In clear view 

Run for your life….

When life pushes you past your limits.

Makes you chase a vision and not know whether you’re going to fall or not.

Makes you run after…

The dream or fantasy or whatever.

It’s yours and now you want it.

The universe says that you can have it.

But you’ve got to go get it.


So you can see it when it happens….

Wishing you love and light on this mixed up Monday 
Xoxo Kandee

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I’m wrong but it’s alright with me

I’m extremely focused on my betterment. 
Everyday I see a quote,or a person, or an ideal that is opposite of my dreams my views and my vision for my life. 
I’m sure that we all do. 

I’m sure that everyone has something to mentally tell us that we’re wrong. Here’s the thing. You may be wrong. 

According to that person or that information you are definitely wrong. 

So what. Be wrong then. 

If it’s right for you who cares if it’s wrong for someone else. I’ve said this time and time again. 

Nobody has to live your life but you. Live it. If you covered what you could handle today then you did enough. 

Everyone has a different mentality. What’s not enough for someone else is just enough for me. 

I got some good advice on how to move forward with meeting other authors and people on social media. It worked. The man said do a little until it meant a lot. 

I’m not chasing fame. I’m chasing my dreams. If they include fame… well hot dayum! Bonus!!

I’m chasing meaningful relationships and friendships that last. I’m chasing peaceful vibes and beautiful thoughts. If I die today I want to know that I went on happy. At peace with myself. 

Nothing in the world is worth my thoughts being at war with themselves. Ten months ago I chased enlightenment. Meaning I went after finding myself. Finding out what life meant to me. Finding out what my beliefs were and what was really important to my soul. 

It wasn’t easy. I almost lost someone I hold very high in my life. Trying to become more I almost broke down. Then one day like a light bulb it came to me to go backwards. Figure out what was important to me and then move forward with my life. I’m doing that daily. 

It’s why I can be grateful. 

I’m owning my life. I’m responsible for what I feel. I’m strong in my weaknesses. 

I refuse to go at any other pace than my own. The people who love me really love me. They have zero desire to change me. I have zero desire to change them. We just grow and flow together. That doesn’t always look good but it’s reality. I love my life. 

I’m blessed for the people who I have meet along the way. I’m even more blessed for the people who have stayed. 

Be thankful for the journey you’re on. That’s the only advice that I can give. Because if you’re thankful in the small oh how wonderful life will be when your world becomes bigger. 

C.L Cunningham 

Keep ya head up. Hold on to your truth and don’t let nothing stop your growth.

Happy Friday y’all do it YOUR way!


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Mind twist 

Psychedelic tunnels and supersonic dreams. 

That time when everyone and everything got stuck between a voice.


Was it from the heavens above or the hell below? 

It’s never really easy to know when the world is hazy. 

And being crazy starts to be more fun than staying sane. 

Trained up the mind hoping the heart would follow. 


Turns out that the heart has a mind of its own. 

Resounding scream of a parallel tale. Turned a heartfelt dream into a fairytale.
C.L Cunningham 


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Piece of peace

When dealing with people I find myself analyzing the best approach. Everyone has their own set of guidelines that they process and respond to. I want to reach out to others in a way that works for them but also for myself so that we have meaningful conversations.

Conversations that are helpful, and a blessing to each other’s lives. 

It took me what feels like forever to reach this understanding. 

To embrace the positive things about everything. Every interaction. Every thought, feeling and emotion. It was as if a light switch went on and I was no longer a victim because I was no longer allowing myself to be victimized. 

I’m not fighting. I’m training my mind to handle itself. By learning how to respond to life with a mindset that reduces the impact of negative noise. 

I’ve been in darkness and I danced my way out. I enjoyed family and friends. I studied the ways of peace. I leaned on others for positive understanding and I welcomed changes. I grew up in a sense. 

This is why I feel amazing. My  circumstances didn’t change drastically but my thoughts have gotten better. My mood has gotten better. I’m seeing better results in my business. My social media is looking better. My health is evolving and I’m actually thankful that I’m alive. I went from wanting to die to wanting to live. 

It feels so good to have a little piece of peace daily. 

It’s Wednesday night and the weather is calm. I’m in agreement with the universe. I’m happy and in a good spirit and I am sending peace and blessings your way. 
C. L Cunningham 

Have an amazing night and hopefully peaceful dreams. 🌛

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Artist Isabel Bryna 

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Art Army 

It was all a dream pt.4

Sitting around on a Thursday chillin mo chillin. Thinking about the  comedy show on Netflix that I just finished watching. Laughing to myself about one of the punchlines. 

The night was young and my mind was racing. I had a huge fight with the ex and things were getting interesting and painful. I needed something to calm my soul. I put on a little music. I’m in mid dance when my IG notification lit up. I kept dancing. It pinged again. Oh brother. Who is it! I grab my phone and open the app. My DM was lit up red. Two messages. Hmmm. 

I open and low and behold it’s Mr. Big Shot. Now I should have been excited but I wasn’t. I asked him to call. Why in the hell is he in my DM. Thinking that the DM is relationship purgatory I read the messages. First one read ” wanna do something fun”. Second one read “you know you do”. Cocky. 

I answered back “nope a dope”. I put the phone down and continued to dance. Ping. I opened the message. It was a corny dude in his underwear. He had on nice one though. Thumbs up to him. I was just about to put the phone down when I received another ping. This time it was Him again. “Wtf is nope a dope?” I laughed out loud. I replied “it’s a no weirdo.” He must have been shocked because I got nothing back. Oh well. ✨

3:33 am. Ping,ping,ping. “I want to take you somewhere. Now do you wanna do something?” Hmmm. I text back “You got my attention.” Ping. “I’m outside.” What the what?!!!! I look out the hotel window and sure as sh*t there his big ass is. Looking like the dude from Say Anything without the radio. I get dressed. Splash my face with water,throw on a dress and heels. Put on my fancy wig and bring my make up bag. I come outside and he takes one look at me and says ” where are you going like that?” Mannnnnnnn if this dude didn’t look good I’d give him a right straight in the throat. Instead I replied “with you”. He smiles and winks. Opens the door and says ” get in.” So I did. 

We’re riding and talking having a grand ol time when he pulls up to a rather creepy building. I looked at him looked back at the building. Looked back at him. Duuuuuuude. I’m trying not to act scary but this ain’t Halloween mutha fucka. He must have felt my energy change so he says “don’t worry it will be fun I’ll protect you.” Hmmm Okay I’m thinking well you wanted to come girly it’s now or never. 

We walk in and it looks like American Horror Story is filming. Weird folks doing weird things. I’m uncomfortable and itchy. The music is blaring and drinks are flowing. I take a shot of Remy and sit down. I spot another woman. She looks just as confused as me. The room has familiar faces but only because I’ve seen them on a screen. Everyone is chill and it seems like a fun little party. 

Suddenly the music stops and a man enters the stage. He’s smiling and he waves to the crowd. The crowd goes wild. Everyone but six of us. Six of us are wondering why these folks are so hyped. Obviously we’re new to the scene. I look over at him and he smirks. I whisper what’s going on? He points and says “just wait for it.” So I wait . The announcer speaks ” are you ready to play?” 

Play? Play what? The lights go out and the spot lights shine. Six of them. One on me and five more on the rest of us newbies. Uh. What’s going on? Bewildered I look for him. He’s gone. Surprise surprise. 

Let the game begin.

C.L Cunningham 

To you 

“I love you and I want to be loved but I just don’t knowww how to tell you.” Belts out of the speakers. Deep cries of an aching man’s soul.
Resonating with my thoughts.
Reading 📖 a book ,hearing a song, words from a friend. All pause when I start to search for you.
 My night consists of searching for stars. Looking for celestial beauty to rain down. Feeling the 54 degree mountain wind.
Purposely letting time pass. 
Can’t really talk about the past. The present is out of control. The future is around the corner.
How’s your night?
What’s coming out your speakers?
Surrounded by a room full of people right now trying to reach for you.
Hate when I’m late to respond. Guess it’s still new.
Guess it’s the same on either side of this fence.
Missing you daily.
C.L Cunningham 


Can I get a plate of that?

Cosmic feelings of my spirit emerging into the love that I want to see.

Morning has been filled with errand runs and chore handles. Soul fixing music and thoughts of a shadow.

Puffs of clouds swirl from my lips.

Engrossed in mystical energy.Entering a different intellectual frequency for a spell. Thinking isn’ satisfying on days like this.

Wanting more. Feeling like Oliver Twist.

Terrific Tuesday. Show me your gifts. Bless me with your mercy and fill my body with your nourishing light.

C.L Cunningham 

Love and light 🌞


From my heart 

Listening to Jhene Aiko. Wondering if the days will go the way I plan in my fantasies.

Dreams turning into realities. Passion and pain wrapped into one. Like a burrito on Taco Tuesday. Eaten with the same vigor and hunger as the starving artist.

I want it. The it that makes me have night terrors filled with leg shakes and big finishes. Leaving a smile on my twisted gently face. Covered with naughty expressions and released mental love letters.

Poetry from my soul to another’s. 

From my heart to the universal sky.

C. L Cunningham 


Art Army

Almost midnight 

Had my headphones on listening to the soft love music of that good ol rhythm and blues. 

Jaheim was telling me that I can have anything I want. I wish. A wish of hope. A focused wish. Because last thing I need to do is put up some lax a daisy ass wish into the atmosphere. Open up my eyes tomorrow and be surprised ass ever when I got what I wanted in a way that I least expected it.

Nevertheless I do it anyway. Wish I mean. I still put that wish into the air. Like when I exhale a puff of smoke. Let that vapor pour out of my spiritual chest cavity and moan out the thoughts of him.

Anyway the day is becoming anew again. Moments of clarity mixed in with gratitude for the days past. So thankful to be home. Home in spirit that is. Not quite home in reality. It’s on it’s way. Each day I push forward to obtain it.

Not sad. Finally.

Missing the feeling or maybe the ….. I don’t know for sure what to call it. Just missing in action for now. Acting like it doesn’t bother me to miss. It does. Bother me. 

Not sure. If it turns out alright. Hmm

The sound of a wee tot  in my ear lets me know that my reality is away from him. Away from them. Alone by myself without a mate. Not alone in this house but the alone from a cuddling arm. Alone from a shoulder to cry on. 

Having someone to rely on must be nice.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the full pleasure of knowing since my life has brought me men of circumstance. I’ve always been able to get a piece of love. I’m actually looking for a whole cake instead of a slice though. Maybe I should have told the universe that the first go round. I’m certain that I didn’t know what to ask for.

I now ask the divine for the one that I gave my heart to to return it back to me. I’ll return the piece of his that I took and let life go from there. 

Nothing is ever as it seems right now. Maybe later things will fall in place. 

I have trust it will be alright. For tonight that has to be enough.

C.L Cunningham 

Up late 🌙🎶


Art Army 


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