It’s a Sin to mess with my Zen

Today has been a long day. Off to work by 7:45 to get there at 8.

Stay til 6.

I’m grateful for the hours. Sometimes sitting with my thoughts too long gives me a heep of information but not enough fulfillment in the lonely moments.

It’s nice to share your thoughts with someone.

I stay inside most of my days away from the race of life. Which is why I appreciate it when I get out.

I find it hard for me to interact with people from time to time.

My peace is very important to me.

It’s taken years to achieve Zen.

I’m being more open to the mindset of being adventurous and seeing the world. Yet I’m cautious of the dark minds that I may encounter along the way.

My motto is that the more positive I am the better.

It’s a Sin to mess with my Zen, and it’s a blessing if you can help me stay in it.

Hope your night is filled with love.

Xoxo Kandee

Namaste is the way

PS. T-shirts will be available soon 😼

We meet again December

Last December I was in waiting.

Waiting for love to arrive. Waiting for the next big thing in my life.

Waiting for people to notice me and invite me in.

This December is different.

I’m reaching out. I’m moving forward and I’m becoming more and more focused.

I want to manifest a beautiful life that I can enjoy as I be of service.

I’m opening up to receive the beauty that here everyday.

I’m grateful for the journey.

Happy Monday everyone

May it be the beginning of the rest of your life.

Xoxo Kandee

📷instagram @harminojogastudios

Peace and blessings 

Happy Sunday beautiful creatures.

I’m up early but not too early. I’ve actually woken up 3 times this morning. 

Once at 2 something. Again at 5 something and then once more around 8 something in the A.M.

My mind has been thinking and creating constantly. I often wonder if the things I see are creating my reality. 

I settled myself enough to enjoy two mediations.  One delta waves with soft binaural beats. And one to clean my chakras…all seven of them.

I’m setting my intentions on a more peaceful state of mind. My want to become a more enlightened and inspiring human is my ultimate goal. 

I wish everyone a happy and safe Sunday. And I added a quote to ease the mind.

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Sunday y’all 


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