No greater love

Looking at the faces of your dreams and imagining them coming to life.

That’s what I learned to do as my children grew up.

I learned to put away those dark places in me that were evil and ugly. Along the way I still made mistakes. I’m deeply sorry for those things today.

I love my children more than they will ever truly know because I don’t have the know how to show my emotions appropriately. I’m still working on my journey to the best version of myself.

This life keeps teaching that I can still learn and be better. Giving me chance after chance. I’m grateful for that.

Today I set my intentions on a hug from my daughter. I love her with all my heart. Her brothers and extended siblings too.

Today I say get out of your own way Kandee and take this opportunity to grow.

Wishing you all growth and love on this Wednesday in November.

Xoxo Kandee



Being a kid on the playground I would find all kinds of things. Cool rocks and the pretty little flowers. Once a kid found a caterpillar. Another kid seen that kid looking so that kid went over. That continued until there were a group of children looking at this gross looking insect.

We are all saying “eww look at it.” Next thing I know one kid gets a stick. I’m sure you can guess what is about to happen. Yep. That kid pokes it. Starts bothering it. As if the caterpillar isn’t already having a hard-enough time. Of course, an adult comes and saves it and tells us to all go play.

Years later I have a science class and we are going to study butterflies. I looooove butterflies. I was super excited. See I hated science. It was a snooze fest. Too much reading and too many questions. But for once I couldn’t wait to learn. We were going to the zoo to learn about butterflies.

The teacher tells us to follow along and begins to read and teach about how a butterfly becomes a butterfly. She goes into metamorphosis and I find out that caterpillars 🐛 ugly icky caterpillars are butterflies in the making. Talk about plot twist. I learned so much that day and I got to see all kinds of beautiful butterflies and moths.

I learned that day to one not bother things that I didn’t understand. If it is not hurting me or itself to just leave it alone. But two, I also had a new found respect for caterpillars.

To this day if I see one away from nature I try to move it closer to a tree or grass without my hands so it can go be great. So it can go from crawling slow to flying high.

C. L Cunningham

Lover of butterflies 🌼

Summer time

Sitting out in the night heat. Feeling that warm summer breeze blowing in my ear. I look at the sky and remember how it felt to be young. When school’s out and summer break had kicked into swing. Everybody couldn’t wait for night time on the block. The scorching heat had gone away and that nice breeze set in. Kids riding bikes and girls double butching on the sidewalks. We’d fill up water balloons and throw them at each other for that refreshing relief of cold water spraying your skin. 

Laughter filling the streets while the street light lets out a glow. It felt good to be young and still carefree from all of life’s problems for a moment. Just running for what felt like no reason while playing ditch um. But really it was just to let off all that energy you had built up all day relaxing.

I can still hear my momma yelling out the window for one of us to bring her something. The kids telling jokes and calling names not to be mean but just for fun. I would always climb the tree in the front yard to disappear and just soak in the vibe. It’s summer time again and it doesn’t feel like it did then. I wish I could go back just for a while so I could enjoy it one more time. 
C L Cunningham

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