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Giveaway time!!

I’m so thankful for all of my friends/followers. I feel like you’re are my friends because I share so much of my life and thoughts with you all. 

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Thank you ,thank you ,thank you!!!

Sending you all peace and positivity 💋
C.L Cunningham 


I just received an email that asked me to watch a Jim Carrey YouTube video. 

He spoke of his awakening and another spoke about intention.  I always tell others and myself that your intentions are showing your true self.

If you are doing something out of love well then you’re trying to be a lovely human and most people will get that vibe from you. But if your doing something out of greed or harm or anything negative.  Most people will be able to see that also.

Everyday we intend on something. We wake up with some goal or plan for the day. As the day takes it’s course we may get distracted or of what we wanted was important enough we accomplish the day’s intention.

Wether we intend good or bad things our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts created the lives we live now.

I tend to look back on my thoughts and how I’ve come to be where I am today. I know that the plans for my life hasn’t always worked out. The most important thing is that I also know why they didn’t work out.  

I  haven’t always had the best intentions. And when I do sometimes what I thought I wanted I no longer want.

 I’m starting to feel like my ever changing choices keep changing my direction of my life thus constantly changing my intentions. 

I almost want to yell at the universe like “what are you doing !” The problem is that it’s not the universe’s fault that I have no set destination. 

I don’t know where my life is going…

I can’t seem to decide anything that I want. And I’m confused constantly because I always changing direction. I’m starting to feel like a navigator without a map.

C. L Cunningham 

Still changing everyday 


When I go to LA I tend to walk amongst those who are impoverished. Those who are on hard times and without much income.

I guess if I really think about it. I’ve hung around that world or that life for much of my life. The life of the less fortunate. To be truly honest I’m part of that now.

I see the tired faces. The misfortunes and the wrong directions. I see the smiling faces, the joking around and the songs of praises. I see it all.

There’s some agencies here that we have to help. Some are over crowed and under funded. But most do what they can. And please don’t be ashamed of the need for help.

If your in need of shelter please look for homeless shelters and housing offices. You might end up on a list but it’s the start of hope. And we all need that. Also there’s jobs that provide housing. Rural farming jobs often give shelter. Trucking jobs often offer shelter, and look for nanny jobs or caretaker jobs. Some places offer shelter but research the families well.

There’s a program called Job Corps of America and they offer high school and trade programs. Often times they also have housing options.

There’s your local county offices. They might not have what you need but most will point you in the right direction. There they give you food options or medical options. Both are a help and blessing to those in need.

I often feel sorry for the need of those who just couldn’t provide it all. This world is filled with the need to have to. The things we need to maintain basic human needs seem excessive. But it is what it is. And we’re blessed just to have another day. I pray that we all simultaneously get the leg up that most of us need. 

That together we will alright.

 The day just begun to shine and once again things are on our sides. And love conquers all. But forgiveness sets us free.

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Friday y’all ☉

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