He knew

See the first time I layed my eyes on him. And it hit me in the chest that I would fall into a daze…that was it.

Nothing mattered but that moment. That the life,I was currently living was no longer my life. Mistakes were made but were all forgiven and that something different was available. 

I wasn’t saved or extra spiritual at the time. I just believed that if I followed my heart, it would change my life and change my view of life.

And it did.

My walk is not your walk. I was in the darkness looking for light. And even hell has light. I found God… my way. And thank you universe for that.

C.L Cunningham 

Still trying to walk…my way 

Love n light 

I hear the chains falling 

I hear the chains falling by the waste side. I imagine them opening up without a key for me to walk freely into my destiny.

I imagine leaving them behind and starting a new. I’m free to not judge my failures. And I’m open to growth.

My dreams are brighter than my realities but not for long. My hopes were bigger than my prayers and now my prayers are bigger than my hopes.

My days are shorter and more driven. Especially since my #1 job is taking care of my self worth. All other things will fall into place and I know that to be true.

I no longer live in barren places or a barren life. I believe it to be true because I want that vision to be the opportunity that I use to be and do more.

I’m thankful for each day and today is no different than the rest. Today I’m smiling on the inside despite what my facial expression says. And I wish nothing but smiles for all of you reading.

C.L Cunningham

Better days started yesterday you just didn’t notice

Love n light 💖

Quiet time 

It’s early morning and I often think about the list of things I have to do for the day sometimes even the week. Before I do anything just to remind myself of the things I have to do. It helps me to not forget.

But often in that moment I also like to quiet my mind and listen for the instruction of the spirit.

There’s times when I don’t hear any instructions so I take a moment to be thankful instead. There’s a phrase in church that says “When praises go up blessings come down.” I used to dismiss it as if it wasn’t always true.

I’m finding that my view of blessings has changed and I realize that everyday I breathe is, a blessing. And that my praise it’s a symbol of my gratitude for each day.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to see where I fit in this universe. To hopefully take each day and steady my walk for my homecoming. To not get off the path that leads to salvation.

Being great here may lead to success. It may lead to a blissful experience in this realm in this reality. Really I don’t know. I know that in my quiet time my success depends on the grace and mercy of each day. So I dedicate myself to being a vision of his glory.

C. L Cunningham

Taking a little quiet time for the goodness that surpasses all understanding 💖

A calling

As I lay here thinking and watching different preachers on this Sunday afternoon I find myself wondering what is spirituality? One definition is: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

I noticed that no where in that definition is God. 

I’m embarking on my on mental journey. I’ve been taught that the love of God starts in the mind. In the mind is also ego. In the mind there’s no one else but you. Your thoughts, your truth and your evil. Your soul attaches to the body. The mind is different so to speak. Example your body doesn’t tell the mind what to do. The mind tells the body what to do but if you have a wounded mind well eventually you will have a weakened body. 

My focus right is on the mind’s journey. I watched Rev Run speak and watched how Joel Osteen speaks. I watched Martin Luther King and read a blog “5 ways to transform negative self talk” online with Mindbodygreen.com. In an effort to learn how to express my walk or journey better. Rev Run said something along he lines of walk the talk or walk the walk and talk the talk. My understanding of it is to mean what you say by showing it in your life. 

The way of the Lord is through forgiveness and love. That begins in your mind by solely yourself. Nobody stands with you but God at enlightenment. Being spiritual is a soul thing. But being godly well that’s a mentality. 

Talking positively about yourself and others. Can free your spiritual as well as your mental. But forgive yourself when that doesn’t happen. This is the reality of a death driven life. But it can be lived in a life given way. I’m still learning and a lot of my speaking is self geared because I am also seeking to put the kingdom of God first. But we all have the availability to achieve greatness in Christ who strengthens us. Ours (a word I’m learning to use in these post thanks to a little help😉) is a life divine. I mean that by putting God first in every mental moment you have leads to the peace that surpasses all understanding. I got a chance to feel that for the first time. 

My words are my calling card so to speak and I am working on using them in a way that is more inviting so please bare with me on this journey. I had no idea my life was changing in this direction so please send me your prayers because I am going to need them. 🙏🏼 

I believe in the powers of love and understanding. I am but a prodigal son finding the way back home. Home is where the heart is as the book that I am reading points out. And that home is with God. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you and everyone a happy Sunday 

In theory 

iS it possible that God isn’t killing us?

Are we killing ourselves?

What if our brains have a self destruction button?

Everytime one thinks negative
Everytime one thinks violence

Everytime one thinks materially

Everytime one thinks in greed

Everytime one thinks in anger

Everytime one thinks sadness

Everytime one thinks seductive

Everytime one thinks selfishly etc.

What if that button in the brain sends out more destructive cells through your blood stream…Until you die? (Thus aging is activated)
Humans can prolong the process with medical fixes. But you possibly wouldn’t need medical fixes if you lived better. We polluted the earth. We added material things. We added government. We started killing each other etc.

Maybe some things we wouldn’t need God to fix. Maybe some things could  be fixed by a better mindset.

C.L Cunningham

Beginning to change my mindset ⭐

Spontaneous post

Sometimes I sit and wonder.. rather YHWH is waiting on us.

I probably said that backwards. I tend to do that. It’s my youngest son’s language. That’s how we communicate. I usually correct him after so he knows the way society wants him to respond, but at home he’s allowed to be himself. Maybe the world will change and that won’t be necessary anymore.

But back to my thought. For everyone who believes in a higher power. Is God waiting on us to do better before he fixes it? To prove we deserve it?

And for everyone who believes in science insert the universe. Or our universal core.

Is the world,universe,spiritual ream, etc. waiting on us to do better? To deserve the Paradise we have all been promised? No matter if that’s in heaven or here on earth.

C. L Cunningham

Up too late just thinking about stuff.

Love in my life

The love I give to family and friends is a love where I speak love into and over your life. I wish the best things for you in your life. For all humans in general.
The love I have and want to give to my man. Is a freeing love. He is the answers to prayers literally, because he’s here to help take the pain away. And I’m here for the same reason in his life. To put a smile on his face when he’s down and lift him higher when he’s up. To share my sprit and my soul with him to connect cosmically. That’s the love I want and that I’m looking for. 
I love my friends and family. But they can’t give me the love I need as a woman. They can only give the love they got. And vise verse. So I’m still searching for the love I need and want. And I pray that God and the universe have my man tailor made and coming to find me. 

-C L Cunningham

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