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It’s coming into fruition.

I wrote a post about my ideal for my next book about four months ago.

It has happened little by little. Inch by inch.

My life keeps etching me forward as I grow into a better writer and being.

The poems in my new book cover the ups and downs. The highs and lows. The growth not just the struggle.

I invite all of you to help me celebrate my new book cover.

It’s been extremely exciting to pick a actual photograph and work with someone else on my vision.

I used a photo from photographer Boudewijn Huydmans on unsplash. I also collaborated with Germancreative on Fiverr.com for the design.

I believe that it came out wonderfully creative and fun.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Brown Unicorn

Late Nite Note Series volume 2

Will be available soon.

Have a great Wednesday everyone

Xoxo Kandee

Give way time!!!

Holiday time is the best time for a give away. Just comment below to be entered into a drawing for a PDF version of my book By The Dawn’s Blue Light in honor of part 2 coming 2018.

Thank you for following me and supporting my creativity ✨💙

C.L Cunningham 


Avoidance is a nifty tool.

Ignoring something at an alarming rate.

The pros and cons are probably endless but I’m avoiding those too.

Feeling down sneaks up like a clumsy burglar trying to get goodies from an empty house. Goes away as fast as it appears.

It becomes up to me to redirect my mind. 

To pick thoughts that empower my positivity.

Thoughts that bring me back to my center and lift me up.

Mediation and yoga helps me regain a sense of self. Brings me calm and peace even on days that things have gone haywire. 

If relief is as easy as stretching and letting my mind find it’s own off button. Then I’m totally in!

C. L Cunningham 

Here’s a yoga link for anyone who wants to try it🌞🌻🦋🌈


Photo https://www.pinterest.com/pin/175781191686772277/

Art Army 


“To be or not to be that is the question.” Prince Hamlet 
William Shakespeare did not write Hamlet. 

When I found out that piece of information I was puzzled. And a bit upset.  How could something that I was told in school be untrue?

I’m still a fan of the Shakespearean works. I just now know that someone else wrote them.

When one is taught the art of conformity they are considered loyal. By following along and being a good steward it brings an essential part of the job into fruition. 


To question or to disbelieve is to be diverse. But to think outside of the box is necessary is most areas of this, thing we call life.

Look inside of yourself. Do you like what you see? Look outside yourself. Do you like what you see?

Unquestioning conformity is dangerous. 

Be you.

The parts of you that you have tucked away so far from the world to see that you can no longer find it.

The world needs more of us. 

All of us are in this together. 

We all have a job to do.

Spread love. Spread self awareness. Spread hope. But not to  the point that you spread yourself thin.

No my friend. Be real. Be extraordinary in loving yourself enough to love others. 

Positivity is a tool. Use it. Love is a gift. Use it.

C. L Cunningham 

Spreading the L word 🌻

I mean come on



Help me sweet baby Jesus!


Has anyone else had a dream? Faced it in the face and then gave it your middle finger.

No, just this guy 🙄 (and yes my thumb is pointed at myself). Okay… maybe it’s just me.

I have signed up for many a webinar. I have downloaded ebooks of information about it. And yet I am still in the same exact spot.

How much information is too much information?

I mean if I don’t have the means to promote a dream then is it attainable?

And why don’t I care enough about my goals and my dreams for them to come true.

I read a blog post that said stress isn’t real. Well let me be the first to say it sure feels real to me.

I’m going to quit moaning and finish my rant some other time, but I’m sure I’ll be back with some amazing creative crap for how to get towards your dream. 

I just have to figure out mines first. 🙃

C. L Cunningham 

Stressed out and hoping Calgon can take me away
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Oh how I wish I had a good time planned for the weekend.  But since I don’t I’m just going to celebrate the fact that I survived another week!

Hopefully everyone will have a better fun filled day than myself… so go outside n feel awesome. 

C.L Cunningham 

In search of fun 👀⬆↙⬇↘?


Oh I how wish my days were filled with laughter and sunshine. Purple sky’s and cotton candy blues. Where fairytales come true and ultimate love was within my reach…

News flash… ”tis ain’t that.
I’m a older woman getting out of a marriage. My life feels like it’s starting over. I have baggage on my shoulders and two teenagers growing into adulthood. I have an adult child learning that the world is a cold one out here but,at least we all got each other’s back. And she’s about to achieve an career. She’s making it  happen younger than I did so I’m a proud Mom right now.

Learning about myself and trying to stand on my own two feet through failed attempts to fall in love has been a painful experience. I want to believe in true love. I want to be able to trust that someone will have my heart in mind when they’re telling me that they are all the man that I’ll ever need. I want that one to be the only one for me.
But before I can believe in that I need to believe in me. And my inner self esteem has to be on solid ground.

Trying to make it in a tough economy is even more painful than I imagined. But I’m stronger than I thought and I’m ready to continue to prove that to myself.

I attempted to be vegan. It’s a lot harder than it seems. I’m still going to incorporate vegan meals into my diet and give myself a full vegan week every month. I’ll probably try to become totally vegan but, this time I won’t just jump into it.

I’m becoming more focused on my mind and my reality coming together so I can achieve some of the things that I hope for. I’m thankful for the good that came out of this part of my journey and I’m beyond ready to see something new.

Through my emotional ups and downs I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m still learning everyday and that everyday I am becoming a better me.

C.L Cunningham

Independently walking my road

Fraction in time (short story) pt 2

Natasha is staring at one of the most fabulous men she has ever seen in her life.

Always having a one track mind she had to focus on the task at hand. Finding out who this man was and why was he calling her Sally? 

After walking for a while she decided to take a jab at the question of night. Who was he? 

There she was walking hand and hand with Mr. White chocolate of the universe and she didn’t even know his name. Let alone where he was taking her. She cleared her throat “So, babe. Where are we going on this fine evening?” Mr. White chocolate smiled a wonderful full pearly teeth smile “Well my Nubian princess I’m taking us to an exclusive night spot my business associate told me about in strict confidence.” After giving her another sexy smile he pointed down the road to big Parisian building. 

Satisfied with the answer she decided to take the journey. What could happen right?

After another ten minutes they had arrived at their destination.  The place had beautiful stone pillars and marble white floors.  The atmosphere was above any fine dining restaurant she had ever seen in real life. But this wasn’t her real life. 

This was Sally’s life. 

The maitre d’ looked at his clipboard and gave herself and Mr. Jonathan Frantz a motion to come take their seating. Natasha whispered his name twice in her mind. “Jonathan Frantz, Jonathan Frantz”. 

She took a her seat graciously and allowed Jonathan to do the ordering for them both. Hell, the menu was in French and the only thing she knew how to say in French was “wee wee”. And that didn’t even mean yes yes so she was basically shit out of luck on communicating her dinner preferences.

After a light pause her pretend man of the hour took both her hands into his and asked her ” do you love me?” Completely caught off guard and immediately petrified she replied with the only answer that seemed appropriate. “Yes, yes Jonathan I do, but why are you being so serious? Is there something in the wine that’s making you loopy?”. He chuckled at her response and stood up with his glass in hand tapping the sides. 

“Can I get everyone’s attention please?” He continued “I  love this woman with every bone in my body. With every beat of my heart and every fiber of my being. And Sally if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife I will spend every waking moment of our days never letting you forget what a beautiful woman you are. And how happy you have made me.” He got down on one knee then the maitre d’ hands him a box and out comes the most fabulous stone she has ever seen. It was gorgeous. 

Natasha stood up with tears in her eyes and answers ” Oh Jonathan! The honor is all mine”. Instantly he picks her up and gives her a kiss that sent shivers down her spine. She was waiting for the kiss but she didn’t know it was going to make her panties moist. Placing her back down on the ground he puts the ring on her finger.

Just as the crowd is applauding and cheering reality sets in. This is not her life. This is not her man and she is not Sally…

Part 3 coming soon

C. L Cunningham 

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