A place of change

In a place where change can grow the view is different. Mindset is better and hope resonates throughout your soul. 

Old pains are yet to be healed, but instead of running from the pain I walk through it. 

I do not have my life together.

I don’t know if I ever will.

What I do have is hope.

Each day new things arise and new information is available to me. The ability to receive them with grace and kindness is the new zen in my life. 

I speak up for change. I’m learning how to speak life into it also. I want to illuminate light. I’ve been given the gift to love myself including my flaws and weaknesses. I’m grateful for the life that I have been given. 

Sometimes I can’t always find the positives. That’s when I know it is time to sit in stillness and allow life’s journey to evolve. 


I don’t know what 2018 will bring. I’m thankful to be alive to see it. There was a time when death seemed like a comfort zone. Now life seems like the present and the universe is the blessing. 

I’m growing up in mind,body,soul, and spirit. 

Getting older has its benefits. 
C.L Cunningham 

Changing 🌼

Photo courtesy of Instagram 

The Fallen

I was literally parked next to a Target semi with pictures of fallen soldiers on the side of it.

And it was beautiful. 

The colors were vibrate and the writing was symbolic. 

The beauty of the appreciation of those who went out and fought and then received no reward on this earth. They risked their lives for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t do it for themselves. 

I’m peacefully one of the fallen.  

Now I have to heal my wounds. Try to put my life together and leave some wars to be fought by the people who made them.

Stand up for what you believe and try to live your best life the most peaceful way you can.

From my family to yours. 

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you all Peace and Blessings 

Namaste 🌻

The problem with predictions 

Go to a fortune teller and get information on a chance.

Go to a forcaster and get information of a prediction on an event. 

Predications are estimations. 

The problem with estimations is that if anything changes in one way or another it throws off the estimation.

After it’s been thrown off the situation or situations need to be revised and recalculated.

I erge to allow yourself room for recalculations. Allow growth and fallbacks. As I said in previous blog post. Begin again.  This time with a fresh mindset and a better understanding. 

Allow room for mistakes and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

C. L Cunningham 


Hello You 

Friday my Friday. 

Hello my dear friend. 

I’m excited to see you once again. 

When the sun touches the sky and it brings me the recharge of the weekend my heart skips a beat…💛

C. L Cunningham 

Hoping  that everyone has a smiley face emoji day!


The people along the way 

Thank you universal energy that picks and pulls people from all over. The folks who drop me kind words and intelligence. 

I’m amazed by the quick exchanges that are continuously filling my soul with the food of knowledge. 

It’s strange how strangers share light conversations and the benefits of that impacts my day to day life.

An introvert with extrovert survival skills. If there’s something I’m confused about I’m willing to ask for the information. And sometimes it’s good to allow myself to be a good steward to others. By listening as they explain their life situations. I get to learn so much from the people I meet in passing. 

I realize that if I put more power into loving the small things. The big things seem a lot easier to reach. 

C.L Cunningham 

Learning acceptance 🌻


The need to be perfect seems to be everywhere. It’s on your TV ,on your mind, in your music and everywhere else you tend to look.

It’s shows up in every form of your life because it’s the great motivational quote. Be the greatest of all time. Be extraordinary. Be #1.

I’m sure I may be the greatest at something I’m just not sure of what that is. Perfection and me don’t quite see eye to eye. I’m more of a fly my the seat of my pants person. (I say that a lot).

When you choose to be imperfect the world looks a little different and for me a lot easier to handle. 

For everyone life looks different. We walk the same walk just on different paths. And either way it can get tuff trying to keep optimistic when times get you down.
My hope for us all is no matter where you are headed in life that you truly be yourself. Love yourself and take opportunities to pour into your mind and body with words of encouragement. 

Perfect or imperfect the choice is yours and you have to live with yourself either way. So let’s live it in peace and happiness. 

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you peace of mind and love beyond measure. 



When I go to LA I tend to walk amongst those who are impoverished. Those who are on hard times and without much income.

I guess if I really think about it. I’ve hung around that world or that life for much of my life. The life of the less fortunate. To be truly honest I’m part of that now.

I see the tired faces. The misfortunes and the wrong directions. I see the smiling faces, the joking around and the songs of praises. I see it all.

There’s some agencies here that we have to help. Some are over crowed and under funded. But most do what they can. And please don’t be ashamed of the need for help.

If your in need of shelter please look for homeless shelters and housing offices. You might end up on a list but it’s the start of hope. And we all need that. Also there’s jobs that provide housing. Rural farming jobs often give shelter. Trucking jobs often offer shelter, and look for nanny jobs or caretaker jobs. Some places offer shelter but research the families well.

There’s a program called Job Corps of America and they offer high school and trade programs. Often times they also have housing options.

There’s your local county offices. They might not have what you need but most will point you in the right direction. There they give you food options or medical options. Both are a help and blessing to those in need.

I often feel sorry for the need of those who just couldn’t provide it all. This world is filled with the need to have to. The things we need to maintain basic human needs seem excessive. But it is what it is. And we’re blessed just to have another day. I pray that we all simultaneously get the leg up that most of us need. 

That together we will alright.

 The day just begun to shine and once again things are on our sides. And love conquers all. But forgiveness sets us free.

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Friday y’all ☉


Once again I find myself sitting the night away at Union Station. I certainly did not dress for this occasion.

It’s a bit nippy and I’m sitting on the ground outside but I’m actually smiling. I make my own choices good or bad. I’m focusing on making choices that lead me to my future.

I got to go a wonderful event. It was a charity event for shoes. I got to see some great people. Some nice and very kind hearted celebrities showed up. The music was enchanting.

The event was for Afri Kicks. And their focus is on bringing the children of Africa shoes. Some children in Africa don’t have the chance to wear their first pair of shoes until the age of 18.

I’m happy I came to support others. I’m happy I got to come across some new people and I got out of the house. I met a cool artist that told me some input and I met a really funny personality and we laughed for hours.

My life has yet to turn out anyway that I have ever wished for. It’s the reason I stopped wishing.

I now live every moment to find peace. I’m getting closer and closer. For every time I can smile and be thankful in everyway. For every time I  give back. And for every time I go it alone and try to be a vision of gratitude. I get closer to my peace…. Even sitting on the cold ground waiting at Union Station.

C.L Cunningham

Live and love

Shine on

The day has just begun and it’s filled with possibilities. 

The possibility to be better than the one before. This day has the unique ability to bring a brighter outcome than the one before it. And of course it’s Friday so who knows…it might even have a little of release to it.

Release anything that sends your emotions into a tailspin. Find a moment to look out the window or go outside and enjoy some of this great day. Let the sunshine in! Let the clouds invite you to their gathering. 

In the middle of chaos there’s always a happy place. And in that place I tend to find my peace.

C.L Cunningham 

Hoping that today….you find a peace of mind 

Wishing you love n light 

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