and of course I’m jamming to the beat of my Christmas music channel on Pandora. A toe tapping good time at 3:23 in the am. 

Friday is shaping up just fine. I’m doing a double cookie day. One with my parents and one with my sister this weekend. 

Finding joy in simplicity is the key for my happy days. I’m embracing the facts of life. I’m thankful for another day and I’m grateful for the blessings brought to me from above. 

Hopefully this day will be great!

C.L Cunningham 
Sending you peace and blessings on this beautiful day 🍪🍡

Namaste ✨

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Gentle soul 

Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Laughing at all the punch lines. Cracking jokes makes life a little more easier for an Ethel like me. (That’s a lil inside joke) . Some things you just hold inside because the explanation is too long.

Chilling mo chilling is the mood. I’ve already had enough drama for one night. Thank goodness it’s a new morning. Well at least in this central time zone it is. 

Wonderful. For things to be laughed off and taken lightly. Hardy har har.

Music plays and the holiday is in full swing. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so excited. Waiting for the Macy’s parade and eating family soul cuisine. Food made from the soul. With a little love in it.

Thankful for days like this. Happy times with friends and family. Coworkers and our own network of social friends. It’s a time to let things go and the flow of positive energy in. 

Feels good to always have a little peace in the world. Today I’ll try to be a little quieter with my spirit and a little more gentle with my approach.


C.L Cunningham 

Sending you love and kindness 🌞🍁✨

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 

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Realizing reality 

My son decided to have a dancehall battle with his headphones on early this morning. I woke up to the footwork over my head from upstairs. Thinking that it was eight in the morning I run up the stairs only to find out that it’s 10 am Nebraska time. 


I’m unfortunately still on California’s time zone and my brain wants me to go back to sleep.

I probably will.

After I catch up on my reality Tv. 

Saturday morning and I’m at peace. Looking forward to veggin and strolling timelines. It’s actually difficult for me to stay on social media without long breaks. Maybe it’s anything that points out another’s flaws.

Everything is front and center. Virtually at our fingertips. News about politics, social injustices, and opposition. What are they fighting for? I’m losing track honestly. Has anything changed in 2017, besides our attitudes toward the mess?

The millennial generation are more invested than most. As the saying goes the children are the future. It’s just jacked up that even they don’t have the answers just more attentiveness is being given to the issues. I’m starting to feel like it’s enough coverage and not enough changes in the actual laws. 

People voted a week or two ago and they were still disappointed.

Is life a disappointment?

Am I supposed to be discouraged?

Peacekeepers are a blessing. 

The amount of physical pain in this world may very well be connected to our thoughts.

I’m not trying to waste mine on things that will taint my pleasant thoughts. I’m also prepared to be real. When it comes to making a stand I am ready to stand up or sit down to help the next generations. I believe doing so is paying it forward,but I know that we haven’t figured out the problems fully. So we haven’t had the right solutions.

Sadly it starts to erase all the beautiful things in this world when we only point out the evil. Good is amongst the issues. We are the answers. Our hearts are filled with the answers. We just have to dig deeper to find them.

Today I look forward to a good day. One with family surrounded around me. 

C.L Cunningham 

Happy 🌺

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Avoidance is a nifty tool.

Ignoring something at an alarming rate.

The pros and cons are probably endless but I’m avoiding those too.

Feeling down sneaks up like a clumsy burglar trying to get goodies from an empty house. Goes away as fast as it appears.

It becomes up to me to redirect my mind. 

To pick thoughts that empower my positivity.

Thoughts that bring me back to my center and lift me up.

Mediation and yoga helps me regain a sense of self. Brings me calm and peace even on days that things have gone haywire. 

If relief is as easy as stretching and letting my mind find it’s own off button. Then I’m totally in!

C. L Cunningham 

Here’s a yoga link for anyone who wants to try it🌞🌻🦋🌈



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A peekaboo of Sunshine 

The light of the day is peaking it’s way through the windows.

I’m directing my son while he gets dressed for today.  Even as a teenager He still needs some of that mommy power to the rescue. I’m always happy to give it. Soon he won’t want to be bothered with my extra attention. 

It’s a glorious Tuesday morning. 

The house is getting into full swing. Everyone figuring out what to do and packing up for what is happening on this day. Sack lunches and backpacks ready.

I have no intentions for today.

I want the day to flow freely. Trying not to put any pressure on myself or anyone else for that matter. 

Excited to experience another week. Hopeful for a outcome that takes me one step closer to achieving the things I need.

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you all a blessed Tuesday 



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Opening my eyes for the second time today.

Oh Sunday morning…Look at you! You sexy thing you.

I’m sure there’s something else I could call it but it’s gorgeous to be alive. To smell the air and to look around and see myself surrounded by family and friends. Anticipating what this day will bring. I’m calling on all the zen energy that I can find to bring this day peacefulness.

I’ve elevated from the floor to a couch. Yay

My body is muy achy but a little yoga stretching should be all that I need to feel good again. 

Thoughts keep running through my mind. There are things I no longer desire to think about. Isn’t it ironic how one can fixate everything that inside on one particular moment. It’s almost as if nothing else matters. 


When a part of my being.  A little slice of my soul is still awol. 

It has gone missing. 

I’m not sure if it’s hidden from me or completely taken away. For now I’m ok with that.

When people are passing through this life. At a blink of an eye. Why would anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or unhappy be important? 

Today it won’t be. Nah today is a good day to live. To unplug my soul. To put down the news. To hung up the phone. To run away to a beautiful place and check out the architecture. Sunday is the beginning of a week meant to be spent smiling. So smile on sexy creatures! Enjoy this Sunday and everyday after as long as you can.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Sunday y’all 🌻🌞

Namaste 🦋



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