Brown unicorn volume 2

I’m proud to say that I’m on book six. It’s been an uphill battle with lots of failure and hopes.

I’m grateful for the road to being a writer,poet,and author.

I would love to share a few of the poems from the book with all of you.

Live via Instagram from Arizona on April 12,2019

Come hang out with me online and chat about the book.

Happy Monday everyone

Xoxo Kandee

5 news worthy things that I love to talk about 

Newbies, up incoming, indies. All of these words mean that there’s beautiful things to be heard, read, or watched that aren’t getting the press and media they need. 

I’m a lover of discovering new and exciting things. From tech to entertainment. I seek out and search for things and people to listen to as they lend their voices to society. 

I picked out five creative wonders to share with you all and one bonus film that I’m sure you’ve all hear of by now.

American Goner

This musical moment has something for everyone. Check them out on their website


Into The Woods

By Carla Godfrey

A tale about one woman’s journey through life.


Power of Words

By  S. Kaur 

Storytelling and enlightenment go hand and hand. Our minds are the gatekeepers to our realities. S. Kaur teaches us the power that we can access inside our souls.


City of sound

Contemporary music with a twist of rock. This indie band is in a league of their own. Check out their music and website


Deadly Icons

By Chet Adams  
Who doesn’t love suspense and murder? This book has them both. The plot thickens as well as pulls you into an era from the past. Soon to be released check out a preview on his website

To round up some great entertainment and exciting work. I wouldn’t be a real superhero fan if I didn’t include today’s newly released Black Panther. The anticipation for this movie has been hugely important. The weekend is around the corner and what a great way to relax and enjoy it. 

 Black Panther
Photo courtesy of IMDb


Til next time. 

C. L Cunningham 

Aka Kandee


Author in training 

I joke about how hard the journey has been from writing to publishing my books. In truth it’s been a very slow journey. Turtle slow. 

I chose to finish my first book and make it available just to fulfill my goal of becoming an author. I didn’t and still don’t know the ends and outs of the book business. I continue to find out new information daily. I have been blessed to even have one book let alone four. 

I see so many indie authors and mainstream authors experience the art of telling a story about life and exploring fictional characters that are made up of different dimensions and different directions. 

I find it exciting to branch out my mind and make a figure of my imagination and thoughts into pages of a book. 

One day I will write a novel, but for now I’m enjoying the short stories of novellas. 

Are there any more authors that can feel where I’m coming from? I’d love to hear your experiences with writing. 
C. L Cunningham 
Here are my paperback books and I also have an Ebook. All are available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble. 


Coming Soon!

An open book 

Books are someone else’s minds eye written upon a piece of paper. Their thoughts, wants,memories and needs. That persons growth process put into words for either entertainment or understanding. 

My love and gratitude for books started very young. I’m not sure if it was a need or a want. I started writing books before I ever read one. Funny how my first memory of a book was one of my own stories. 

I actually didn’t know how to read well until the third grade. I had knew that I had stories stuck inside of my head that belonged on paper. After reading some fantastic books from the library I knew that I wanted to be a better writer. 

I’m sure that books were read to me at some point I just can’t remember when. I  actually think it might have been books from the Kingdom Hall. My book of bible stories. One of the first book series that I can recall were about a bear and some toys. I then remember the Winnie the Pooh series, next my favorites were from Beverly Cleary. The Romona Wimby series. I used to read for hours all the things Romona would get into. She and I were very similar in that way. 

Being too inquisitive and landing ourselves in trouble. To identify with a fictional character gave me some sort of peace. A kind of secret getaway from the world. The library became my escape. 

Day eight of gratitude January and the question is What book are you grateful for? 

Beautiful how many things we are given for growth and knowledge in this strange but exquisite world. 
C. L Cunningham 

My gratitude is becoming an open book for all too see🌞

Happy Monday everyone may it be splendid 💋

Photos courtesy of

Artist Jeremiah Morelli


Went to the library today. 

Foggy day with with beautiful clouds. Cold with a bite of Winters’s chill behind it. Excited because the season of Autumn has approached us. 

Caught the bus to downtown Lancaster. Enjoyed the small shops that I passed by and made a stop at the library there. I found some interesting books. 

The one I’m reading today is giving me information on a positive way to say no. To assert myself with out having a spasmodic attack of some sort. Or falling into the trap of avoiding the core issues that are making me uncomfortable. 

I’m very grateful for the information being given. 

At times the want to be is very strong. Want to be this ________. Well you can fill in the blanks of whatever the craving is. Whether it’s spiritual,creative,emotional, or physical. There are effective ways to put yourself first and still chase your dreams. 

Good information will find it’s way into your lap when you ask the universe a question. Call it the law of attraction or just the divine way of life giving you what you need to elevate further.

C.L Cunningham 

Living loving learning 🌻📚


20 Reviews 

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my new book! It is still on sale in Kindle. 

Unfortunately I’m still in need of reviews. (Those pesky things) and if you can spare as little as 3 mins of your time. I would love it if you could drop an Amazon review.

C. L Cunningham 

My books 

Both are on Amazon and kindle ♥️ I enjoy writing novelettes. They’re short but interesting it lets me get a lot of information in a short amount of time.  


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