The power of knowledge 

Energy moves. The brain is transmitting information constantly. Even though it doesn’t seem like it is. 

Thoughts are gold. Thoughts are some of the most priceless things that we own. They create the past, present, and future. I imagine a world where the earth is coming together for the greater good of the next generation. 

Example of this is the great leaders of the past. They each envisioned a world that they wanted to live it. They were taking experiences of the past and working actively on making the present day become it. Which changed the way that the past was. Started to change the present and in turn made a better future. 

Knowing that any knowledge that I gain today makes me equipped with better understanding of what I aim to make my future is exciting. I can be anything that I want to be. I can change my outlook on life thus changing my life into my destiny. 

I asked for rainbows back in April. I see rainbows all the time now. I asked for butterflies and pretty flowers. I start noticing them more. It wasn’t that they weren’t there it’s just that I wasn’t looking for them in that way. 

By changing my expectations of how, why and where. I believed that they would show up and they do. 

I’m grateful for the knowledge that if I believe in something enough that I will find myself open to receiving it. I’m just like anyone else. Sometimes I limit myself. I put things on the back burner while I figure out if that’s really what I want. 

The beautiful thing about time is that it actually does wait. Yet it keeps moving. Being stuck in the past is fine if you’re a fan of history repeating itself. Living only for right now is fine if you don’t plan to go any further. Chasing the future is great if you’re willing to miss out on the present. I’m just trying to enjoy it all. Allowing it all to shape me and mold me as I in live this lifetime.

My thoughts are powerful. They are needed, but thy aren’t enough to sustain me. I need it all. I need thoughts and actions. I need feelings and emotions. I need a higher consciousness and access to my egotistical ways. I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m grateful for the knowledge of that. This way I can be open to change. 

Day 17 of grateful January and the question is what knowledge are you grateful for? 
C.L Cunningham 

Have a happy Wednesday and may you be blessed with peace of mind.
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An open book 

Books are someone else’s minds eye written upon a piece of paper. Their thoughts, wants,memories and needs. That persons growth process put into words for either entertainment or understanding. 

My love and gratitude for books started very young. I’m not sure if it was a need or a want. I started writing books before I ever read one. Funny how my first memory of a book was one of my own stories. 

I actually didn’t know how to read well until the third grade. I had knew that I had stories stuck inside of my head that belonged on paper. After reading some fantastic books from the library I knew that I wanted to be a better writer. 

I’m sure that books were read to me at some point I just can’t remember when. I  actually think it might have been books from the Kingdom Hall. My book of bible stories. One of the first book series that I can recall were about a bear and some toys. I then remember the Winnie the Pooh series, next my favorites were from Beverly Cleary. The Romona Wimby series. I used to read for hours all the things Romona would get into. She and I were very similar in that way. 

Being too inquisitive and landing ourselves in trouble. To identify with a fictional character gave me some sort of peace. A kind of secret getaway from the world. The library became my escape. 

Day eight of gratitude January and the question is What book are you grateful for? 

Beautiful how many things we are given for growth and knowledge in this strange but exquisite world. 
C. L Cunningham 

My gratitude is becoming an open book for all too see🌞

Happy Monday everyone may it be splendid 💋

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