Fight for the voice to speak truth on days when happiness is far from the reach of thirsty needs.

Power in realizing how to move forward.

Controlling my emotions is as hard as find a needle in a trash bin of left over metal….. hard.

This time isn’t to be taken for granted. Wake up and feel the winds changing the past. The future is around the corner and I’m sure it will be storybook with a hint of wtf. 

Enjoy these days when life seems uncertain. Focus on what sends light your way and smile through the darkness. 
C. L Cunningham 

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Art Army

Love saw it arrive

Pleasure and painful occurrences.

The double sided coin of forget and forgive.

Thursday is no different from the rest. 

A testimony to the strife of daily activities and corrupted communication gaps.

Either way the day still has to motor through into nightfall. There’s no stopping that. Since I kind of have my feelings on lockdown I’m not going to put a lot of attention on the hurt.

Annoyed by the speed of previewed happiness,I wait some more.

Productive waiting. 

Multi-tasking in my life.

Making an effort to be better at receiving the beautiful blessings of lessons still teaching me right from wrong. My stronghold on words excel in my frustration.

Yet I remain calm.

To right the wrongs from previous mishaps. 

Changing my mind on views that have been deeply rooted in my soul.

Letting go is easier than holding on to the thoughts that I’m telling myself in the mist of my ego trip.
Wanting things to end up fantastically stellar is a myth that I tell myself.

Actually just wanting things to feel better daily. Wanting to improve on how I make others feel daily. I can do better at that. I haven’t reached the finishline yet. 

Being human has its pros and cons. It’s highs and lows. It’s gains and loses. I’m just trying to make it all fit into a picture perfect frame called acceptance.

C. L Cunningham 


Limp noodle soup 🍜 

I’m feeling beyond under the weather.I assume that I caught a virus from my son. It’s slowly been breaking me down all day. 

First. I woke up feeling like my stomach was queasy. The more I moved around the worst it has gotten. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up to a better feeling.

If today was a food it would be limp noodle soup day.

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you a relaxing Monday night 🌙

October is breast cancer awareness month 

  It’s the wonderful month of October and along with harvest fun. There’s a big issue still plaguing many women.

Breast Cancer. 

Early detection is the key so please do a self check every month. 

The  national breast cancer website  has great information and a free guide on having healthy breast.

Please spread awareness, or donate anything that we can do, so more women are saved everyday.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy October 🌸🎃💋


Say that you’re on a titter totter. Now if you and a friend can hold it steady it becomes balanced. But if it’s heavy even by a little it starts to lean to the heavier side.

That is the exact same as life. 

You can pick either or. 

I’m sitting here wondering why there was ever a need for a choice?

Why can’t you have it all?

C.L Cunningham 
Taking a break from the world of make believe for a moment and focusing on the world around me. 

Peace and blessings 



Pay it forward 

As the summer whines down. It’s easy to get busy preparing for the holiday season.

I’m the kind of  person who gets the giving bug as soon as the commercials start talking about Halloween. It definitely becomes the season to start giving for me.

Well even though it’s great to give anytime of the year. The holidays shouldn’t be the only time of year to give.

I’ve come across some organizations that are giving back and raising awareness.
Everyone can give a little to any organization that is focusing on positive outreach and the betterment of the community.

And I put together this small group of organizations to rise awareness and start the giving season early.

Hopefully one or more of these has sparked your interest. Please check them out and see the great work that they are providing.

C. L Cunningham

A quick post

Thank you YHWH 🙌 

My kids have heard me say recently that I want to know what I am. I could just tell I was different. 

I couldn’t explain it. I just knew. I have friend Erika who kept telling me that I wasn’t crazy. And lo and behold she was right!!!!!!!!#!!

I going to take my personality info and try to figure some stuff out with my newfound excitement. 

C. L Cunningham 

I knew I needed info on dimensions y’all 😉

Help needed

Today I realized that someone can tell you how to do something but it still comes down to someone helping you out. Let me explain. A teacher can explain how to do something but still has to show most students how to do it. And even if they didn’t have to show you they still gave you the information. 

You can be creative but if people don’t enjoy it, it’s just something you did. It may help you to express it but until someone else buys, listens, watches,reads etc it just sits there. And those people who do check it out become the ones helping you out. Helping you get paid,helping you get exposure, helping you become experienced and helping you become more successful at it.

You can go to the best school but when you graduate if no one hires you if no one gives you an acceptance letter you still are failing at life. You can have a pocket full of money but if no one lets you buy anything you still just have a pocket full of money. You’re now stuck in the I have a ton of potential and little chance to thrive until you find out how to get around the situation you have been placed into. And once again help is needed.

It comes down to a chance to be better than you are. So don’t look down on help. Take it as a hand up and actually do something amazing with it. It’s not a bad thing to need help, think of it as the universe throwing you a lifeline…. 
C L Cunningham 

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