1:36 Am

Sounds of loneliness creeping in. Reminding me of years past.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m where I should be… Home.

Learning to listen to my inner goddess and opening up my soul to the truth and it’s becoming more real than I ever wanted to feel.

Happy Saturday everyone in the world.

Xoxo Kandee

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Mind twist 

Psychedelic tunnels and supersonic dreams. 

That time when everyone and everything got stuck between a voice.


Was it from the heavens above or the hell below? 

It’s never really easy to know when the world is hazy. 

And being crazy starts to be more fun than staying sane. 

Trained up the mind hoping the heart would follow. 


Turns out that the heart has a mind of its own. 

Resounding scream of a parallel tale. Turned a heartfelt dream into a fairytale.
C.L Cunningham 


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Illusion’s presence 


Life’s light turned on the presence of illusion. There in that bright glow everything started to grow. As the past started to fade away. Darkness became the color of emotions feeding life with love. 

C. L Cunningham 

Poetry in motion 

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Nighttime reality 

Day has turned into night and Wednesday is about to be a wrap.

Spent the day putting together my latest book. A small novella based on a fictional story that I started from right here on this blog. Some good old fashioned fiction with a twist of mystery. 

I told myself I’d have one done by December and by George I mean what I say. Being an indie author has a special place in my heart. I do it for me and that’s enough. My stories all have a piece of my soul my written babies. 

After a long day of writing and editing I needed a nice way to unwind. Yoga is my go to form of stress relief. I’m super thankful that my totally awesome sister got me a new yoga mat from BalanceFrom Goyoga through Amazon. She picked out a grey mat with lots of comfort when I do floor stretches. Which is very important when I’m bending and kneeling this way and that way. 

Yoga is a great way to start easing the stresses in your life. It brings together mind, body and soul through breathing and allowing the movements free you. 


Feeling refreshed and offically sleepy I’m ready to eat some dinner and hit the cloud of dreams awaiting me.

Have a good evening and peaceful slumber everyone.💋

C. L Cunningham 
If your thinking about starting yoga or already in practice and looking for a new mat try BalanceFrom Go Yoga.

Namaste is the way ✨

Art Army 

Mood at midnight 

Puffs of quick smoke. Mood is relaxed and healthy. No problems for me in this moment of time. Amen.

Thoughts tend to wonder between what could have been and what is. Thoughts of kisses shared between friends. Yes there’s other things on my mind. Finally I have more important things to think about. 

Writing words to form into a book. Something else to pour my soul into. Work work work. Tempo is easy on the ears. Flow is a vibe with soft tendencies. Ah. The good kind. 

Peace of mind is a gift and today I’ll try to take it as such.

Visions of zen tend to have sin mixed into it. Guess I might wanna work on that. Maybe not today day though. Oops is that wrong 🤔. I don’t want to know. I’m just letting this flow control my thoughts of quiet peace of mind.

From our house to yours enjoy your Wednesday it’s almost the holiday y’all 🦋🌞✨

C.L Cunningham 


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Art Army 

Designer lifestyle 

Deep meditation. Listening to music that calms the mind, body and spirit. Songs that bring me mental cleansing. Staying quiet in the mind brings fuel to survival.

Everyday is another lesson. School is in session and I’m learning more than I can fully understand at this point. The way my life changes is unnerving at best. At times I think why bother? No one will miss the things that I’ve always brought to the table. No one will notice when the keys no longer stroke and I no longer have anything else to say.

So I say the things that come to mind anyway. Without an audience there’s no reason to be impressive. To try harder. I can be myself and never worry about acceptance. The power that comes with always being enough is transforming. Empowering souls. To ignore anything that doesn’t belong in your story is taking back your energy and focusing it somewhere that truly fulfills your soul.

I design my destiny. I hand picked my way to be. 

I decided that I’m going to have a wonderful life. I decided who I expose myself to everyday. I’m thankful that my story includes a higher understanding of the universe around me. I seek truth and it continues to set me free. Why lie about who I am to please anyone other than myself? No one is in this room with me. When I wake up and go to sleep nothing else is included in my journey to tomorrow. I’m particularly puzzled by the need to pretend. I’m too damn tired of pretending.

If I walk this time of my life with nothing but my truth then I’m in control of my thoughts. I never wanted anything to interfere with my wants. To change my mind. I absolutely hate finding out information that makes me question a persons character. Or things that make me question authority. Things that make me question God. 

I would much rather walk into neverland get biscuits with the mad hatter and blow smoke at the circle of life. 

Sounds fun huh? But is it fulfilling?

Today I will have a better day than yesterday. 

I will decide to let go of anything that doesn’t make me smile. I will experience the strength it takes to decide if I love myself enough to be happy. Putting happiness in society hands will leave me battered,broken and discouraged. I’m done with that. 

I’m beautiful. I’m wiser. I’m grateful that I am here. I’m incredibly important to those who love me. Those who really have my best interest at heart. I’m a piece of their story. I belong. They are a piece of my story therefore they belong to me also. 

Living can be amazing. I’m ready to be surrounded by love and the only way to do so is to be love myself.

C.L Cunningham 

Tell someone that you love them today but first start with yourself 💙

Love n light

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Live and love lies between two avenues

When I hear my thoughts on  replay in my mind. I think did I do that right? Did I express that right? Did I interprete that correctly? Instantly. I search for answers.

There’s time when I laugh a little too laugh inside. Where I’m a little too naughty with the things that I want or need. A little too angry. A little too sarcastic. All around too much. F*ck it. So. They’re my thoughts. Who cares but me!


To my surprise I realize that there’s more too it than that.

After I ponder things and breakdown my real reaction to a situation. Life becomes clearer. My map of Kandee’s ultimate journeys takes my mental navigation and away I go. To find my namaste. My gentle cosciousness.

Yes there’s days were I take no mess.

Yes there’s days when the stress of it makes me retreat into my inner shell 🐚 .

Fade away to multiverses bigger than my own.

It feels good to place my life into universal hands and learn along the way. I’m not always right. I’m not always wrong. Sometimes I’m wrong and it ends right. Sometimes I’m right and it ends wrong. That’s life as it was meant to be lived. 

C.L Cunningham 

Enjoying the night 

Sending you all peace and serenity ✨💨

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Art Amy

Party over here

Happy days are all around. Here ye here ye. The fun has begun… meh

Yesterday and today we have had two birthdays in the house whoop whoop. We still have another to go. Sounds super exciting and it is. A little sweet affection to sprinkle around.

Nights like tonight are cool memories in the current time frame of life.

Hearts are filled with party favors. Helium balloons just waiting to fly away into a truly happy place.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you love n light🎉🎭🦋

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Broken timelines 

I’m right but I’m wrong.

The price to prove point. 

Was it worth it?


To fix the broken pieces with anything less than bonding glue would be useless.

Once these parts are put back together nobody can break the seal. 

As long as the love is real and the ego gets shut off between each other.

This dream becomes possible and happiness can last forever.
Do want to spend forever with me?

Lend the roadmap to your heart. Let me meet you in the moonlight. 

Hold you for a moment. Kiss you gently goodnight. Make your subconscious call my name on the low.
Ssh….Quiet that storm inside yourself. 

Yes, we got hurt once before. 

Yes, we fucked it all up. 



For a redone image of a fantasy.
C.L Cunningham 

Photo https://www.pinterest.com/pin/465067098990574867/


Art Army 

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