Creativity at its finest 

Ssssh. Hear that?


Why not?

Probably because you have no idea what I’m asking you. If you don’t know what you’re listening for can you hear it? Not in conventional terms. 

That’s when you have to get a little creative. Expand your mind from the knowledge that you’ve currently attained and look for more. May I say even that you need to look outside of yourself and reach for a consciousness other than anything you’ve ever encountered. 

The perception of a perception. Let that linger. A door to a mindset that has not been opened yet. 

If I have only been to one place my whole life how can I make assumptions about the world in its entirety?

If I only have knowledge about my current lifetime how can I make choices for the future. Past Present Future. What is beyond those. Something infinite. 

Ponder that. 

What is beyond selfish thoughts that steam from the only knowledge one has. The need to look beyond what you were taught is important. More important than just assuming. Or judging for that matter. 

I need more. 

I want more than that for myself and others. 

The ancient mindset isn’t exceptable anymore. Enough of the question about why someone else won’t do what you do. Enough of the push and the pull between fear and freedom. 

Go beyond what is asked for. Go beyond what is taught and meet every mindset with something new. Love. 

What I’m saying is I understand that the world doesn’t know real love. So it’s hard to tell people to do what they really don’t understand. So let me say this. If what you’re doing leaves someone’s heart broken you did it wrong. If what you’re doing leaves others in need you did it wrong. 

It’s okay to get it wrong as long as the drive to continue to thrive for better is in place. The human race wasn’t built in one day. So let’s be creative when branching out to each other. Let’s get creative about spreading positivity and kindness.  Let’s grow in the knowledge to speak life into each other’s minds and hearts. 

We got this universe! I’m starting with this post but I’m open to expanding beyond because my belief that the world and I can be better is bigger than my thoughts. It should be Christmas all year not just in December. 

C.  L Cunningham 

That positive chic with a blog 


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Who man?

Waking up in a comfy bed.  For a small moment I was able to forget that I am in a strange place.

Day by day.  The choice is mine to be whatever kind of human I can be.

I’m constantly hoping for the love that is inside me to be something special. 

Something mystical. Something beautiful. 

For a long time I couldn’t enjoy not one day. I literally found something wrong with everything.  

A perfect example is a gift. 

I’m still looking for a good way to be. I don’t even know myself. My dreams, some more vivid than others. Start to become my building blocks. 

I’m always trying to stay positive that those blocks will be built on solid ground. 

All sins are equally forgiven. Once I’ve forgiven myself I can do like a kind lady once said and have faith that things will work out right. 

Even when I’m wrong. 

That gives me something to smile about and look forward to. 

C. L Cunningham 

Walking this earth and feeling it’s pain. Hoping it will heal again. 🌻



In the fight to remain grounded in my being a part of mankind. I often wonder… why?

Why is the need to repeat past mistakes so relevant in our day to day timeline. 

We’ve seen the works of past civilizations. We read of the rise and fall. And yet our current mistakes look a lot like the historic ones.

I learned the word finitude today.  The state of having limits and bounds. Maybe that’s the missing link. We haven’t reached our limit of being negative and watching negativity happen to other’s. 

We’ve become so accustomed to pain that it mixes in with our happiness and become a pot of misery stew.

For those who preach love as the best example. I ask that you continue on. Human kindness is such a beautiful thing. Even when others don’t understand or believe in your vision. As long as you believe in it and speak from your golden spirit and diamond shaped heart. It can only be a blessing to others. As it has been a blessing to me when I am on the receiving end of it.

We all reach some form of finitude. It maybe as a tear or a scream. Maybe a whisper or somewhere in between and nothing is wrong with having limits. 

I seen a quote that said it’s okay to get tired but rest and don’t quit. I’m going to go a little further and say that you can quit. But if you happen to find your way back to the love you started with then it’s also okay to begin again. 

C. L Cunningham 

Starting and restarting until I show the love that I want to see. 

Who am I?

Even the best layed plans have flaws.

Growing up my daddy had a saying “smart dummies”. He would point out how even though we had enough sense to come up with a plan. The effect still either got us in trouble or caused us pain. Sometimes the plan would make you lose everything you worked for.

The problem with me is that I never cared about anything. I felt so out of place in the world,that nothing meant anything to me. If I wanted to do it I did it. If I didn’t.. I didn’t. 

I am not alone. There are tons of people everywhere who have nothing to lose because we never wanted nothing or never had it to begin with.

It’s not until my brain adds value to it for it to mean something to me. Money holds no value. Hell anything that can be taken away holds no value.

Can you imagine having a gun in your face knowing that the person on the other end has the audacity to play God and chose if today is your last day? All because they can. All because that day was the day they decided they meant more than you did. And they made you aware of a world where even if you’re the nicest or worst person on earth THEY were going to decide your path for you.I can. It’s happened to me multiple times.

The things that matter to me have never been tangible. I’ve seen more bad than good. So good things are almost a myth to me. Something fake…imaginary even.

All I know is what I can see or go back in my mind and take data of. The bad Always out ways the good. 

At least in my mind. 

So how do I find peace in a world I thought God would have blown up by now? 

I don’t. 

This is not a peaceful place. 

What I tend to hold on to is hope. Hope in the little elderly lady that needed help on the bus. When she got an outpouring of help from strangers she smiled and said “thank you.” And I could feel her spirit rejoice. 

Hope in the strangers who pulled two kids from a car sinking in water. They could have been indifferent. They could have placed blame on the parent or parents but instead they chose to be heroes.

For all the people out there trying to survive in a world not made for them who still are helpful and hopeful. Thank you. For all the people dedicating their lives and their sanity to bring joy to others. Thank you. For anyone anywhere that took a moment to be helpful instead of hurtful. Thank you.

For anyone who has ever felt out of place, bullied, talked about,  taken advantaged of, stripped of their rights and just generally let down by this world…Have hope. 

Hope that a better day is coming. That a better way is coming. And even if it doesn’t come for you. Be that for someone else. 

C. L Cunningham 

I may not be what people are used to but that doesn’t mean I can’t be better than they ever planned. 

Love n light to all y’all because who am I to decide if you deserve it?

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