What is the science of my life ?

Everything around me is energy moving systematically. 

The universe is reflecting back my thoughts my wants and my dreams. 

The things I love that I like that I have are all in one. Exactly at the edge of my finger tips and within my reach. 

The science of  life seems to be ask and you shall receive. 

Perception is the key. 

I asked for gratitude. I was given reasons to be thankful. I asked for strength and I was given reasons to be strong. I asked for love and I was put in situations that required me to be loving. 

The qualities of the universal song is to open the mind to all possibilities. Well that becomes too large and to big to measure. 

I needed to shut my mind and listen to what was searching for me as I was searching for it. 

The answer I got was everything. Everything that I am searching for is literally searching for me. If I receive it with an open and loving positive heart. Then that is exactly how it would look.

My mission is to do just that. Allow life to be beautiful. To flow peacefully from one moment to the next. To open myself up to the mystical mysteries of this world and to enjoy the ride.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday y’all 

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Laundered soul

Dirty secrets of a filthy world. 

 Oh how I need to feel washed free of the sins of the skin. 

 Once again I put the cycle on spin and imagine myself covered in bubbles of redemption. Laundering the information of my mind to twinkle and shine.✨


C. L Cunningham 


The road marked “do not enter”

Friday oh dear Friday look what you have shown me……

 When I decided to check on my heart I wasn’t expecting more unwanted  attention.

 Once again a decision was starring at me and I had to think on my feet.

 Rather quickly I knew what I wanted to do. Now the problem begins when I know what I want but it seems harder than expected to reach.

 There are roadblocks that I accidentally place in my life when I’m not in full understanding of my mission. My destiny. It’s hard to move forward when even I doubt the belief of my dreams coming true.

This morning was a hard look at myself that ended with a renew sense of self.

The roads that used to be marked under construction are now open and I’m excited to see what is ahead. I’m thankful. I’m feeling better. I’m open to learn more. 

The people in my life are important enough to make sacrifices for. I questioned that before and now I understand that it wasn’t a need for me to worry.

C. L Cunningham

Sending you hope, and love in abundance 🌞🌻🦋

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