What is the science of my life ?

Everything around me is energy moving systematically. 

The universe is reflecting back my thoughts my wants and my dreams. 

The things I love that I like that I have are all in one. Exactly at the edge of my finger tips and within my reach. 

The science of  life seems to be ask and you shall receive. 

Perception is the key. 

I asked for gratitude. I was given reasons to be thankful. I asked for strength and I was given reasons to be strong. I asked for love and I was put in situations that required me to be loving. 

The qualities of the universal song is to open the mind to all possibilities. Well that becomes too large and to big to measure. 

I needed to shut my mind and listen to what was searching for me as I was searching for it. 

The answer I got was everything. Everything that I am searching for is literally searching for me. If I receive it with an open and loving positive heart. Then that is exactly how it would look.

My mission is to do just that. Allow life to be beautiful. To flow peacefully from one moment to the next. To open myself up to the mystical mysteries of this world and to enjoy the ride.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Saturday y’all 

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Night falls harder than the heaviest trees in an empty forest.

Sitting in a frigid garage by my lonesome thinking thoughts of you.

Pressing my lips across this rolled up piece of white grape intoxication. 

Inhaling memories of when I would cry out at night while visions slept quietly in my head.

Deciding if a life worth living is worth the fight to be alive when this part of my story is unread.

Oh well

I’ll pencil in the new parts. Clip away the old. Fix it up with a delicate bow and call it some day soon. 

C. L Cunningham 


Away with today 

Working continuously towards a goal is the way to finding success.

I’m sitting criss crossed and listening to sounds of the day flowing around me. Pretending I’m in my never ending happiness. Acting as if the future is less frightening than it was a year ago. To be honest with you it’s become more.

Using run on sentences and cut off phrases as I express to these words the things that I meant to say. Letting them take on a mind of their own as we watch life go by and stand still at the same time.

I seen somewhere to cut the fluff. I laughed. Isn’t it all fluffy? Blue clouds and light of the sunshine. I almost forgot how beautiful it is to enjoy the simple paintbrush used to create this space that I’m in. 

I don’t mind time.

The time it takes to get to and from the desires of the heart. I almost forgot about you.

The peer reviews of my lifestyle that are vague snippets of realism and reality. Thoughts on why aren’t needed anymore. My journey is still the most important challenge I will ever face. Without having to face it all at once. 

Now isn’t that grand.

Seeing days of pretty faces. Written symphonies of what happened today or the tears of a stranger. Plague my vision and cool my heart. I want to send love to the masses and all share peacefulness of souls being lifted up.

Hard rock isn’t just a cafe but a way of life. Hard to go through but rock solid as a foundation if you keep your eyes pointed upward and onto the belief of change. Maybe change can be as simple seeing what is. Deciding if it’s something to live with or remember as a reminder of what used to be.

Uncertainty used to be my nemesis. Now it’s mixed in my weekly cup of tea. What’s more is that I’m more ready to drink from it than I am to plan for the future.

So be it. 

C. L Cunningham 

Writing life and sending hope your way 🌻




Letting the wind blow as I think of you.

My mind flows to earth uneven and unpathed. 

Grace becomes mercy, and everything becomes all things in the mist of a dawn.

No time for sadness when the time is now.

No room for gratitude if you miss the pretty picture. 

Looking within without a telescope of the view is humbling. 

Open to greater possibility because anything is possible. 

Thankful I’m here another day. 

C. L Cunningham 

Just a soulflower in a meadow🌻🌹

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The people along the way 

Thank you universal energy that picks and pulls people from all over. The folks who drop me kind words and intelligence. 

I’m amazed by the quick exchanges that are continuously filling my soul with the food of knowledge. 

It’s strange how strangers share light conversations and the benefits of that impacts my day to day life.

An introvert with extrovert survival skills. If there’s something I’m confused about I’m willing to ask for the information. And sometimes it’s good to allow myself to be a good steward to others. By listening as they explain their life situations. I get to learn so much from the people I meet in passing. 

I realize that if I put more power into loving the small things. The big things seem a lot easier to reach. 

C.L Cunningham 

Learning acceptance 🌻

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