Ermias Asghedom

Also known as Nipsy Hussel . He was great spirit with foresight and vision.

He had a premonition to look ahead of today and point a generation of listeners to a different tomorrow.

I found this article about the man behind the scope of entertainment on NBC news. It mentioned his dream of expanding clothing and technology to new beginnings for our culture.

Changing the way we see health and healing and opening our eyes to bigger ideas for our communities.

I wanted to know more about the path he was taking. Following him on social media I wouldn’t have known how impressive his mindset was.

I am now enlightened.

Saddened by the length of his journey I pray his walk isn’t forgotten. That his legacy his lives on in his three children and his fiance Lauren London.

Peace be with us on this day March 31st 2019.

Xoxo Kandee

C L Cunningham

Photo credit Nispey Hussel instagram and photographer Awol Erizku


We don’t all take the same path.

I’m learning that everyday. 

It’s the journey to self discovery that sent me on my current path. I’m starting to wonder if I ever wanted to be found. 

Nevertheless here I am. Open as I can be. Ready and willing for all to see his grace and mercy coming shining bright out of me.

I’m alone but not lonely.  The spirits keep me sane. Anytime I’m in need of help I instantly call out the Lord’s name.

I picked my path. My feet are certainly on the ground. If I believe in you, then those are the one’s that I want around. 

I don’t need other’s to do what I’ve done. No one needs to be like me.

Just push out love. Live in your own truth. Encourage peace and let’s all come together in unity with a hint of harmony. 

C. L Cunningham 

Live your truth 


Are you entertained?

It’s a lazy Sunday.  I washed clothes, checked social media, and watched some Netflix. 

My daughter has been begging me to watch black mirror. So I finally gave in and all I have to say is bravo. 

It’s an eye opening show for certain. 

There’s things in this world that are going on right in front of the naked eye.

We are seeing with our eyes and not seeing with our minds. We are not putting two and two together. 

It’s like walking into a glass door that was right in front of you but you didn’t notice it. 

As information is put out for us we are disbelieving and even cocky with laughter. 

When will we be ready to grow in our lives and hearts to understand that everyone is able to be their best self. 

Don’t let the things you seen weigh you down. 

Let’s pick up the positive energy. Show strength in coming together with your communities. With each other everyday.

We are absolutely ready for positive change. But we must first be the positive change. 

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you all love and light 💖


Purposeful…to be determined etc.

Is it our purpose to repeat the same mistakes as our forefathers.

Everyday we intend to live our purpose. Find our purpose and be what we set out to be. 

Everyday there is the choice to be happy.  Be kind.  Be forgiving. 

And everyday there is the same choice to be everything opposite of that purpose. 

Without news do you really know what is so called happening around you?

And once you do know? Do we as a people decide to be forgiving? Or do we invite to excite the nerves of others into a rage of injustice caused by our on reactions? 

Today I beg of all of you who can see the bigger picture…

Spread love… it’s our greatest weapon. 

C. L Cunningham 

Love is love 💛🌻



Happy Thursday y’all, 

I wanted to just send out positive energy today and pass on this very beautiful quote that I found on Google. 

I hope that anyone reading this will be blessed by the kind words of encouragement. 

C. L Cunningham 🌻

Mind motivation 

I decided to take a webinar on your alternative ego.

I get emails from time to time giving me information needed to have or envision my best life. Or to reach the highest potential possible. I used to dismiss them.

Tonight I watched the webinar with an open mind and the results of the info was very helpful.

The two women spoke on their experiences and how they changed their thoughts to create a new life or a more successful life in all areas of their lives.

I love writing fiction along with writing my journey in life. And I’ve always had limiting thoughts on success and money. I viewed it as bad if spiritual growth was what I am searching for. Now I  am open to growth in all areas of my life.

Check out even if you just join the emails you will have given yourself and opportunity to receive good insight.

 Changing your perception and your limiting beliefs can release your mind and get it ready for success. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you life and continuous improvement ☄

Is it real?

I tend to think in scientific ways and imagine different ideals. I like movies that go beyond the galaxy in thinking. I’m saying this because I like to test the ability to do certain things.

Like the movie The Last Airbender the ability to move air and earth. Maybe even things with your mind or hands etc etc. I was so excited to do some research and find exercises to do some of those things. I don’t know it will fully work but how exciting to try fun and cool scientific thinking.

What’s more enlightening than abstract or creative thinking. The imagination is one of our best tools according to creative thinkers. So have fun think outside the box and imagine the coolest stuff you can!

Love n light

C.L Cunningham 

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