Brooks on the Rise

Imagine being connected to the moonlight and using it as fuel for your soul.

That’s what singer songwriter Brooks on the Rise does with her sultry voice and kindred energy.

The mystical sounds coming from this young spirit are beyond age and time.

It’s taken years to perfect her sound, but 2019 is the year of new beginnings and Brooks is ready to meet her destiny.

Click the link below to her song Storm and enjoy the beauty of Brooks on the Rise. I’m sure you’ll love what you hear.

Xoxo Kandee

Who man?

Waking up in a comfy bed.  For a small moment I was able to forget that I am in a strange place.

Day by day.  The choice is mine to be whatever kind of human I can be.

I’m constantly hoping for the love that is inside me to be something special. 

Something mystical. Something beautiful. 

For a long time I couldn’t enjoy not one day. I literally found something wrong with everything.  

A perfect example is a gift. 

I’m still looking for a good way to be. I don’t even know myself. My dreams, some more vivid than others. Start to become my building blocks. 

I’m always trying to stay positive that those blocks will be built on solid ground. 

All sins are equally forgiven. Once I’ve forgiven myself I can do like a kind lady once said and have faith that things will work out right. 

Even when I’m wrong. 

That gives me something to smile about and look forward to. 

C. L Cunningham 

Walking this earth and feeling it’s pain. Hoping it will heal again. 🌻


Pay it forward 

As the summer whines down. It’s easy to get busy preparing for the holiday season.

I’m the kind of  person who gets the giving bug as soon as the commercials start talking about Halloween. It definitely becomes the season to start giving for me.

Well even though it’s great to give anytime of the year. The holidays shouldn’t be the only time of year to give.

I’ve come across some organizations that are giving back and raising awareness.
Everyone can give a little to any organization that is focusing on positive outreach and the betterment of the community.

And I put together this small group of organizations to rise awareness and start the giving season early.

Hopefully one or more of these has sparked your interest. Please check them out and see the great work that they are providing.

C. L Cunningham

Should I tell the truth?

Do I hold myself accountable? When I wake up in the morning do I immediately put on a suit of armor and guard my moral compass.

Do I navigate my life in a way that will bring me bliss?

I don’t believe so.

 I’m sitting here thinking 💭 about government and people. If I was a judge at a court hearing of people vs people. What would I need to ask to be fair? How would I present the case? 

I assume that it would have to be data proven. Which side has the correct amount of data for the job that they are doing? How many times was the job done right? How many times did people get it right in a way that lead to a blissful life?

C.L Cunningham 

Searching for what is blissful 🌥

It’s possible 

How to live the best life you can possibly live…….?

Be your best self.

If there’s changes to be made in your character then do your work.

 Your work fixing and changing and becoming a better you.

It cost nothing to love yourself.  It cost nothing to love others and to be willing to sacrifice yourself for others. If “all we need is love”…then why aren’t we giving it? 

C. L Cunningham 

A fan of the Beatles ❤


I took less than I was worth to be a wife…

I knew it. I didn’t care. He was nice enough.  He was caring enough. He made me smile enough. And he was the better than the rest. So it was enough. 

I needed and wanted to be married. I was crazy with three kids. He wasn’t a perve as far as I could tell and my kids liked him. Hell everyone in the city seemed to like him except his baby momas. And even they deep down inside still liked him.

I wanted to be a good Christian wife. One my parents could be proud of. At one point I became a minister. 

I skimmed over my infertility issues. Lord forgive me… Because I just knew the Lord had me covered. If we couldn’t do it on our own. Then I had a plan for that too. We’d get a gestational carrier. At one point we had one and she couldn’t do it because she got pregnant…I scream!!!! at the universe for this all the time. He needed one of his own everyday it’s the one thing  he wanted. And I failed him.. And I’m sorry. Carlos I’m sorry…

I put up with his indiscretions because of it. The rest of it wasn’t bad. He treats me like a princess when it’s good and like Harley Quinn when it’s bad.

And now that I don’t know if I love him anymore it’s just a weird space. A very lonely space a kind of autopilot place. 

I fell in love with someone else. I think he knows or maybe he’s not sure. Because I kept him as a friend. I know better than to be a complete whore.  Even though I owe him 1 if I chose to. Because that was the deal we made. 

I always told him if I actually went through with it. Or wanted to. It would be because I was in love. 

Funny the things we say in advance without knowing. 

But I deserve better and we both know it. And he wants a chance to redeem himself. And I’m just starting to find myself…

I feel very confused. I don’t want to make a mistake or waste any more time…

C. L Cunningham 

Hoping your days are going better than mine.🌹

I’m waiting

It’s either really early or really late depending on your sleep schedule.
Nevertheless I’m up thinking about you. 
See I thought by now we’d be something better. I thought by now we’d be happy.

 Star gazing and night walks. Holding hands and morning jogs. Cups of tea and breakfast by daybreak. 

You and I should be laughing at private jokes and sharing smiles for no reason. 

You and I should be planning birthday gifts and waiting for Christmas morning to tis the season.

You and I should have evolved by now but we haven’t and I don’t understand. 

How a man knows he’s the man for you but won’t just let it be. 

I mean I don’t need anything big I just want you for me. 

I’m waiting but not patiently. 

I’ve made my moves I’ve took my stand but if your not the man for me I need to search for a new man. 

Time is passing by and I don’t want to feel these feelings alone.

Please take a stand before it’s too late and I am gone. 
C L Cunningham 

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