Last Monday of January 

Gratefulness and thankfulness go hand and hand. Kind of like one hand washing the other.

Or more like one hand watching the other.

When the question for today said what family member or friend am I grateful for. It suggests to me that I could pick one. 

The people I’m grateful for I’m thankful for also. I’ve been blessed with many different loved ones from very different ways of life. My friends become family. My bloodline is family no matter the differences I love them all individually. 

My gratitude is for having anyone to be there. Whether it’s just for conversation. Whether it’s for hugs and kisses. Whether they are from my womb or gifted to me by life’s circumstances. Even though it all everyone I hold close to my heart has a reason for my gratitude. 

Day 29 of grateful January. This last Monday of January 2018, I’m grateful for my family and friends. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 

It’s a new week of life’s journey 

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Grateful little stories 

Early morning and time again for a subtle change. Winter storms and days enjoying cold fronts are becoming my new normal here in Nebraska.

A vast difference from the heat of the West coast. 

I’m thinking of all the stories that have touched my life. The stories that have given me insight and inspiration. Stories that made me think and pushed me in one way or another. 

One story stands out in my mind today. 

It’s the story of the princess and the pea. In that story the princess was lost and seeking shelter. That while she was sleeping if she could feel a pea under her mattress. She would wake up bruised and actually be considered a real princess. It’s been told all over the world. Changed into new versions and made into parodies.  

The reason that I’m so grateful for this story is that as a young girl I would express my sensitivity to someone and they would just blow me off. I’ve always been very sensitive both physically and mentally. I bruise easily. This story allowed me to speak my truth. I thought if that girl could feel a pea underneath a bunch of mattresses and actually be telling the truth then I could speak up when something was hurting me. I still refer to the story to this day. If I’m uncomfortable sleeping I just say ” well I could literally feel a pea under there if you put it. ”

The amazing thing is as an adult I finally realized that I am what is called an empathetic person who is actually hyper sensitive. Go figure. 

Stories have a way with helping find out my strengths and weaknesses. I’m grateful for the story tellers and writers who have helped me get in touch with who I am. Unapologetically so.

Day 22 of grateful January and the question is what story are you grateful for? Feel free to chime in. I love all the comments that I receive. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 

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Peaceful journeys and pandora’s box

Bright and sunny morning outside. The wind smells fresh and cool enough to bring tears from the chill. I’m being thankful. 

Monday sweet Monday oh how I adore you. 

Listening to Christmas music and playing a couple of hands of digital spades I refresh my spirit. Off tune and lip singing I groove to the beat.

Checking out my social media and trying to be helpful to my fellow writers I embrace the day. Uplifting is a soul filled with kindness. I’m not always the kindest of the kind. (I think I made that word up lol 😂) (nevermind google searched it and it’s a word double 😂 😂)

I stroll and enjoy the thoughts of others. Shake off any negativity and keep it pushing. There’s more important things to think about. I pray quietly for myself and others turn my thoughts to a positive radio station so I can focus on the beauty of this day. 

Yes my mind tends to remember the past like any other human my memories can grab a hold of my heart and twist it tight if I allow it to. The trick is to kick those thoughts ass before they can have a pity party. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for myself than sadness. It’s time to live. Not that the love has faded or that the pain is gone. Those things remain. The only thing that changed is the want to receive the awesomeness that I am being given everyday. It’s available if I want it. 

I have to grab hold of smiles and laughter. I have to reach out and say good morning to a stranger. I have to be willing to send peace and blessings out to the universe to receive it back so that’s what I do. 

Hello universe I love you! 

I know that you love me back 😉 

Today I’ll let bygones be bygones and reach outside of my Pandora’s box grab hold of my sanity and unlock the mindset that keeps me captivated by the unnecessary. Dance in the rain of the storm kick off my shoes and open my soul up to gratitude because I made it through another day. Awoke today to happiness and the calmness of life.
C.L Cunningham 

Have a happy Monday y’all we earned it! 💋🌺


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Monday motivational 


It’s morning. Monday morning to be exact.

What it is about Monday’s? That feeling of meh hits me right off the back. I swear I opened one eye and was thinking hell no. Then I instantly decided to change my attitude.

Get myself up and start off the chores of the day. I have a list of things to do and I’ve already crossed something off 😂.

It’s the push and the pull. The gusto to power through. Actually it’s the will to get started. But I like to jazz it up. Hell it sounds better.

Today is a great day to have a great day. Life is at the palm of my hands and hope brings more change than fear. So I’m going to be hopeful,helpful,loving and kind today.

I’m going to sprinkle as many smiles as I can everywhere I go. 

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you a smile.😊🌈


Sounds like trouble 

Monday morning madness…..urgh.

Woke up late…meh

Had to get a back-up rides for myself and the child. 

Hopped in the truck start heading toward my appointment and clang clang clang. Car issues. Boom

Ha ha ha universe. You won this round. 

I suppose that I can’t always have things go exactly as planned. I mean that would be too much like right.

Days are funny and life seems like a joke on my worst days,but I continue to push forward with hopeful thoughts and amazing zen. The occasional cuss word to fill in the gaps of frustration and water to hydrate my feelings. 

Today is just another bridge to my ultimate journey. I try to remember that the small steps make big impacts. Slow and steady can still win the race. And today is just another smile waiting to happen. 

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 🌻🌞🦋



Art Army 

What do you want?

I scroll my tweeter feed and see a question that sparked my interest. 

Are you doing what you want or what is expected of you? 

Once again I say both.  Now maybe that’s the duality speaking or just my heart finally being in the right direction. 

If what I want to do comes with requirements, then me doing the things required is what I want.

At some point in my journey to growth in my passion I had to make a stand. I chose. I’m proud of my choice. And I’m beyond grateful and excited for the opportunity. 

I’m challenging myself to become a more zen and creative being. And I ask the universe to grant me an avenue to speak my truth.

C. L Cunningham 

Grateful 🌻 and sending you all positive energy. 

The Monday


It’s the Monday before work…..meh

No, seriously.

I’m very excited to get back to a paycheck and all the beautiful little smiling faces of a pre-k classroom. 


And of course there’s a but.

I’m sad to see the summer vacation fade away from my grasp.

I would say a bunch of stuff about next year and what plans I have for adventure. And if I had any plans I might have touched on it.

I think I’ll play next summer by ear. And enjoy this gorgeous sunshine of a Monday sweet Monday.

C.L Cunningham 

Hoping everyone enjoys this day🌻

Monday sweet Monday 

Oh how I love but don’t love Mondays. The weekend has worn off and the weekly responsibilities are front and center.  

Up early as priorities take the driver’s seat. 

Mommy and daughter sharing a space gets me up with her. As she gets ready for school. But I don’t mind. Gives me time to write and think about my list of things for the day. 

It’s a new week full of new thoughts and new experiences.

 Each day is different than the one before. Maybe with small changes or big ones, either way. There’s a whole week ahead to try for anything your heart desires. 


C.L Cunningham 

Happy Monday ☉

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