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Namaste 🙏 everyone and good morning luvs. I set my intentions on love, gratitude, and thankfulness. For the wonderful people who are in my life. My family and friends. Co workers and online community. For the beautiful people that I meet everyday in this strange world of ours. I salute the glorious sunshine in your spirits and I transcend my light with the universal divine spirit as we all unite as one in goodness and glory. Sending peace and prosperity to all on this peaceful Sunday 💛

Xoxo Kandee

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How gratitude helps 

Having a grateful heart starts with allowing oneself to enjoy life. 

Let me explain.

Alarm goes off and instead of regretting the to do list for your day. You take a moment to appreciate the truth. You’re alive to see the day unfold.  This gives you the opportunity for something new and wonderful to happen in that day.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re smiling other people tend to smile. Suddenly the world is smiling with you and not at you. 

How about when you say thank you for the simplest thing. The person receiving the thank you brightens up just a little. Their mood changes even for a moment and it’s enlightening. 

I don’t have any real resolutions for the year. No huge expectations for it either. I’m thankful and grateful for the gift of life. A joy of writing and my trusty but untrusty IPad. It allows me to do quick research and fast jotting in the heat of information.

Today I give myself permission to be myself and to enjoy every minute of this day. I love the spirit of zen that I receive when I let go and indulge myself with gratitude for life, loved ones, and blessings. 

It’s day 2 of the 30 days of gratitude and I ask you what kind of technology are you grateful for?

Feel free to write it down. I love hearing from you all. 

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you positive vibes and blessings 

Namaste 🌼

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Today’s surprises 

 She walked through the door and looked out for signs of the future. “Hey there mystic gurl I heard that you were looking for me “the future said. She smiled and whispered “yes…why yes I was”. ” Grab a hold I’m about to show you something amazing ” ….well hell let’s go make history then”.💋✨. 
Hello Wednesday morning. How are you? Tuesday night was a bit of a doozy so I’m sending positive vibes to today. 

Cosmic adventures and ascending energy pushed past the point of steady returns I lay down my head and listen to gentle tunes.  I’m happy again. Against all odds I’m still here. Thankful I send out peaceful blessings to the universe and my family plus friends. 

Today has its surprises ready. 

So ready or not here they come. Best thing to do is love each moment and take mental snapshots of all the good stuff . A selfie or two doesn’t hurt either.🦋

Have a great Wednesday everyone 

C.L Cunningham 

Peace and blessings ✨🙏🏼

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Happiness everyday 

Okay the title is a bit misleading to say the least because happiness definitely doesn’t happen everyday. 

That would literally be a full time job. 

Realistically the want for happiness will be up and down. Now that I gave my disclaimer let me guide you on a journey. 

I put all my eggs in a relationship basket. The basket broke my eggs got scrambled and I still found that life goes on. I was majorly depressed. Suicidal thoughts plagued my mind the best thing that happened was a breakdown. 

I found myself and that forever changed my outlook. See life sends us on unexpected journeys. We meet people who are there just to lend us a hand in finding ourselves. Maybe they have advice for you. Maybe they’re your karmic reflection and they bring you a revelation. Maybe they’re just a shoulder to cry on. Whatever they maybe they may be there for a reason or a season. It’s okay to look for others for help. It’s the way the world works. I’ve found that if I embrace the good in others I will find the good things about myself. Thus leading to my happiness. 

Happiness starts inside. It’s okay to let out your frustrations but remember to never let them control your outlook on life. 

Today has been a mellow one. I’m prioritizing the way I want my life to be. The plans for the future are my mini blueprint. Good thing that I’ve written them in chalk so I can erase them and add something new anytime the plan is no longer working. 

I’m encouraged daily to be a better person. Seek and you shall find right. 

Here’s a cool video to boost your thoughts and hopefully bless you the way it has blessed me. 
C. L Cunningham 

Sending positive vibes your way💋


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Vegas strip

I ran the Vegas strip. “Zoom” (I can hear the Flintstone footwork👣 in the background of my mind.)

It’s 2:29 am and we are finally reboarding the Greyhound that is taking us back to Nebraska.

I started the journey off happy which slowly turned into sadness. When I think of the things that I didn’t get to see and do. Who I’m going to miss is probably the hardest.

As Doris Day would say “K Syrah Syrah. What will be will be.” I hope she was right.

My life definitely leads me to the things that I say that I want. Good bad or indifferent. I said that I would make it back to Vegas. To my surprise it’s happening. Not quite the way that I envisioned but hell at this point,nothing has turned out how I fantasized it would.

So much for fantasies.

Today me and the children will be spending our day on the bus. Traveling from the West coast to the Midwest. From hot to cold. I think my story has a sense of humor. At least I get to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in years.

It’s holiday time. So I’m going to stay in a festive persona. I may be in transition and my heart hurts much more than I expected. Still I can say this is only a ride. I’m along for the ride life has seemed to direct me to. There may be some bumps. There may even be some delays,but I’m having faith that things will turn out right.

C.L Cunningham
Happy Thursday 🌺

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Can you feel it?

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday I woke up thinking it was today. I’m so over this week that I’m mentally pushing it forward.

I mean where do I begin?(warning 🚨 possible rant in process)I did an impromptu exploration over the weekend and thank you universe for the urge to do so,because now I’m packing up to move back to my home town.

Besides being excited once again at the thought of eating some of the comfort foods that I’ve been missing. I’m glad I get to see family and friends.

To my surprise it’s happening before the holidays…yay!

I mean seriously can you feel my excitement through the screen!!!🌼
Now I’m aware that the frigid cold is going to be almost unbearable and I have absolutely no fashion sense for a real blizzard weather winter.I’m hoping Pinterest has my back with some awesome clothing boards.

It’s the little things that give me anxiety.

Maybe it’s nervousness. I don’t know what I’m feeling exactly. Life is coming at me so quickly that I have to make spontaneous decisions and pray that they’re in my best interest.
I figured if I’m still following my heart,then I can’t go wrong.
Today I’m dropping off books. Running some errands and enjoying my last day in Cal City.

C.L Cunningham
Hoping today is wonderful
Happy Tuesday y’all ❤

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Swisher sweet

The ties that bind are tighter than any rope. ➰

Today is another Saturday of family interactions. Friendly reactions even when attitudes are on high. Remembering why it’s important to live in the now instead of the yesterdays. 

Trying not to miss…..anything.

Nothing is too serious. Ready to sit back and enjoy the lazy breezes. Looking up fashion on Pinterest. Mixing the newest styles with my mature classy flow. 

Embracing my own unique sensibility. But still needing to capture my sexiness. Unapologetically enhancing myself.

I love days when I get to bring my vision board into effect. Make some of my dreams come true and kiss negativity buh bye. 

It’s a sunny semi warm day. Life is looking different but still good. Love is still in abundance. Forgiveness last forever and I’m always grateful for that. 

I’m ready for the 🌎 world to shine bright and beautiful 🌻.

C.L Cunningham 

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Positive hopes 

Hopefully this day has started off for you better than it has for me. Had a long night of thinking. 

Once again I was disappointed by events that I have little to no control over. I guess it’s my control of not dealing with it anymore that is my power. Letting go seems harder than I expected. Wanting to hang on seems to be like getting rug burn on my hands.

I’m thankful for another day to try again. 

My thoughts leave me in awe sometimes. My ability to be lonely in a crowded room is a talent that I’d like to diminish. Throw away the tears and smile again. 

I have some important business to handle today. Hopefully it goes well. Putting out positive energy is my best defense for anxiety. 

Talking to friends and family helps. Even when conversations don’t go exactly as planned. It’s still a comfort to be able to pick up the phone and make the call. It helps on days like this. 

For the rest of today I’m going to continue to smile. Focuse on the things that I can have input in and breathe out negative emotions.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Sunday y’all 



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From my heart 

Listening to Jhene Aiko. Wondering if the days will go the way I plan in my fantasies.

Dreams turning into realities. Passion and pain wrapped into one. Like a burrito on Taco Tuesday. Eaten with the same vigor and hunger as the starving artist.

I want it. The it that makes me have night terrors filled with leg shakes and big finishes. Leaving a smile on my twisted gently face. Covered with naughty expressions and released mental love letters.

Poetry from my soul to another’s. 

From my heart to the universal sky.

C. L Cunningham 


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