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5 news worthy things that I love to talk about 


Newbies, up incoming, indies. All of these words mean that there’s beautiful things to be heard, read, or watched that aren’t getting the press and media they need. 

I’m a lover of discovering new and exciting things. From tech to entertainment. I seek out and search for things and people to listen to as they lend their voices to society. 

I picked out five creative wonders to share with you all and one bonus film that I’m sure you’ve all hear of by now.

American Goner

This musical moment has something for everyone. Check them out on their website http://www.americangoner.bandcamp.com


Into The Woods

By Carla Godfrey

A tale about one woman’s journey through life.


Power of Words

By  S. Kaur 

Storytelling and enlightenment go hand and hand. Our minds are the gatekeepers to our realities. S. Kaur teaches us the power that we can access inside our souls.


City of sound

Contemporary music with a twist of rock. This indie band is in a league of their own. Check out their music and website cityofsoundmusic.com


Deadly Icons

By Chet Adams  
Who doesn’t love suspense and murder? This book has them both. The plot thickens as well as pulls you into an era from the past. Soon to be released check out a preview on his website drchetadamsforum.com

To round up some great entertainment and exciting work. I wouldn’t be a real superhero fan if I didn’t include today’s newly released Black Panther. The anticipation for this movie has been hugely important. The weekend is around the corner and what a great way to relax and enjoy it. 

 Black Panther
Photo courtesy of IMDb


Til next time. 

C. L Cunningham 

Aka Kandee


It brought me through 

It brought me through 

Life gives up and downs. From the moment breath enters a body the story begins. All reality starts and the things that are being taught become fact over fiction. 

I was brought up hard.

Moved from the inner city of Kansas City Missouri to the stomping grounds of Omaha. I made my journey into adulthood.

Well rounded in religious beliefs. Sidetracked by hard knocks. Family struggles and the building blocks of life with strife as a banner. 

It challenged me to become more.

I love that my life took me to low places. Deep dark spaces. If it wasn’t for those experiences I would not acknowledge the light that I see. I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate those who have helped me along the way. 

I love the way life picks out how things go. Then gives me the tools to decide for myself parts of the path that I want to take.

My attitude of gratitude has not come easy. I’m grateful that I have found it. I hope that I will forever keep it. 

Day 24 of grateful January. The question is what challenge are you grateful for? I love to hear your stories about life and your insight into the world. Feel free to leave a comment. 
C.L Cunningham 

Happy Wednesday 
Sending you peace and blessings 🙏🏼

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Google search

Traditionally Thankful 


Being a mishmash of cultural differences. I haven’t fully been introduced to my traditional advances. 

 Being as it may an African American has to go out and search for the family traditions that were lost along the way. 

I have Native American ancestry I am also of Creole and Asian decent. From what I have been told. Our family is still doing DNA testing for full results. 

I’ve learned to create my own family traditions. Some that go along with the norms of society and some that are specialized and specific to my own. 

I watch a historical movie or show with my children on Dr. King’s federal holiday. I bake cookies on cookie day in December. I make thanksgiving dinner. 

For birthdays we celebrate all day from the moment we wake up til one falls asleep. We try to all see one another for the New Year. 

Day 23rd of grateful January. What traditions are you thankful for? 

Today I’m thankful that I’m alive. 


C.L Cunningham 

Happy Tuesday 


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Touch of reflection 


What is touch? I mean really touching. I know it can be considered an action and I know it can be considered a feeling. I guess I’m just wanting it to be so much more. 

An emotional response to the need of something. The need to feel or to be felt. Intellectually or physically. The need to go a step further. 

Life is full of exceptions. It can be twisted and turned into whatever the mind’s eye desires at the time.

When I learned that today’s question was what touch am I grateful for. I had to pause and think. I’m grateful for touch being a multi dimensional concept. 

From the touch of fingers to the touch of the heart. From the touch of emotions to a touch of irrational perception just before falling apart. From the tips of my hands to the lips on my face. The touch of a memory that I just can’t erase. 

Today I’m going to let words become my favorite touch of passion. 

Here’s a digital poem that I wrote. I hope it touches your soul. 

C. L Cunningham 

Here’s to the weekend 🌹
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Video by Adobe Spark 


The importance of this vessel 


They say the body is a temple. If focused on the betterment of my health I would assume that it could be called that. 

I also would suppose that if not handled with care it could also be a tomb. 

I’m grateful for the vessel. For this body in all of its splendid splendor. For the legs that move me. The organs that keep me alive. The arms that are used for hugging and the hands that are the pencils of my mind. 

Physical attributes are little special pieces of DNA coded by our family history. I love the ones that remind me of each parent and grandparent. 

My gratitude is formed when I do each yoga stretch and when I take each steps toward a new life. 

Happiness is taking time to enjoy my body with all its kinks and quirks. 

Day 16 of grateful January and the question is what about your body are you grateful for?

From my brain to my toes I love my body. I’m grateful for all the blessings it has given me. I’m grateful that it still pushes pass limits and provides me with my best assets. My heart and soul. 

Today I ask you to express gratitude for your vessel even with its limitations it is a gift and a joy. 

C. L Cunningham 

It’s a another no school day for us and I hope today is a great day for everyone 🌞
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Giveaway time!!


I’m so thankful for all of my friends/followers. I feel like you’re are my friends because I share so much of my life and thoughts with you all. 

As a thank you and a show of my gratitude. I am giving away a signed copy of my book By The Dawn’s Blue Light and a $10 gift card to Amazon. 

I will be pulling names from all of my social media so just drop your name in the comment section below and you will be entered. The winner will be announced January 31st. 

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you!!!

Sending you all peace and positivity 💋
C.L Cunningham 

The nature of my soul 


Grateful for this day. Day six of January. I’m enjoying the small things to be grateful for. Today the question is what things in nature am I grateful for. 

This one is tough for me because I have so many things that I’m grateful for. I’m absolutely in love with clouds. The colors and the way they effortlessly float pass the nonsense of the world and add mystery to the sky. 

I’m grateful for the sun. The way it shines and brings bright rays of sparkle to the darkness. I’m grateful for the stars and the moon. La luna. I love the twinkle of them. The way they radiate and send me a glimmer of hope for something more. I dance by the moonlight and shine in the sunshine. 

I’m grateful for the ocean. Even though I’m not a swimmer I love the separate world beneath the earth’s vision. A little secret world only for the most amazing creatures. 

I feel like there’s so much beauty on this planet from animals to elements. What are you grateful for from nature?
C.L Cunningham 

Have a wondrous Saturday 💋

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