Frozen in time

Sometimes the mind plays a game of running and chasing. Running from a feeling,thought,or emotion.

This war goes on inside of us until we are weary or frustrated sometimes angry.

These are all signs of grief.

Let go of the things that no longer serve your spirit and open up room for blessings and love to come in.

Happy Monday luvs

Xoxo Kandee

Namaste is a way of life

📷me in the open forest and yoga

Mind twist 

Psychedelic tunnels and supersonic dreams. 

That time when everyone and everything got stuck between a voice.


Was it from the heavens above or the hell below? 

It’s never really easy to know when the world is hazy. 

And being crazy starts to be more fun than staying sane. 

Trained up the mind hoping the heart would follow. 


Turns out that the heart has a mind of its own. 

Resounding scream of a parallel tale. Turned a heartfelt dream into a fairytale.
C.L Cunningham 


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Laundered soul

Dirty secrets of a filthy world. 

 Oh how I need to feel washed free of the sins of the skin. 

 Once again I put the cycle on spin and imagine myself covered in bubbles of redemption. Laundering the information of my mind to twinkle and shine.✨


C. L Cunningham 



Morning has arrived and I’m at a peace of mind.

Finally had a decent night’s sleep. Man oh man did I need it. 

The mind can get distracted and confused when running on empty. In this society the things that we see daily take little pieces of our minds and jumble them up. It becomes very important to quite the noise outside of our own consciousness. 

My decisions are taking longer. I’m tiptoeing through situations because the need to run has often set me back in time. Forward motion doesn’t always take planning sometimes it just takes for me to trust my own intuition. 

I’m happy when I wake up. I’m happy when I go to sleep. I’m enjoying life and I feel blessed daily. 

Goodness and kindness keeps me feeling alive. I’m aware and focused on actually being connected to my life instead of watching it like a spectator.

It’s a beautiful Wednesday and I hope you all are well.
C.L Cunningham 

Blessed 🌺


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Art Army 

Ego trip

Woke up with a new attitude. A good one. Happy to feel grounded instead in a celestial state at all times. 

Got up to call around for a reality job. Well that’s what I call a job that isn’t pursuing your God given talents. Or your DNA embedded talent for my non believing friends. 

As I was walking I heard that wonderful ego voice in my head. Mine likes to talk sh*t about situations we can not control. Wondering why the things that would work perfectly for me will not work for another. 

Even with full understanding of the differences between each other in general. I still want almost perfection of the meeting of the minds. The importance of being on the same page. 

I sigh thinking about it. Let the breathing work of my lungs try to push out the feeling of longing. Waiting to feel better is a little overrated when the things you’ve attached to your happiness belong in the hands of someone else.

Today I’m going to make sure I know how beautiful I am. Head to toe. Voice and strength. Mind, body, and soul. I want to remind anyone reading how exactly beautiful that you are. Problems and all. 

The days get better. The pain goes away if you’re ready for it to leave and tomorrow begins again. 

C .L Cunningham 

Art Army 

Mysterious Mystical 

Mystic INFJ. 

I believe that I achieved some form of becoming mystical. The third eye opening. Awakening the mind’s creativity to the point that all attainable information can be found. Stored. Expelled back into the universe and then experienced in a form in which my psyche could hold it. Anything that I could imagine I could do. 


Mysterious is a world where anything can and will happen. 

When my parents told me that anything you put your mind to you can achieve. 

That’s the reality of it all. Where someone’s beliefs make them whatever they want to become. I mean anything that they want to become they can. If you want to become invisible. Then disappear. If you want to become famous create fame. You you want to be rich. Find something to be rich in. Enrich your life. 

This life may be one big ass game. 

Things hidden will always remain unseen if your not looking for them. But at the end of the day. Ask yourself did you live the day the way you wanted to.

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you love n light 🌞🎃



Art Army 

Nothing to do about today 

Can I be me?

I woke up this morning to the smells of an early rush off to work from a friend. Said a quick goodbye and off she went. I then received food for the kids from the ex and within minutes off he went. I decided to call the school and get things in order for my son. A few phone calls later I was done. 

I jumped on social media. Then jumped off social media. Now I sit and ponder on things relative. Or maybe just things that are relative to me. 

I’d like to speak on or maybe even vent on the things invisibly right in my face. But I won’t. I actually seen about 50 people doing that online. To no avail. Is there a platform for being yourself? Not the best self that is put forward everyday. Hell I can do that in my sleep. Sh** who am I kidding. I do, do that in my sleep. I sleepwalk through this mess on a daily. 

This mess of wake up want more, get more then repeat. I often think what if there wasn’t more. Nothing more. Like the people who have had their countries and homes destroyed by unnatural disasters. When a slate is clean there’s only room to recreate. To begin something one must start with nothing. If life was a monopoly game we’re all in jail waiting on the next person to pass go. Should we speak on it? Can I speak on it. 

Guess I just did. 

I can say that it isn’t enough. But enough of what? What am I looking for?  Because obviously I don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong. The strategy of a hamster wheel has worked for eons. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Or maybe we could wipe the slate clean. 

If people can be deported back from a country they worked to be in without any real regard to their contributions then we could reset the whole system and forget the rules not made by us. 

I had a wicked vision. I’m gonna keep it real. It was horrific. Picture the purge on steroids. The fall of society. It felt like redemption for the oppressed and opportunities for the deceiving. There is no reward for being successfully sustained. 

I open my mind to variations of this vortex. This earth ,this place. I’ve written blogs about the environment and the social nonsense of status. I’m living in the now right along with so many souls needing a megaphone to be heard. Still I zen out and let the lotus flower take over my spirit and calm my electric wiring of mind body and soul. 

With no disrespect intended but fuck this shit. At least for today. Today I’m going to be focused on things that have nothing to do with nothin. 

I read somewhere that it’s crazy or insane to believe in a higher power. I read somewhere that it was insane. Let me say that again. 

I read somewhere that someone’s opinion mattered. 

I’m not sure if it was the extra letters that they paid to put in front of their name. Or the fact that they got to put their opinion in a national spotlight. Maybe they had influencers pushing for that ideal to be available for the masses to see. But who the hell cares? Why should I care what that persons idea of insanity means? 

For that matter why the hell should I care about anyone’s opinion other than my own? People have been not giving a sh** since the dawn of time. Who am I to say that it’s wrong or right. But I will say this then. Why do we care to conform? 

We are waiting for breaks. Housing is needed. Food is needed. Clothing is needed. At least I need it. I don’t know about you. But there’s literally clothes sitting in people’s garages. Given to places that make the needy pay to get it. But that’s the system that we bought into. Blood, sweat and tears. 

The forefathers founded it. So that’s what I was told in school. But I’m now wondering if I told myself that all that information was just bullying by the history writers and that I no longer have to listen to it. Would it even matter?

There’s no racism unless your racist. If you see people as people there’s no color boundaries. Zero. Boundaries. If you feed the hungry with your surplus there’s no hunger. If you cloth the naked with the clothes that no longer mean anything to you there’s no naked. If people were allowed to roam the land and build whatever housing they could make there would be no homeless. The world belongs to everyone but somehow a few people put a price on it and the rest of us agreed to pay….

But I’m not a follower or a fan. Lies I tell myself daily. 

I’m gonna eat a banana. Zen my mind out and namaste my way through this day. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you a forgettable Thursday because I promise you it will be forgotten… eventually 🌞


I just received an email that asked me to watch a Jim Carrey YouTube video. 

He spoke of his awakening and another spoke about intention.  I always tell others and myself that your intentions are showing your true self.

If you are doing something out of love well then you’re trying to be a lovely human and most people will get that vibe from you. But if your doing something out of greed or harm or anything negative.  Most people will be able to see that also.

Everyday we intend on something. We wake up with some goal or plan for the day. As the day takes it’s course we may get distracted or of what we wanted was important enough we accomplish the day’s intention.

Wether we intend good or bad things our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts created the lives we live now.

I tend to look back on my thoughts and how I’ve come to be where I am today. I know that the plans for my life hasn’t always worked out. The most important thing is that I also know why they didn’t work out.  

I  haven’t always had the best intentions. And when I do sometimes what I thought I wanted I no longer want.

 I’m starting to feel like my ever changing choices keep changing my direction of my life thus constantly changing my intentions. 

I almost want to yell at the universe like “what are you doing !” The problem is that it’s not the universe’s fault that I have no set destination. 

I don’t know where my life is going…

I can’t seem to decide anything that I want. And I’m confused constantly because I always changing direction. I’m starting to feel like a navigator without a map.

C. L Cunningham 

Still changing everyday 

I do and would again 

Dared me to cross destiny for you.

And I did…

Now I can never turn back.

Here in the here and now I stay… Because I want to see your vision of what’s next.

I want to taste your sweet essence and touch, not the heart that beats in your chest.

But the one that unlocks your emotions. 

C. L Cunningham 

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