I love Fridays 

The drive here was mentally hard. Yet rewarding. I’m loving my stints with family and friends. It really is great to see everyone.

Much needed time to catch up.

When I get back to Nebraska I’m going to be happy that I made the decision to come. Right now I’m just preparing my for this new day to drive.

It’s Friday everyone and I hope you all have plans to enjoy some of it. It’s too good to go to waste so if you can get in some fun doing the things you love with as many limited restrictions as you can. 

You only have one life and the time clocks don’t stop for plans. Hopefully you’ll get to spend it enjoying life in the moment.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you peace and blessings 

Happy Friday y’all 

Photos courtesy of Pinterest 

Menace Tuesday 

Trouble early. A problem with a door. 

Hilarious how simple a minute can go from hey what’s going on to trouble in the water. Well maybe I shouldn’t say hilarious. Strange. Strange how I’m supposed to be studious as soon as my eyes focus in the morning. Wake up and get straight to the grind. Wake up and let the memories of problems download into my brain. Little infractions. Little issues that pick away at my psyche. 

I’m pretty certain of the direction of my life. My timeframe my be off. At least I’m willing to go pass my comfort level to see the other side. Try out a different storyboard. A new vision board. Still. I haven’t figured out how to complete the game. The game of thrones. 

The kingdom of Kandee has spoken and the squire has escorted me into a dark tunnel. Now we have to fight our way out of it. We have to come out the other side of it better than we came into it. We could do better. We’re trying to do better. The window of the world keeps shutting us off. Offline.

 Dead air….. revived.

What now? There’s no rhyme or reason to this phase of life. 

It just is what it is. Menacing. 

Tuesday started off. There’s the sunny side. That fact that I’m writing means that I’ve been given a free token. Another try. Amen. 

My days on this earth could have ended last night when I closed my eyes but it didn’t. So I’m grateful for my life. Even with the waves of frustration and friction. 

C. L Cunningham 

Sending good vibes your way. 

Happy Tuesday 🌞Namaste 

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