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So very grateful for today 


Thankful Thursday. I’m having happy thoughts about holidays that have passed. My oldest memories of holidays start before I was seven. When I was young enough to trick or treat and get new Christmas toys.

I love holidays and how they make me feel. They give me hope when times are down and laughter when times together brings me peace. I think holidays were made just to bring a break to the everyday world. 

A little of the universe’s magic into our minds and hearts. Today I’m grateful for the winter holidays as a whole. The season is just filled with joys and new beginnings. 

As we enter this season of love. I have to admit that my heart is opening up and embracing everything that love can bring. 

January is a month that I’m dedicating to my attitude of gratitude. Today’s question is what holiday are you grateful for. Day 11 and my mind is on hope,growth,change and love.
C L Cunningham 

Sending you love and light 

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Chakra of my life 


2 something in the am and meditative heart music humming in my ears.

I am calm. 


In a chaotic world where mood swings and bullsh*t corner the market I continuously have to find my zen.

I’m not sure where I belong I just know that I’m focused on forward movement. Slow. Steady. Movement. Not too much not too little, just enough to put my mind at ease to deal with anything other than my inner peace.

I value my peace for than anything in this life. 

I’m thankful for another day. I’m thankful for the people close to me. I’m grateful for the grace and mercy that I receive from above. 

Blue also known as Azul is the color of my dominant chakra. Creativity is my gratitude color. I’ve always been in love with the color blue. For me it symbolizes triumph. It symbolizes my mood when I’m down. It even symbolizes the way I express my thoughts. Blue is beautiful. The color of clear water in the mist of a wave. The color of morning dew in a glistening haze. The color of hope for things unforeseen. 

I return to gratitude everyday. No matter what mess or annoyance has happened in the past tense. I purposely focus my intentions on gratitude for the things that bring me out of a negative headspace.

If all I can do in this life is express how small I am and how incredibly big this universe and celestial divine energy is then here I am screaming out from inside my soul. I am nothing but a source of gratitude. A sign pointing upward. A roadmap away from confusion and into a space of silence. 

Today I am grateful for this life and my favorite color….blue. 

C.L Cunningham 


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30 days of Gratitude 


Hurray! The new year has begun and there’s so many things to be grateful for. 

January is normally known as a month for new beginnings. New resolutions as many put it. A time to start a fresh 365 days with a better outlook than before. 

I decided to give my new year a cheerful spirit. 


I found this chart for 30 days of gratefulness. I instantly fell in love with the idea of finding something new to be grateful about daily. Day 1 is a smell that I am grateful for. 

I love the smell of warm apple pie. That smell gives me memories of family and holidays. I love that smell as a candle and even air freshener.

Something about it reminds me that comfort is inside of my thoughts and mind. Plus apple pie is definitely one of my comfort foods. It has apples and those are healthy right? 

Here’s to being grateful for life as it comes and enjoying the journey as it unfolds. 

Happy New Year 2018! Let’s make it beautiful.

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing everyone a delightful 2018

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Could be

Could be

Make the pain stop

Give me what I want.


Days when I can’t help but be extra because what I feel is so strong that I refuse to let it go. 

And  I don’t care.

And it’s unfair.

But so are you.
This could  be  through. This could be done. 

Or we could feel like two kids.  In love.

 Constantly on the run.


Who needs a perfect love story when one with kinks and dents can become more cherished because of the time invested. 

Who needs to be closer to you than me?
I wish I was…. yours. I wish you were mine.

But your not and we’re not. 

It’s a long night. On a lonely day. 

And maybe it’s better this way.

But it doesn’t feel like it.

C. L Cunningham 


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Communication gap


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m at a place of zen. Probably because I had a grown woman’s moment and released some tension. Yasss. 

Mystical and very aware of my sensual side keeps me from going bananas.

I’m kicking back and enjoying myself. Staying nonjudgmental about other people’s lives is the key to not getting caught up in nonsense. 

I’ve expressed my thoughts as openly as I can. I’ve gone from one man to the next. I’m going through a divorce and it’s muy difficult.

 My heartaches from a love story that can’t seem to find an ending. Not my ex but the supposed next. I constantly say what I want. For some reason my language of love is misunderstood.  Blatantly sending the answers to my heart and completely ignored. It’s a little frustrating. Mostly because I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or a complete accident.

My Moms used to say absence doesn’t make the heart grow stronger it’s just absent. I can kinda see her point. Effective efforts need to fit both sides. I’m literally leaving the last over the same exact problems.

I first heard of this through an Instagram account of a young lady dating a known musician. I became very intrigued and wanted to learn more.

My love language looks like words of affirmation,quality time,acts of service, physical touch then last on my list receiving gifts. 


I’m very invested in my future. The law of attraction tells you to believe in what you want. See it exactly the way you want it. I don’t recall it saying be prepared to compromise on half of it. I wonder if what I thought I want comes with compromising that much is it actually mine?

I’m not worried about doing my part I’m worried about not getting what I need to feel appreciated and loved in a new relationship. I want to be valued so that I’m so valuable to my man that he doesn’t cheat on me. That he lifts me up in spirit and light. That he’s my superhero as well as my love affair. A man that can guide me by actually learning to speak my love language and not just wanting me to learn his. If I’m speaking English and he’s speaking Latin we still have to combine our languages to communicate. I thought this was obvious but maybe that’s harder said than done. 

I want to give my affection and love. Listen attentively and show passionately my heart without any restrictions. Hold my person tight and tell them how extremely amazing they are. Marvelously mesmerizing . Intellectually and sexually gorgeous.

It’s almost Christmas and there absolutely no barriers stopping life from happening except the ones we’re placing there. I want my Christmas present in a 6’4 box. I wonder if I’m going to get it or if I’m getting a box of socks instead. 😂  

Saturday is meant for good vibes and that’s what I feel. I’m not in the mood for joy stealers, finger pointers or folks with bad juju. 

Positivity is the way to be so be it. 

Happy Saturday y’all 

C.L Cunningham 

Hope you enjoy it because I’m damn sure enjoying mine. 

Namaste 🦋
This song is my jam. 

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Today’s surprises 


 She walked through the door and looked out for signs of the future. “Hey there mystic gurl I heard that you were looking for me “the future said. She smiled and whispered “yes…why yes I was”. ” Grab a hold I’m about to show you something amazing ” ….well hell let’s go make history then”.💋✨. 
Hello Wednesday morning. How are you? Tuesday night was a bit of a doozy so I’m sending positive vibes to today. 

Cosmic adventures and ascending energy pushed past the point of steady returns I lay down my head and listen to gentle tunes.  I’m happy again. Against all odds I’m still here. Thankful I send out peaceful blessings to the universe and my family plus friends. 

Today has its surprises ready. 

So ready or not here they come. Best thing to do is love each moment and take mental snapshots of all the good stuff . A selfie or two doesn’t hurt either.🦋

Have a great Wednesday everyone 

C.L Cunningham 

Peace and blessings ✨🙏🏼

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Life’s enrichment

Life’s enrichment


the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

“enrichment of the soil for more plant growth”✨
Sitting at the kitchen table I start to ponder on a thought. Why can’t I access visions or dreams that I felt like were promised to me previously. During this process of enlightenment I couldn’t connect to anything material. In anyway. Nothing.

The things I hold connections to are within. Feelings and emotions. Intuitive. As if I’m only used as a vessel. Someone to cypher information out of. The word used, pains me. I’m thankful that I found peace to substain my life but I think now I’m looking to enrich my life. My soul is running on easy. Once again I’m on autopilot. Scary. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s hard as hell to get to the peaceful place where depression subsides and calm resides. But now that I’m here the quest for what’s next pushes me out of the need for a comfort zone. 

Planting the seed for growth. I don’t have a need for certain things. I don’t have a strong enough attachment to anything tangible. So much so that my path to greatness will always take a little longer than others. I’m fine with that. It actually helps me divert from the perils of negativity. What it doesn’t help me do is reach past my destiny. It almost makes it completely clear. A straight path to life. My road map is a cake walk as long as I stay on the path. Now who wouldn’t want that? 

This guy.

Obviously because once again here I go questioning the things that no longer need answers unless the answers aren’t what I want to see. I’m debating on whether I’m obedient enough to stand firm. Not to be wayward. 

Wayward sends me out of the box throws caution to the wind and has the chance to crash down my mirror image. May send me on a dead end mission just to end up at square on….again.

Am I willing to risk it? How much as I willing to lose? I’ve already lost everything just to start becoming stable again. 

I’m going to keep pondering. I’m absolutely not going to jump off course now and take a gamble with my life. I’m just trying to figure out why the urge to do so is even there? 

I may try to open my mindset to dreams that are a little bigger than my normal self. I may open the box and peek out look around and see if there anything more to be. Open my heart and soul to risk a little bit more. I’ll stay cautious on the way. But for today I’ll start preparing for this life to be it’s same beautiful self. Listen to the universal song of love and be grateful that I’m alive to see it. 
C.L Cunningham 

Namaste Sunday 🌺

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