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This space inside my head


I’ve changed…hopefully for the better.
As I grew and learned. I found out that growing may not be as glamorous as I hoped. Yet I found peace in knowing that I’m working for every blessing, lesson and triumph… My advice to you is. Keep trying to get better and be thankful along the way. 🌌
Xoxo Kandee

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Art Army

Twin flame


Whispering hollows of satisfaction and lust as it turns into love.

Trust pushed to the boundaries of one’s soul the anticipation grows deeper.

The depths of our energy exchange ignites a fire of pure passion and seduction.

We become one body one mind one entity flowing through this universe together.

C L Cunningham

It’s Friday my beautiful souls and we need to approach this day as we do them all. With love and compassion. I hope your turn day turns out beautiful.

Xoxo Kandee

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I love Fridays 

I love Fridays 

The drive here was mentally hard. Yet rewarding. I’m loving my stints with family and friends. It really is great to see everyone.

Much needed time to catch up.

When I get back to Nebraska I’m going to be happy that I made the decision to come. Right now I’m just preparing my for this new day to drive.

It’s Friday everyone and I hope you all have plans to enjoy some of it. It’s too good to go to waste so if you can get in some fun doing the things you love with as many limited restrictions as you can. 

You only have one life and the time clocks don’t stop for plans. Hopefully you’ll get to spend it enjoying life in the moment.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you peace and blessings 

Happy Friday y’all 

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Power of expression 


Creative expression has become my passion. To communicate isn’t enough. I want to sing from the rooftops and dance at 3 am. Write old school love stories and recite  Edgar Allen Poe.

To be able to say how I feel with articulation has been a present that I’ve been able to unwrap daily.

Blessings can be so simple. I’m grateful for all of my blessings. When I was younger I that blessings were the miracles that I received. Now I know that their everything that I’ve ever encountered. 

Waking up = a blessing. 

Gratitude can be the missing link to happiness over depression. To love over hate. To hope over despair. 

Day 26 of grateful January. What form of expression are you grateful for. I’m grateful for creativity. 
C. L Cunningham 

It’s finally Friday y’all !
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Touch of reflection 


What is touch? I mean really touching. I know it can be considered an action and I know it can be considered a feeling. I guess I’m just wanting it to be so much more. 

An emotional response to the need of something. The need to feel or to be felt. Intellectually or physically. The need to go a step further. 

Life is full of exceptions. It can be twisted and turned into whatever the mind’s eye desires at the time.

When I learned that today’s question was what touch am I grateful for. I had to pause and think. I’m grateful for touch being a multi dimensional concept. 

From the touch of fingers to the touch of the heart. From the touch of emotions to a touch of irrational perception just before falling apart. From the tips of my hands to the lips on my face. The touch of a memory that I just can’t erase. 

Today I’m going to let words become my favorite touch of passion. 

Here’s a digital poem that I wrote. I hope it touches your soul. 

C. L Cunningham 

Here’s to the weekend 🌹
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A textured sense of peace 


Gritty and clay like. Cold or sometimes hot to the touch. The feeling of it under my feet or falling through the fingers of my hands.


From out door boxes to the beaches across the world. It brings back memories of peace and calm. 

For me sand’s texture was a beautiful surprise. Having children gave me the perfect excuse to play in the sand box and build sand castles. To play the day away and let my motor skills make fantastic projects.

It wasn’t until I my first beach trip that I truly understood the healing power of sand. The way it made it my toes feel as I walked along the coast. Standing there looking over this life size painting of oceanic wonder. I felt like every prayer that I’ve ever said had been heard,because if something so special could be seen in front me. Then everything else could be possible too. 

Day 12 of grateful January. What texture are you grateful for. I’m grateful for grittiness. 

A lot of things come from grit. One of the most important to me is courage. The courage to stay strong. The courage to move forward. The courage to forgive. The courage to not give up. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Friday y’all 
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How wondrous 


Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

Wherever this is gracing your screen I say that it’s a wondrous day to embrace the beauty of this grand space around us. 

It’s Friday! For those of you who have to hustle and bustle outdoors this leads into your vacation time hopefully. Those of you who don’t get the much needed weekend off this may be when you can sneak a little time in with friends and family who don’t have work or school. For those of us who work from home today may be the day to put down the work and enjoy the weekend. 

Take any moments that you can to squeeze out a hug or two. I’m a fan of physical therapy. Physical therapy can be different ways for different people, but human connection is the greatest of them. Sometimes the exchange of energy quiets even the most restless soul.

Today I am grateful for the sound of birds chirping. Sometimes I just sit and listen to them conversating with each other. Wondering what they’re talking about. I love music that includes them for meditation and relaxation purposes. Nature has many calming sounds and birds happen to be my favorite. 

Day 5 of grateful January. What sound are you grateful for. Feel free to tell me your sound of gratitude in the comments below and I send you all peace and blessings. 
C. L Cunningham 

Happy Friday y’all 

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