It’s a Sin to mess with my Zen

Today has been a long day. Off to work by 7:45 to get there at 8.

Stay til 6.

I’m grateful for the hours. Sometimes sitting with my thoughts too long gives me a heep of information but not enough fulfillment in the lonely moments.

It’s nice to share your thoughts with someone.

I stay inside most of my days away from the race of life. Which is why I appreciate it when I get out.

I find it hard for me to interact with people from time to time.

My peace is very important to me.

It’s taken years to achieve Zen.

I’m being more open to the mindset of being adventurous and seeing the world. Yet I’m cautious of the dark minds that I may encounter along the way.

My motto is that the more positive I am the better.

It’s a Sin to mess with my Zen, and it’s a blessing if you can help me stay in it.

Hope your night is filled with love.

Xoxo Kandee

Namaste is the way

PS. T-shirts will be available soon 😼

Thurs thoughts

Having one of those mornings. 

The kind where you don’t feel good or bad. I guess the word I’m looking for is indifferent. 

Not really having an opinion either way. I’m just here.

Lying here as the fan blows and life flows abundantly around me. Being seen and not heard. Tip toeing around topics that are near and dear to my heart.

The day will shape itself. The world will keep turning and much of the same will remain the same.

Flowery thoughts.  The search for something pretty and the hopes that I’ll find a place that I belong in this world.

C. L Cunningham 

Climbing from under a rock just to  hide in my shell 🐢

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