Fairytales and demons

Once upon a time I was a lonely girl living in an empty hearted castle. I thought Love would chase away the rain and cover the pain that I was feeling. 

Conversations with a vision of hope gave me guidance and an outlet. 

Wishing of rainbows and positivity brings me peaceful nights while the earth has grown cold. There’s no warmth when it’s all glittering in ice.

Demons dance away in my dreams playing ring around the rosy with my soulful harmony. They ask me to dance with them so I do. 

Few heavenly voices replace my fear of flying they take me by the hand as I wave to my playmates and take my consciousness higher. 

Perched on tree branch I sit. 

I never returned to that castle. I packed up my dreams and my things to bid it a farewell. 

In the meadowlands of gratitude I roam free to find myself and the love that I truly want to see. 
C. L Cunningham 

Poetry in motion 🌹

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When writing is all I can do not to think of you…

Writing about my days and my nights.

Writing about my wrongs and my rights.

Writing about the things that have little impact on my mind.

It’s easier to think thoughts that have nothing to do with you.

Why? Why run away from the scenes replaying in my brain?


Why bury the pain that I’m feeling without you?

Hell,why not?

What did me loving you ever get me?

Wet panties and a hard on for fake promises.

And why is it that I don’t mind that at all.

The little that you do. The distance you create.


The way you’ve made me chase you farther than I’ve ever made you run.

When writing is all I can do to remove you…


But once again here you are and I still haven’t let go.



C.L Cunningham


How do you know if what your feeling is real? In a world where everything is a game. And everyone is out to get something for nothing. How does a person know that they are not just being foolish?

I’m a heart lead person. I’ve been hurt before and I’ve hurt before but through it all I just want to be loved. I want to love. Even when it’s almost impossible to be sure if in the end it’s worth it. 

I always wonder if I can’t make the effort to try then how will I reap the rewards of happiness. In my mind love equals happiness. At least real love should begin and continue to bring you happiness…right?

But people are fake. They give some effort but no sacrifice. And maybe the problem is that people don’t believe that they should have to sacrifice anything for happiness and I do. I believe that we have to sacrifice fear for risk. I’m willing to risk time wasted, heartache and heartbreak to find a person to love. And I pray that somewhere in the world there’s someone else who is willing to do the same for me. 

C L Cunningham 

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