The showing of emotions as energy has been one tiny victory after another.

I tend to be everywhere at one time.

My mind is on work, and my creativity. My family and friends and all the visions that come with those thoughts..

Each day I’m trying to get to my dreams and loves through the power of my mind.

I feel deeply and sometimes I’m overwhelmed.

I try not to let it get me down. Reading, meditation and manifesting my intentions help me each day.

How about you? What are you doing to handle day to day life?

Drop me a line .

Have a great day everyone.

Xoxo Kandee

Namaste is the way 🙏🌌

Morning cup of Zen

Today is a sunshine day waiting to happen.

I looked into the horizon and seen how the colors blended together as a contoured mix of orange and mango. Touching the blue background of perfection.

It always makes me want to combine my soul with the creator. Touch the universe at its peak and praise with arms stretched on high for all to see.

C.L Cunningham

Sending everyone happy Friday Thoughts 🌞🌻🌈


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