What is the science of my life ?

Everything around me is energy moving systematically. 

The universe is reflecting back my thoughts my wants and my dreams. 

The things I love that I like that I have are all in one. Exactly at the edge of my finger tips and within my reach. 

The science of  life seems to be ask and you shall receive. 

Perception is the key. 

I asked for gratitude. I was given reasons to be thankful. I asked for strength and I was given reasons to be strong. I asked for love and I was put in situations that required me to be loving. 

The qualities of the universal song is to open the mind to all possibilities. Well that becomes too large and to big to measure. 

I needed to shut my mind and listen to what was searching for me as I was searching for it. 

The answer I got was everything. Everything that I am searching for is literally searching for me. If I receive it with an open and loving positive heart. Then that is exactly how it would look.

My mission is to do just that. Allow life to be beautiful. To flow peacefully from one moment to the next. To open myself up to the mystical mysteries of this world and to enjoy the ride.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday y’all 

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Illusion’s presence 


Life’s light turned on the presence of illusion. There in that bright glow everything started to grow. As the past started to fade away. Darkness became the color of emotions feeding life with love. 

C. L Cunningham 

Poetry in motion 

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Art Army 

That’s the sound of love

Methodical notes. In the key of E. Emphasis on the piano and a high pitched sound of a violin.



The sound or better yet sounds that I am grateful for plays out in my life as music.  


From gamma frequencies to delta beats of rhythm and blues. Punk rock when I’m a wild child and on the tips of my toes in a classical ballet. To the heels of my feet when a hip hop song plays. 

Taking me to church on a regular day. 

Music makes me grateful for these two ears. It drowns out my tears and lifts my spirits. It tells me a story and I can tell mine with it. Melody is heaven sent and I’m blessed beyond words with the gift of it. 

The music has lead me to far away places and opened closed doors. 

Day 10 of grateful January and the question is. What sound are you grateful for?

I’m thankful for another day to play music. 
C. L Cunningham 

Namaste is the way to peace 🦋

Sending you light and love 

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Memories that remind me to be happy 

When I was about 14 years old I went to Kansas City to stay with my great grandmother. I wasn’t being safe with my life and needed to be removed from my friends at the time. I was evolving myself in activities that were dangerous to myself and others. I needed a change of environment.

My parents sent me there to keep me out of trouble for the summer. I spent those months trying to figure out things about myself. During my time there I visited my grandfather and my great aunt Zista. I remember being afraid of that big ol worn down house. The creeks and the sounds from the old wood. I jumped in her bed for safe keeping. I knew if I stayed in her room just long enough for the sun to come up that I would be alright to sleep. I needed the sunlight to shine through and show me the things the darkness couldn’t show me. 

That’s the beauty of the light. 

Nature’s natural light showed all the things that regular light couldn’t. Once the sun came up I could see everything that was once hidden by shadows. Hidden by darkness.

Today I woke up with some tummy issues and with some soul issues. I let myself be guided through some yoga postures and then I let my thoughts be guided through some healing. 

The beauty of memories are that they can be seen from different angles. The beauty of life is that out of the darkness comes light. 

What memories are you grateful for? I’m grateful for them all, but definitely this one in particular. 
C. L Cunningham 

Healing my soul and embracing my truth 

Happy Sunday everyone 🌞


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Healing hearts

Walking the invisible line of wrong or right I become puzzled my the differences between my myself and others. 

As if I am the hands of nature I want to reach out and cup humanity in my arms to receive the love it’s never been given. 

The hearts that have not been touched for fear of not believing. Or should I say non believers. If you don’t believe in love how can one receive it in it’s full truth. How can you trust what you don’t even believe in?

To love one another comes from deep within. It requires you to leave your comfort place and reach outwards toward someone, something other than yourself. 

Puzzled I sit and listen to the spirit within. 

Letting the music play I drift away from here. 

As the world turns and fires burn I wonder will this world ever heal itself. Hopefully. One day the light will shine bright enough that the hardest heart will soften and for love to become the actual way of life. 
C.L Cunningham 

Sending you love and light ✨

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Fair shared 
Art Army 

Just for today

1 am-ish. I’m sitting here listening to a mediating music channel on pandora. It’s relaxing me as I write. My son is bobbing his head to his YouTube with his headphones on and the television is playing simultaneously in the background. Good enough of a night to feel the calm that is around me. 

Blessed in the spirit in this moment. Crazy are the days when thoughts override your mind. Little pieces of negative news or thoughts hell even reasons tend to take over. Don’t let them, I say to myself as a reminder. 

Yesterday almost got the best of me off it’s keister. Almost knocked me off my feet on accident of someone else’s thoughts. 

Thankful that I was able to regain consciousness. Thankful for the moments with my family that give me peace and a clear mind. Thankful for friends that check up on me for unselfish reasons. 

Funny how something other than yourself can mean the world to you. Something so real that you’d risk parts of your vision for it. Crazy how life and love intertwine so effortlessly but so chaotically it can drive one insane. Don’t let it , I say to myself as a reminder. 

Live today for today because it really does matter who you are and how you came to be that way. Every step,every journey, every reason matters.

You matter. I matter. 

C. L Cunningham 

Living today for today because that’s all I can do.

Wishing you Peace and blessings 

Namaste 🌸🌞✨

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Art Army 

A life unwritten 

What a day November the 16th was. I’m beyond disbelief of where my life is headed. Health scares and examples of how things used to be. Rebuilding a life…hmm. Let’s just say that’s it’s different from walking the un paved road to uncertainty. 

I’m focused on getting somewhere that my mind, heart, and body can align. Enlightenment or the lack there of is confusing at times. I’m always looking for the real. As if the fake is any less real. If the world has been given both to use then who am I to judge? 

Nothing is more beautiful than truth. 

Talking about the past. Laughing at how many changes had to be made to get to this point. The truth about becoming accepting to myself and others.

It’s scary and has its way of making me do better even when my ego is at it’s own coming out party. Ssh. I tell mine to shut the f**k up on days that it’s leading me in the wrong direction. 

I thought that once I knew everything that I wanted to learn that my days would be easier. Nope. 

I thought that once I opened my love freely that it would freeze the hurts and right the wrongs. Nope. 

So here I lay with my favorite pose and a good show to laugh at. Thinking thoughts of what could have been and were things could go. I found a post on IG that sums up my mood for this Friday. Kindness.

I can be kind to myself. I can be kind to others. I can achieve goals and stay a decent person. Wonderful. 

The yogis look for peace in a place of chaos and I’m just looking for chaos to evolve into love. 

C. L Cunningham 

It’s Friday! TGIF 🍁

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Art Army 

Can I get a plate of that?

Cosmic feelings of my spirit emerging into the love that I want to see.

Morning has been filled with errand runs and chore handles. Soul fixing music and thoughts of a shadow.

Puffs of clouds swirl from my lips.

Engrossed in mystical energy.Entering a different intellectual frequency for a spell. Thinking isn’ satisfying on days like this.

Wanting more. Feeling like Oliver Twist.

Terrific Tuesday. Show me your gifts. Bless me with your mercy and fill my body with your nourishing light.

C.L Cunningham 

Love and light 🌞

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Sounds like trouble 

Monday morning madness…..urgh.

Woke up late…meh

Had to get a back-up rides for myself and the child. 

Hopped in the truck start heading toward my appointment and clang clang clang. Car issues. Boom

Ha ha ha universe. You won this round. 

I suppose that I can’t always have things go exactly as planned. I mean that would be too much like right.

Days are funny and life seems like a joke on my worst days,but I continue to push forward with hopeful thoughts and amazing zen. The occasional cuss word to fill in the gaps of frustration and water to hydrate my feelings. 

Today is just another bridge to my ultimate journey. I try to remember that the small steps make big impacts. Slow and steady can still win the race. And today is just another smile waiting to happen. 

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Monday 🌻🌞🦋


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Art Army 

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