Smoken Sex

Lost text.

Forgotten thoughts.

A telepathic mess.

Screenwriting you my hearts desire starting between my legs.

Fantasy currents mixing up my emotions and confusing my inner voice.

Watching love displayed as sex on the TV.

Drawing in my last puff of thoughts of you as I do.

Sensuality at it’s height of my affection my head in the direction of reaching the point of mind blowing mental tantra water flows.

Sweat soaked sheets and a window seat view of not knowing what’s next.

I rest my thoughts on the chest of where I want to be.

C L Cunningham

📷artist Kelsey Smith

Art Army


Oh how I wish I had a good time planned for the weekend.  But since I don’t I’m just going to celebrate the fact that I survived another week!

Hopefully everyone will have a better fun filled day than myself… so go outside n feel awesome. 

C.L Cunningham 

In search of fun 👀⬆↙⬇↘?

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