Hanging out in the west coast sun gave me browner skin and a drive for greatness.

Something about seeing people move about chasing their dreams makes me want to do more.

When I hear the song West by Karate Kidd. It gives me the vision of a man chasing after his dream.

With a chill vibe and nice beats he takes his journey on a musical road trip.

Check out West by Karate Kidd in the link below.


August 26th 2018

Today a mystic thought came to mind and therefore I searched for it’s reply.

At 5:55 am the word paradigm popped into my existence so I searched Goggle. I wasn’t looking for it in language form. I was searching for a scientific connection.

And “presto migicgo” there it was…

A Theory emerged.

There are 2 universes


Are there more?

“A paradigm shift (a radical theory change) a concept indentified by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996), is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practice of a scientific discipline.

Wonders of the universe come to me in the darkness. They reveal themselves in the light.

Happy Sunday everyone


Xoxo Kandee

📸 gofiles.org

Wikipedia cited information paradigm

Who loves books?

I do!

Saturday’s are made for relaxing with a good book and cool vibes. May you all have love and relaxation in your part of this planet.

Happy Saturday loves!


Xoxo Kandee

Author in training 

I joke about how hard the journey has been from writing to publishing my books. In truth it’s been a very slow journey. Turtle slow. 

I chose to finish my first book and make it available just to fulfill my goal of becoming an author. I didn’t and still don’t know the ends and outs of the book business. I continue to find out new information daily. I have been blessed to even have one book let alone four. 

I see so many indie authors and mainstream authors experience the art of telling a story about life and exploring fictional characters that are made up of different dimensions and different directions. 

I find it exciting to branch out my mind and make a figure of my imagination and thoughts into pages of a book. 

One day I will write a novel, but for now I’m enjoying the short stories of novellas. 

Are there any more authors that can feel where I’m coming from? I’d love to hear your experiences with writing. 
C. L Cunningham 
Here are my paperback books and I also have an Ebook. All are available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble. 


Coming Soon!

Exciting news

Hey everyone I’m excited to share with you the launch of my new book. I’m looking for a few social friends to spread the word. You will receive an early birds pdf copy of the book and a mention in the book!!!! If your interested in joining please email me at findingkandee@gmail.com today!   
C. L Cunningham 

Kandee came home 

Destination home team is in in full effect. I’m settling in well with my parents and getting a parental break finally… yay.

I seriously forgot about the bugs and air quality. I mean if swimming underwater is the way you want to breathe just ask me how it feels. 😂

But all in all I’m ok. I’m not quite yet ready for certain conversations. Truth. I’m bitter. I’m hurt. I’m saddened by the demise of certain things and moving past others. Life is funny in the most un hilarious ways. 

Hey. It happens right. Life goes on and days turn into nights and we will find love again. If not in each other in someone else. 

I’m tired. Yoga stretches and squats in various ways keeps me focused. 

I’m writing a new book. Writing two blogs simultaneously ,monthly trying to be heard not seen. I made my big jump and got back on Instagram. Let’s see how that goes the jury is still out on that lol. 

My wacky snaps keeps me laughing. I don’t have many followers so it’s completely comfortable. 

I’m just happy to be back even though it doesn’t feel like I’ll be here long it’s comforting to have a peace of mind. 
C.L Cunningham 

Sending love n light ☃️

Photo courtesy of  https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/hyamei/a-little-detour/?utm_content=bufferf5240&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Artist Abigail Adela Cruz 

Art Army 

November again 

Well well well.

It’s November again. November is the one year mark of me in California. Yay. I suppose.

It’s also the fantastic month of my brother and goddaughter’s birthdays. Both on the same day. One of my day one besties was born today. Quite a few memories with that girl. I laugh inside thinking of the fun me and her had. I’m also celebrating one more very important birthday. 

Sentimental I guess. 

Grade school taught us that November was a month of peace. Of partaking in family gatherings and meeting new friends. Sharing food,fun,and inspiration. 

Being thankful is the theme for November.

I plan to find my thanksgiving. To let differences be different. And allow life become a painting that I hold the paintbrush to.

Here’s to new beginnings. Thankful hearts. Peaceful minds. Accompanied by bright energies and True hearted souls. 

The leaves are falling. Love still exists and my thoughts are with the moon.

C. L Cunningham 🍂🌾🍁 Happy November 

Photo  courtesy of https://goo.gl/images/q9nb25

Fair Shared 

Art Army 


Walked up to the mothership and tapped on metal the window. ET answered the door and told me that I was finally home. #scifisat 

C.L Cunningham 👾

Am I 

I woke up today…

I’m thankful for that. 

Yesterday I wasn’t in the best headspace. 

Yesterday my patience was low and my sadness was high. 

I got up expecting to have a fun filled day.  I was going to take my youngest son swimming.  He’s a teenager but a young one by autism and not age so he would have enjoyed it. The others declined the offer to go swimming with mom. I’m kool but not quite that cool if you get my parent vibe. 

Instead of just walking to the pool I googled it instead. Boy oh boy was I disappointed. 

It didn’t have a wade part. No water slide or even diving boards. I like seeing folks diving off the board. Hearing the splash. Enjoying the laughter or cheers. 

The children yelling in joy when they slide down. And this public pool had none of that. So I threw that plan out and watched a movie instead. I laughed a little and relaxed some.

But the I felt another irritation of thoughts and then a pain here and another there. And I began to feel negative. 

The day ended fairly peaceful and I got to wakeup and start over.

I feel blessed. 

I could have went to sleep and my last day in my mind could have been filled with what I perceived as pain. But I didn’t. I woke up more peaceful more excited and more happy. 

C. L Cunningham 

I wish that your today is happier than your yesterday. And your tomorrow more enjoyable than your today.

Love n light 

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