Hazy beam of blue

I hear you talking Lord.

Telling the thoughts in my head which way to go.
Listening to the sounds of telepathic telephone services reaching behind
enemy lines to capitalize on the unknown.

Blue beam project has already begun to cern and we are just finding out.
Twisted lies behind twisted minds. Word of mouth has traveled as far as it can go.
Still we wait for life to show us more of what’s next.
The dawn of time has awaken the truth of whatever we can believe.
While still holding back the reality of what is truly happening.
Tired are the sleepy, wired with imaginary lines.
Unnoticed are the awakening to how to manifest our departure from dreams.

Lucid and blessed are the decisions that thrive the world.
Though we have no idea how many there are.
We shape this world with our bare hands and we are still falling behind intellect
higher than the highest hateful thought.
We rise through our need to free our minds and use our spirits of survival.
C L Cunningham

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1:36 Am

Sounds of loneliness creeping in. Reminding me of years past.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m where I should be… Home.

Learning to listen to my inner goddess and opening up my soul to the truth and it’s becoming more real than I ever wanted to feel.

Happy Saturday everyone in the world.

Xoxo Kandee

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This space inside my head

I’ve changed…hopefully for the better.
As I grew and learned. I found out that growing may not be as glamorous as I hoped. Yet I found peace in knowing that I’m working for every blessing, lesson and triumph… My advice to you is. Keep trying to get better and be thankful along the way. 🌌
Xoxo Kandee

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Art Army

Listen for the applause 

Listen for the Applause By C L Cunningham 
The eyes are the windows into the soul but what if I don’t have one anymore?

I believe I gave it away the day that my demons came to hunt to me.

The day I screamed for you but nobody was there.

The day I cried for love and received regret. 

No humor is found when all that’s left is a mouth that’s bond and a heart left a wreck.

Check for my pulse if you dare to care to see if I’m alright.

I’m alive in the flesh but dead in the spirit so I seem to be floating on air. 

Praise be to the most high elevations of the collective mind power.

For twisting the words of the book to make pretty pictures in the sky.

Pretty words for pretty girls with good girl demeanors and vixen thoughts. 

Blessed be us that are sacrifices for the imaginations of the sadist storytellers of our time.

Why wine when you are fine. Nothing on you is touched beyond the reach of rainbows and sunshine, so smile.

You’re on the biggest stage of your existence and you know you belong where the audience is bigger and the gifts are supposed to be the rewards. 

Peace be with you on the journey for strength and conformation.

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Father may I?

Peeking through the skylight is the sunshine of another magnificent Sunday. 

Ah yes. I’m awake. My mind is still intact and the energy between us has become therapeutic. 

Friendship has brought us back to a familiar spot. Getting along. Hanging out. Keeping in touch. Watching from both near and far. Wondering how to handle inner conflict with self control and respect. Not pointing the finger at one another. Ready to move toward a goal completely free of past judgment. 

Being spiritual and having understanding of right and wrong I feel compelled to speak and act as I’m holy. To be a good example for others. I know the truth according to how I’ve seen it. Learned it and my belief system has geared me up to proclaim that knowledge. 


What now? I’m sure that there’s a little more to the puzzle than that. How many times have I heard of a big name pastor putting out massive amounts of spiritual information. Only to be crucified in the media for being human. Making a mistake has become a fatal flaw in the religious sectors. 

Truth be told. Making a mistake has become a flaw in the views of society.

Is there a God? 

Father is that you?

I believe that it is a divine energy force bigger than myself. I have felt the healing spirit. I have harnessed my soul’s nature and held it out for the world to see. But still I am me. 

My wants haven’t been forgotten. My need to go after something so unconventional it has angered others. Brought me judgment in a neat papier-mâché flower bouquet.

Right or wrong I will follow through this journey. It’s humbling to tell yourself that the consequences of your decision could bring you pain. Then force yourself to sit in those decisions and examine your thoughts.

What I’ve done in the past few years hasn’t brought me happiness. 

Father of secret lifelines and parallel spaces… may I be myself? Completely agree to make a mess of my current life and become the new being that I’ve seen in my visions. Take on a new form and let go of views of this world. 

I may have heaven etched into my destiny but for right now I want love to be grounded into my soul.
C.L Cunningham 

Choosing to be grounded in love 🌻🌞

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Art Army 



The lowest of the lows. Under. 

The majesty of being lower.

The room for better than. 

The best self you can be or aspire to be. 

Growing up in a place where concrete became my friend.  Grass was plentiful in other people’s lawn. But I didn’t long for their lawn. I learned to love mine.

I had a lawn with grass and it had it’s issues as well.

I started to love that concrete the day I realized the beauty it brought in the rain. The water beaded up on top of it as it remanded hard. Even though the water was soft and refreshing. 

I find something poetic about embracing differences. The harmonies of love and like. The gentle breeze on an extremely hot day.

The way the wind blows cold and all you need is heat in that moment. 

The lowest of the lows become balanced with the highest of the highs if your searching for peace.

Have a amazing Wednesday and an awing tomorrow. 

C. L Cunningham  

Smokey the bear road

Today has been filled with twist and turns. Currently on a road called the grapevine. 

Lots of curves on this road and in this day. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Encountered some pit stops. An occasional rest stop or gas station to refuel our stomachs as well as empty our bladders. 

Enjoying kindness of the faces we don’t know. Appreciating the view. Game day was today. Huskers got a win 🌽. Excited for the state. Every now and then it’s nice to have something to cheer about. 

Cruising down the highway and winding up the night. Almost a new day and the sun will shine in the morning. 

C. L Cunningham 

On life’s highway 🛣


In the fight to remain grounded in my being a part of mankind. I often wonder… why?

Why is the need to repeat past mistakes so relevant in our day to day timeline. 

We’ve seen the works of past civilizations. We read of the rise and fall. And yet our current mistakes look a lot like the historic ones.

I learned the word finitude today.  The state of having limits and bounds. Maybe that’s the missing link. We haven’t reached our limit of being negative and watching negativity happen to other’s. 

We’ve become so accustomed to pain that it mixes in with our happiness and become a pot of misery stew.

For those who preach love as the best example. I ask that you continue on. Human kindness is such a beautiful thing. Even when others don’t understand or believe in your vision. As long as you believe in it and speak from your golden spirit and diamond shaped heart. It can only be a blessing to others. As it has been a blessing to me when I am on the receiving end of it.

We all reach some form of finitude. It maybe as a tear or a scream. Maybe a whisper or somewhere in between and nothing is wrong with having limits. 

I seen a quote that said it’s okay to get tired but rest and don’t quit. I’m going to go a little further and say that you can quit. But if you happen to find your way back to the love you started with then it’s also okay to begin again. 

C. L Cunningham 

Starting and restarting until I show the love that I want to see. 


Just trying to move on

From the heartache and the cries 

Alone with the truth of where love and life collide. 

C. L Cunningham 


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